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Movie madness #4 ;)

Hello my awesome people :) I have for you the newest installment in #MovieMadness series, a monthly thing I am doing with my lovely sister J, where we talk about all movie related things :) this time, the topic is: hot guys :) now, now, don’t roll your eyes… we can’t always talk about deep and emotional stuff… sometimes we want to just loosen up and be a little less serious ;) so just sit back and enjoy all the cute and handsome guys we found for you :) each of us will talk about a few of our favourites, why we love them and which of their roles are the ones we go back to the most ;) and then at the very end we will have a little honorable mentions section, where we will mention just a few men who were very close to get their own paragraph, because it would take us days… yep, days to write about all of them… including a lot of dreaming-out-loud-getting-lost-in-thoughts moments ;) *sighs dreamily* see? it’s happening already :) so after some rough cuts, we have 9 winners and 7 additional honorable mentions… so sit back and enjoy our post… there will be lots of pics… for all our enjoyment ;)

Charlie Hunnam

J: It’s kind of perfect that Charlie Hunnam is the very first of hot guys that we’re gonna talk about today, don’t you think? :) Even though it’s really a coincidence I would say it’s kind of obvious that he’s on the top of the list ;) I mean seriously… Have you seen him? The eyes, the hair, the body… he’s a definition of a whole package. And let’s not forget about one of my favourite qualities in men…  his voice. I could listen to him all day, and if he would be shirtless while talking that’s fine by me ;) Technically it’s our post about movies and stuff, but I could not skip his role as Jax in Sons of Anarchy. Especially since I saw him the very first time in that tv show. As you can expect from the title and posters it’s not a fairy tale, so if you’re looking for a prince on a horse look somewhere else. But if you want a bad boy with kick-ass tattoos on a motorcycle instead then he’s a guy for you. But don’t worry if you have only two hours to spare you can definitely watch him in movies too. If you like action movies then Pacific Rim is a great fit for you, it has giant robots and even bigger monsters… and Charlie Hunnam shirtless in a training scene ;) But my favourite role of his is definitely as Arthur in a movie called, wait for it… King Arthur: Legend of the sword. He was so hot in it that I can’t even… nope, no words. Just that you should definitely see it, I mean really with his glowing blue eyes (because of the magic of the sword) and everything… the scene when he’s pulling a sword from stone… pure magic :) you don’t want to miss it. Let’s just say that in this movie he reached a whole new level of hotness :) and for all of you bookworms out there, he was in fact an inspiration to the one and only Drew from "Beauty and the mustache" so book #4 in Knitting in the City series and at the same time book #0,5 in Winston Brothers series by Penny Reid... and that woman know what she's saying and writing, I could so picture him as the main character, with kind of mysterious vibe and a notebook ;) so big fan of his movies and Penny Reid books can join to admire him ;)

Tom Hardy

A: yeah, yeah J... say what you want, and I am not gonna argue that Charlie Hunnam is definitely something, but for me... *sighs dreamily* I have a very soft spot for Tom Hardy... don't ask me why, my reasons cannot be explained in an entirely reasonable way... but I will do my best... ;) he may not seem super handsome to everyone from the first moment you see him... but nonetheless there is something about him... those eyes, that voice... his charisma... the way he moves and just... *sighs dreamily* ok, now I am starting to realize that writing this whole post may be much harder than I originally anticipated... ;) moving on :) when it comes to him I just melt every time I see his pic... or a movie with him... although to be honest... I haven't seen many of them... my favourite is definitely "Mad Max fury road" :) and I already talked so many times about my absolutely indescribable love for that movie that I am not gonna repeat myself again :) it's fantastic, that is all ;) another one I really like is "Inception" :) it's been a while since I actually saw it, so the details are hazy... ;) but it was very entertaining :) last but not least, I am very excited to see him closer to the end of the year in "Venom" :) it looks like a bit more creepy and dark story, but in that particular case, I am all for it :) but I think one of the main reasons why I love him, besides the obvious and shallow ones, is that he was the physical inspiration for Dan The security man in "Marriage of inconvenience" by Penny Reid, a filthy mouthed, smooth talking charmer that swept me off my feet :) I adore that story and I adore Tom Hardy, so when those two comes together... the love just grows and grows... ;)

