Monday, May 14, 2018

Weekly wrap up #20 ;) may 7th - may 13th

This is the absolute latest I have ever written this post... ever since I started it, I usually prepare everything around sunday afternoon / evening, leaving just the finishing touches for monday, so I can post it quickly, but not this time... nope... this time it's monday afternoon, I got back from work and I am just sitting down to write... *sighs* but last week was crazy busy... plus, I was working on saturday and I just wanted to relax on sunday and do nothing... so as a result here we are... hello my awesome people :) after that lenghty intro, let's just jump into all the books I read this past week, starting with the one I finished, then jumping into the ones I read entirely last week, and finishing up with the ones I am still in the middle of :)

"Speakeasy" by Sarina Bowen
from 6% to 100% -> 425 pages; finished

I finished this eARC mush faster than I originally anticipated... mostly because I just had to know how this absolutely beautiful contemporary romance will end :) technically, it's book #5 in a series, but works perfectly well as a standalone, so worry not if you haven't read the previous books (or you just don't remember much) :) I fell in love with our main couple very quickly and just... the pages turned themselves, ok? ;) that's the official version and I am sticking to it :) full review at the end of may, when this book goes live :)

"Chef sugarlips" by Tawna Fenske
from 1% to 100% -> 208 pages; finished

This was another eARC that I read much faster than I anticipated... I swear, this was the week of great surprises :) I absolutely inhaled this hilarious novel in a day... the only break I took was to adult and go to work and do adult stuff... ;) this book was so funny that my most common reaction was snort-laughing... :) I just couldn't help myself :) I am sitting here and chuckling to myself just remembering how hilarious this story was :) keep an eye out for it, it goes live this friday :) as well as my full review ;)

"Crown of embers" by Meg Anne
from 1% to 100% -> 224 page; finished

The last eARC I read this week was this absolutely beautiful gem... the third installment in a fantasy series that blew my mind... I laughed, gasped in surprised, sighed and cried my eyes out... let me tell you, I was not prepared for this novel... since this is the third installment about the same group of characters I can't really say anything else but do yourselves a favor and give this series a try... "Mother of shadows" is the first book :)

"Mister O" by Lauren Blakely
from 1% to 100% -> 308 pages; finished

The last book I read entirely last week was this audiobook :) out of all the stories I inhaled, this was my least favourite... don't get me wrong, I still gave it 4,5 stars :) but compared to others... I really liked the narrators and Lauren Blakely once again proved that she has an amazing ability to write believable and mature characters... adults actually acting like adults... this was the second story in her Big rock series and the rest is already on my kindle... so expect me to return to it soon :)

"You are a badass" by Jen Sincero
from page 18 to page 18

I had such a great plan to read this paperback... I wanted to read one or two chapters at a time, so that I can really digest everything and think about it, but then, as you can see above, I was pretty busy throughout most of the week with reading other stuff so... sunday evening came way faster than I thought and I was so ready to sit down with this gem... but I was also sooooo curious to start this other book that was calling my name... and I caved ;) pinkie promise I will actually read more this week :)

"Royally screwed" by Emma Chase
from 1% to 14% -> 42 pages

This was the book that I simply had to start on sunday evening... and I loved it :) a contemporary romance about a prince and a waitress who shoves a pie in his face when he's rude? and that's just the beginning... I need more... :) as in, I would love to do nothing else but read this story until I finish it... but then I would have to read the other books in this series (there are two more) and I have soooo much stuff to do... so I'm gonna be adult and responsible and dangle this little gem as a reward for later ;) yep, that will work :)

Total page count of the week: 

Ok, as you can see I had a pretty good reading week :) and that's saying something especially if you take into consideration fact that I was working six out of the seven days... yeah... I defintiely read more than I anticipated... like a whole one book more ;) and I really loved everything ;) be sure to come back here within the next few weeks, when I will be posting full reviews of all the ARCs I read this past week, cause all of them are going live before the end of the month... and this week's reading plans look also very promising... so see you next monday when I will talk all about them :)



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