Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Review: "Cake" by J. Bengtsson

Author: J. Bengtsson
Title: "Cake"
Book 1 in series Cake
Main characters: Jake and Casey
Narrators: Joe Arden and Andi Arndt

I'm not really sure how I found this book... it might have been recommended to me specifically by a trusted #BookBestie or I found it on my own... we will never know... ;) all I can say for sure is that I listened to the audiobook of it, as a part of my Audible Romance Package :) and let's just say... once I finished it, I immediately bought the ebook versions... of all four books available currently in this series :) so yeah... it was that good :) let me tell you a bit more about our main couple so then I can get into all the reasons why you should read it :)

What can I tell you about Jake and Casey... Casey is finishing her junior year of college when she meets Jake at a wedding... his half-brother is marrying one of her best friends... :) he's a groomsman, she's a bridesmaid and they get paired off :) what starts as a sort of innocent flirt turns into something more pretty quickly... especially when Casey keeps surprising him by how actually normal she treats him :) which would make much more sense if I would explain that he's a world famous musician and people usually freak out around him... ;) I really liked her as the heroine... she was... *sighs happily* she was actually very likable and smart :) I loved her weird sense of humor almost as much as Jake did ;) and speaking of Jake... ;) he's young but very mature for his age... he keeps himself at a distance but for very good reasons... not everyone endured as much as he did, but that is all I'm gonna say about it... some parts of that explanation appear early on in the story, but the majority of the details we get much later, and I don't want to spoil you anything... just be patient and let the story unravel... what I will add is that I really loved both main characters... even though they are young, they both act like adults, which is very refreshing... ;) there's no worse thing for me in books when adults act like hormonal and moody teenagers ;)

I don't remember how I found this book, but I do remember why I picked this particular story up when I did... I was in a mood for a rock star romance :) I'm a mood reader, and I skip between genres all the time, and that day I just needed that kind of a story :) what is even better, it's not your usual rock star romance... I was very tensed when I was finishing it... mainly because for the last 30-35% I was waiting for the usual conflict situation to happen, which usually involves some sort of misscomunication, stupid decision and / or unnecessary angst... and it just never happened :) you have no idea how happy that made me :) I love books that don't have unnecessary drama... you don't need that sort of situations to tell a compelling story... this gem is the best example :) are there troubles and problems? yes, but they deal with them in a mature way... most of the times :) also, for a debut novel, I absolutely adored the writing style :) the author created such great characters, that even though the story was long... the actual book takes place over the span of about a year actually :) it reads very quickly :) since I listened to the audiobook version, I can definitely recommend it as well, both narrators did a wonderful job :) so whatever is your prefered way of reading books, definitely add this gem to your list, because it's a story worth reading :) it will steal your heart and leave you with a smile on your face... even though there are definitely some more serious topics in it as well... but all of them are treated with respect... all in all, it's a 5 stars novel for me and I hope my review will convince at least some of you to give this book, and this series a try :) I personally can't wait to dive back into it, and read about Jake's siblings... especially since in book #4 (already out) we go back to Jake and Casey ;) *squeels with excitement* ;)



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