Alexander Skarsgard 

J: Alexander Skarsgard looks like a viking really, with his blonde hair, bright eyes and killer body ;)  He’s so hot, he could play a villain and still women everywhere would say stuff like: I can change him or he’s just misunderstood. Seriously in Big Little Lies he played the worst guy ever, but even then, come on ;) Let’s not forget about Eric, the hottest vampire in True Blood… I don’t know about you, but I was way more interested in him, than the main couple. Well actually he was the reason why I watched this tv show as long as I did :) But my favourite movie with him is The Legend of Tarzan, I watched it a couple of times already and seen it on the big screen more than once (let’s leave it at that). Honestly if I was lost in a jungle I would love to be found by this guy. It would be awesome, with all the rain and his muscles and stuff :) Anyway great movie, not only because of him and his shirtless running, fighting and saving people but it certainly doesn’t bother anyone ;)

James McAvoy 

A: now when it comes to James McAvoy... what can I say... *sighs dreamily* ;) I have such a soft spot for him... mainly because he played one of the main parts in one of my all time favourite movies, "Penelope" :) he may not necessarily be classically handsome... what is it with me and those guys? ;) but with his dark hair and piercing blue eyes... plus, that charisma and charm... and let's not forget about the british accent... *sighs dreamily* I just can't even... ;) he's a very versatile actor, and he played in many fantastic movies... "Becoming Jane" and "Atomic blonde" just to name a few... and let's not forget about a little bit older one... "Wanted" :) those are just of course a few examples, but every time I see him, I just melt... :) he charmed his way into my heart a long time ago and now I can't really fight that... not like I'm trying very hard... ;)

Luke Evans 

J: Full disclosure, Luke Evans was hot in so many movies I don’t even know where to start. But can you blame me? You‘ve seen him in the pictures above, right? Tall, dark and mysterious man… it’s like the best thing you could hear from a fortune teller, am I right? That’s exactly how he looks in a tv show I’m currently watching The alienist, not only it’s about solving mysterious crimes but it’s in the XIX century and everyone knows that men looked great there, with all that elegant style and all ;) I can’t talk about Luke Evans and not mention his role as Aramis, the most handsome (at least in my opinion) of the three musketeers. Also he was one of the few handsome characters from the movie Hobbit, human not a dwarf and let’s just say that there is something about a guy playing an archer ;) I know what you say, Gaston is truly one of the worst villains (especially since we both love beauty and the beast story) so it’s not easy for me to say that Luke was amazing in this role. Not only dashing in his costume but the whole singing? Seriously… he can sing too, and his voice is just as amazing as his body ;) But if I had to choose his one role that conquered my heart it would be as Dracula. What can I say? I love them kind of bad but still with goodness in their hearts, and an untold story about one of the worst characters in literature there is. On top of it all he’s all dressed in black, come on ;)

Chris Evans

A: when it comes to Chris Evans, he stole my heart with just one role... Captain America :) say what you want, and I know J will argue with me on that ;) but he's my favourite Avenger... boom *mic drop* there, I said it ;) at least from the original group, we shall see what the future will hold ;) I could write and write about all the reasons why I love him as that character, but we are not here to talk about the more noble ones ;) so let's just look at all the awesomeness... that blond hair, blue eyes... *sighs dreamily* he was very handsome from the very start, but in that last movie he was in, "Avengers infinity war" he's just... *melts on the floor* :) just look at him... that longer hair and beard... *sighs dreamily* the first time I saw him like that on the big screen I sighed so loud I was afraid people in the cinema will shush me ;) #NoShame ;) but honestly... can you blame me? :)

