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Hi guys, are you ready for another post about a whole series of amazing books? Yeah… I wasn’t really asking, cause you don’t have much choice :) Today I’m gonna talk about Beneath series written by Meghan March. I wasn’t really planning to sink into series of seven books, but when I started the first one I just knew I was gonna finish it, because no other book will have a chance to capture my attention if I don’t read them all first.

This is a perfect place to assign blame for basically my disappearance from the world, nice going M ;) When you recommended it to me I knew I had to give it a chance, but I did not expect to fall in love with this series that much, but you somehow knew. And this situation shows that you don’t have to live in the same country or even continent to know someone :) usually it’s my sister A who’s my #BookDealer but not in this case… so thanks again M :)

You have to know that when I started this series I seriously thought I was gonna read the first one and get back to it some other time, yup good plan right? Not really, because when I finished one book I was already hooked, so curious about other characters and their stories I haven’t been able to put them down. It’s like a drug, because you need the next fix ;) seriously, it’s like you read one book and there are people in it that will have their own stories next, so you read another book, and another and so on, it’s brilliant really ;) You can say all you want about lack of time to read that many books one right after the other, but when they’re that good you’ll make time… I certainly did. I read them non-stop for like two or three weeks. The stories may not be that long but put together I’ll say it’s quite an accomplishment. Basically I was working (unfortunately when you work in the office you can’t really read for like eight hours, that sucks!), eating, sleeping and the rest of the time reading. Ok maybe I wasn’t sleeping that much, because of all the reading but it was definitely worth it ;)

There are many things that I love about this series like amazing stories, each one of them different from the rest, so I never got bored. Main characters, so group of  fantastic people, but all of them had flaws which make them more fun to read about. Chemistry between couples was so electric that I had to make pauses to cool down and maybe looking back at it it’s not the best idea to read those kind of books in public transportation ;) Let’s not forget about secondary characters that really make a difference like Daphne or Harriet - so hilarious ;) And of course we have New Orleans as a place of events… I imagine it’s a magical city, with special vibe, that I would definitely love to see one day :) Oh and I think Meghan March is one of the few authors who can write someone as a villain or a semi-bad character and then make him a hero of the next story… And I know you’re not supposed to judge book by it’s cover, but have you seen these? Come on, just look at them... if that’s not gonna make you pay attention to the actual books, I don’t know what will ;)

Those books were all so good that it’s quite impossible to make a list with my favourites. I loved them all, so today I’m gonna go with chronological order :)

Beneath this mask 
(book #1 in Beneath series, written by Meghan March)

Charlie has a secret, a pretty big one… when she comes to New Orleans and starts working at a tattoo parlor she just wants to blend in and not attract any attention. But Simon definitely sees her, maybe he doesn’t know much about her, even her real name but one thing he knows for sure. She’s it for him :) But when she thinks he just wants to have a good time, he seeks something real, something that will last. As a son of a important politician and a man who have a future in this career as well he lives under a microscope and that’s exactly what she was avoiding this past year. What I loved about this story is the fact that it’s kind of opposite to what we normally read, so a story about a great guy next door and a hot chick with lots of tattoos and piercings ;) But at the end there is just one important question... will she take a risk and let him see what’s beneath this mask?

Beneath this ink 
(book #2 in Beneath series, written by Meghan March)

Constantine is not someone who could ever be with a woman like Vanessa, who could be described as a part of New Orleans aristocracy, he knows it and yet it never stopped him from wanting her. They have a history actually, well if you can call a history a crazy and out-of-this-world single night together from two years ago. The problem is he doesn’t remember anything and it still kills him. So when she appears on a doorstep of his tattoo parlor to ask for help, he doesn’t even have to think about it. He comes up with a deal, she has to give him a second chance, a fair one, with dates and everything ;) Good plan, right? But what he doesn’t know is a fact that another guy is sort of blackmailing her to be his ticket to city’s elite. So she’s kind of inbetween two guys, and not in a fun way ;) but don’t worry a girl who says stuff like: “Don’t talk to me like that, I’m a fucking lady” can take care of herself :) But the question remain… will she see the real Con, the man beneath this ink?

Beneath these chains 
(book #3 in Beneath series, written by Meghan March)

As a man who was raised on the streets and now is an owner of known pawn shop Lord is not easily shocked… but that’s exactly what happens when Elle - a rich girl, shows up and demands a job. And when I say she demands it I mean it, she just tells him that she’s gonna be working for him. But don’t get me wrong this situation is way more cute than annoying, so don’t worry ;) She has her reasons for wanting this job and is really convincing so she eventually wears him down and he agrees. I should warn you it’s not only a romance story, because there is some mystery, someone is killing people and it looks like they’re all somehow connected to Elle. Anyway now when she works for him, he has a bigger problem, because she’s tempting him like no other. But as I said somewhere before, his name is really fitting to these kind of situations, because Lord, oh Lord he’s so good at convincing her to give him a chance, his arguments are rock solid :) With each day their connection is more intense. So like I said, now it’s his turn to do the convincing part and make her see they could be great together. She never really wanted serious relationship so it’s not gonna be easy. So the real question is… will they trust each other enough to break these chains?

