Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Review: "The hysterical city" by Andrea Berthot

Main character: Bonnie

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) this is the third installment in a series of sort of companion novels, and even though this one, as well as the previous ones, can perfectly well work as a standalone, I actually highly recommend you guys to read them in order... :) mostly because the secondary characters in one story become main ones in the future books... plus, we see familiar faces along the way and if you read the novels in order, those appearances will have much more meaning :) not to mention that if you start with this third book, you will be spoiled about things from the previous stories... but don't worry, even if you are new to this author, my review will be spoiler free for the entire series :) so just keep on reading to find out more about this absolute gem :)

We met Bonnie, our heroine, in the previous story... she was a victim of some... horrible things... I don't want to get into details, because it would be a pretty big spoiler... now a bit over a year has passed since the end of that story, and she finds herself traveling to Paris to try and accomplish her dreams... which are connected to acting and possibly directing :) things get much more complicated when she meets new characters and is thrown straight into some very surprising turns of events... sorry for being very vague, but I don't want to say too much about what exactly is happening, because I was quite surprised more than once to see where the plot took me and I want you guys to have the same experience :) all you need to know is that this story, which is a beautiful mix of historical vibes and paranormal ones, is perfection :) so let me jump into all the reasons why I am head over heels in love with this one :)

I have to start with the writing style itself... *sighs happily* I feel like every time I finish Andrea's book my mind forces me to sort of forget how amazing her voice is, because otherwise the wait for another one of her novels would be excruciating... because every time I read one of her stories I am once again astonished by how much I love it :) her books always surprise me, because I can never predict where exactly they will go... so I stopped trying and just enjoy the ride :) if that's not enough, let's talk about characters... and not only the main ones, but secondary as well... she creates such diverse and complex people... *sighs dreamily* Bonnie is a total badass... the way she works to rebuild her life and achieve her dreams after everything that happened to her is amazing... as I mentioned before, we see again some familiar faces... but I won't say more about them in case you are new to these books and I did promise you a spoiler free review ;) instead let me tell you a few more details about completely new people we meet here... because I think they may be my favourite so far... we have queer characters and deaf characters and they are all portrayed so wonderfully... all of them are so much more than just this one quality about them... and I'm all for stories like that... especially since they play a huge part in the story itself, it's not like they appear for an episode or two... the whole book is just simply phenomenal... and I say this with each one, but I think this is my favourtie one so far in this series... :) I don't know if there will be more, because so far each of the stories takes place in a different city and evolves around a different main character but I am definitely crossing my fingers :) either way I will be looking forward to anything else the lovely Andrea will write in the future, because her words completely stole my heart and I simply need more... :) so if you haven't already, definitely pick up this book and this series in general, because it's unique and will blow your mind :) with each story it just keeps getting better and better... :)



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