Jake Gyllenhall 

J: Jake Gyllenhall definitely has that guy next door kind of vibe. He’s not only hot but also seriously cute, with his smile and those dreamy eyes… Anyway I loved him in many movies like Southpaw, Prisoners, End of Watch, Brothers, Zodiac and many more. He was great as a policeman, fighter or just a regular guy. But there was only one time when he reached the new level of hotness. That’s right, I’m talking about Prince of Persia: The sands of time. I think the picture above says it all. Longish hair, five o’clock shadow and everything… His character is not only super hot, but also really funny with his sarcastic banter with the main heroine, but let’s get back to the good stuff :) I wouldn’t mind traveling through a whole desert just with him, and I think I’m not the only one here who thinks that :)

Chris Pine

A: so what can I say about this gorgeous man... *sighs dreamily* I originally fell in love with him when I saw him in a few romantic comedies a few years back... maybe a bit more than a few, but who's counting ;) "Princess diaries 2" anyone? ;) but it wasn't until a few years later when he really stole my heart, first as Captain Kirk in Star trek series and then as Steve Trevor in "Wonder woman" which is only like one of my favourite movies of all time ;) obviously because of the main heroine, but he plays a very interesting secondary character next to her :) he's another one of those blond-hair-blue-eyes dreamy guys, but he also have that little something extra... a sarcastic sense of humor and charisma :) but when it comes down to it... let's be honest... every time I stare into those blue eyes I get a little bit lost in them... ;)

Chris Hemsworth

J: Yeah, I have to say that one of the best stayed for last, ladies and gentlemen… I give to you Chris Hemsworth :) It was really hard to pick between two of his roles, because I loved him equally in both movies. One hot guy and two totally different roles, so not only duble the fun, but everyone will find something for himself. As a huntsman he’s a little banged up by life and everything and still looking smoking hot, don’t get me started on his axe ;) but not many things can match one of the Nordic Gods, especially if we’re talking about Thor, God of thunder :) He certainly has a body out of this world, it’s just ridiculous how great his muscles look. I know it’s a controversial topic for some of the fans of this hero, but one question comes to mind… long or short hair? And the answer is “both” or “who cares”, it’s not like he would come up and you would be like, with that hair? No thanks ;) don’t kid yourself, he’s so hot that you wouldn’t mind either way, because all you would look at is right in front of your sight… the eyes, and when they glow? My oh my, no one is safe ;)

Honorable mentions

A: so this time we're gonna switch things up a little bit :) I am gonna start with the text before we get to all the pretty pics ;) like I mentioned before, me and J couldn't just write a different paragraph for ALL the hot guys we adore... I mean, technically we could, but we would all be here for days, and who has that amount of free time these days? anyway... ;) besides the few we picked and talked about above, there are also a few that just had to be mentioned in this post... mainly because we wanted to stare at the pics ;) so in no particular order let me tell you a little bit about them ;) we had to mention Sebastian Stan, who plays Winter soldier in Marvel universe... his character arc is definitely one of the most interesting ones among the secondary characters... then there's Zac Efron :) we debated which pic / role of his to choose here, and even though Logan from "The lucky one" came very close, we had to go with Phillip from "The greatest showman" :) another swoonworthy character is definitely Richard Madden... I mean, have you seen him in Cinderella? a perfect Prince charming :) then we have Cam Gigandet as Jack from Burlesque... he was the most charming bartender :) and of course there's Jason Momoa as Aquaman in the DC universe... *sighs dreamily* do I need to say anything else? ever since the first official pic of him in that role was released I started counting down the days to see him on the big screen ;) this list wouldn't be complete without Chadwick Boseman... "Black panther" anyone? ;) one of the best movies / characters I saw in years :) and last but definitely not least, Scott Eastwood ;) as Luke in "The longest ride" he stole my heart :) and J's heart... and probably a lot others ;)

Sebastian Stan

Zac Efron

Richard Madden

Cam Gigandet

Jason Momoa

Chadwick Boseman

Scott Eastwood


A + J

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