Beneath these scars 
(book #4 in Beneath series, written by Meghan March)

Lucas is rich and powerful, people doesn’t call him Midas for nothing, he really turns everything he touches to gold. He knows what he wants and he goes for it. And when he sees Yve, it’s no different, he’ll do anything to have her. It doesn’t faze him in the least, that he saw her for the very first time in quite a unique situation ;) But back to the point, even though he ends up being a villain in every story in his life, he never really wanted to be someone's hero. Until Yve, she made him want to save her, but she’s definitely not anybody’s damsel in distress. But even she will have to lean on someone when the day comes, when she no longer feels safe in her own home… After horrible and abusive marriage Yve promised herself to never fall for a rich man again, yeah she tried, but not too hard ;) Maybe at first their relationship, if you can even call it that, is not much more than a little bit of hate sex. But in time, they’re both not really sure when, something changes. And I don’t know about you guys, but I love a good love story about a reformed villain ;) But is that all he really is, or is there a true hero somewhere beneath these scars?

Beneath these lies 
(book #5 in Beneath series, written by Meghan March)

Let’s just say that as a daughter of a judge and a successful gallery owner Valentina doesn’t have to mix with the wrong crowd. But when her assistant is missing and the police can’t really help her, she somehow ends up on a doorstep of the leader of a biggest gang in the city. That’s right, you heard correctly. She doesn’t hesitate and goes right to the top, and she gets exactly what she wants - a promise to help. And something extra too, because know she got Rix's attention ;) Even though he knows she’s off limits, it doesn’t really matter. Of course there are rules, you would say, but in his world he’s the one making them. So he can just as easily break them :) It’s kind of a forbidden love story, because how could they possibly end up together? Well I can tell you, it’s gonna happen, but how? You’ll have to see for yourselves ;) But one thing I can tell and it’s a fact that in his world nothing is as it seems, so one question remain, will she be able to see what’s hidden beneath these lies?

Beneath these shadows 
(book #6 in Beneath series, written by Meghan March)

And we’re back to the tattoo parlor people :) meet Bishop, if you like tattoos, beard and man-bun, he’s your guy. He doesn’t really stay in one place too long, can’t tell you why without spoilers so moving on ;) Eden on the other hand is free at last, well sort of, because as an illegitimate daughter of a mob boss in New York, when shit hits the fan and she needs to disappear she finally has a chance to break free from her golden cage. She chooses New Orleans, because why wouldn’t she ;) but visiting this city during Mardi Gras is not the best idea ever and she needs help… Fortunately Bishop always appears just in time to save her, yes it happens more than once ;) So anyway now he doesn’t want to go to the next city, instead he wants to start putting down roots and maybe start something truly special with Eden. They’re complete opposites, he’s a man of a few words and not much of a people person in general. She’s out-going, so full of life and most of all innocent. Will he be able to find her light, maybe :) but first  they both need to break free from beneath these shadows.

Beneath the truth 
(book #7 in Beneath series, written by Meghan March)

If you’re looking for a perfect ending of a great series, look no further, you found it! :) When Rhett left New Orleans a year ago (I think) he never thought he would come back, but when his childhood home blows up killing his father he knows that it’s time to come home. He didn’t know that at his funeral he’d meet again the one woman who got away. Ariel always liked Rhett, but they were never together, he was a popular guy a couple of years older and a best friend to her brother. She was, well a nerd or a geek but now she’s a business woman with her own successful company. With her father's deteriorating health she decides to stay a little bit more. But of course that’s not the only reason, because maybe… finally their time has come, and Ariel will have a chance for her happily ever after with Rhett. This book has a mystery, crimes and I kid you not… something creepy in a box (no spoiler but you were warned). One thing that was bothering me throughout the whole book was the fact that… it’s the last one. Everything else, just great! :) So anyway this story is really good, as they all are, but the very ending is spectacular. I’m talking about a group scene with every couple from the series with additional chapters for all of them separately, not gonna say too much but yes it involves tattoos :)

I should add that, even though I know that books from series can be read as standalones, I highly recommend you to read them in order. First of all, they’re great so you should read them all, and additionally you’re gonna want to be up to speed with every character because many of them are secondary characters in previous stories and then get his/her own book :) love it!

Confession time: after reading this series I went right into her next one called Mount Trilogy... that’s because the main hero makes quite an appearance in the last one of this series and I was super curious about him, don’t judge me ;) It was so great that he and his story (three books) deserves a whole other post all to himself.

So did I do it? Are you convinced to give this series a try? I hope so, because it will be worth it, I promise :) Anyway that’s all from me for today, see you next week :)


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