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J says :) #19

Let’s talk about…
The deal!

Hello everyone, today I picked a topic as old as time itself. I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows the old saying: I’ll scratch your back and you’ll scratch mine. Yes, I’m talking about making a deal :) If you know me at least a little bit by now, you know that I wouldn’t start this discussion without some proof to back up my theory. Which is that this subject is often used in various stories. It can be many things really, from totally innocent agreement to just the opposite like hot and steamy ones and all the way to striking a deal with the devil himself ;)

So I think it will be best for me to just start the book recommendations part of our weekly meetings, don’t you think? That way the evidence will speak for themselves ;) So let’s just say, that I’m gonna write about a few of them right here below and you’re gonna pick at least one (you could choose more if you want) and read it… do we have a deal? I’ll take that as a yes :)

The deal 
(book #1 in Off-Campus series, written by Elle Kennedy)

I just had to start with this one, you understand, right? It’s right there in the title, coincidence? I think not ;) So anyway it all started with an A on an exam, but let’s back up a bit. Garrett is a captain of a hockey team, all he wants to do is play, but because of grades (especially in one class) his future and all his work is in danger. Everything changes when he sees an A on Hanna’s exam. Now he needs an angle to make a deal with her. It turns out she could use his help, because she finally found someone who interests her - one of the football players. But while she may be confident in many areas in life, romance and seduction are definitely not her forte. So she agrees to tutor him and in exchange he’s gonna give her advice how to make a guy notice her and basically make him jealous. Because apparently when she’ll be in his company for a while, every guy on campus will follow ;) Anyway, their agreement will quickly become an unlikely friendship and then something even stronger, I know, what a shocker ;)

Ruthless King 
(book #1 in Mount Trilogy series, written by Meghan March)

This kind of a story is exactly what I was referring to as striking a deal with the devil, because that’s what Lachlan Mount is. He knows what he wants and he takes it. He’s a king in New Orleans, nothing happens without his permission. Even though he lives in the shadows, he controls everyone and everything. Keira was one of those people, who didn’t know anything about a man like him. So imagine her surprise when one day he waits in her office with a certain information. It turns out that her almost ex-husband, before he died, took a loan from him for half a million dollars and her business was named as collateral. So now to save her family distillery (that survived four generations) she has to either return the money in a week or agree to his proposition. We all know what that is, right? Because the money was just an excuse, what he really wants is her. I know what you might think, but their story is really amazing, well, not for everybody because he is a villain after all. But when he talks stuff like: “You’ve been the queen from day one. The most powerful piece on the whole fucking board” he shows her a little bit more of the man behind the mask. Their growing relationship, if you can even call it that at the beginning, is really fun to  observe. And I should warn you that their story is divided in three books in Mount Trilogy, every next one better than the last ;)

The Vixen and the Vet 
(book #1 in A modern fairytale series, written by Katy Regnery)

I actually just finished this book like two nights ago, and when I say night I really mean it, because I read this story after midnight, possibly till one in the morning. It was so good, I just couldn’t put it down and not just because of the beauty and the beast vibe ;) what can I say? I’m a sucker for this kind of a story and this time there was even Mrs Potts, well she certainly wasn’t a teapot but still :) Anyway, back to the point… once upon a time (couldn’t resist, just had to start with these words) there was a man who survived an IED explosion, once a football star, one of the popular guys in highschool now a hermit. With a missing hand and half of his face disfigured, he lives in a mansion far from everyone. Until one day a woman comes to his door dressed in a borrow sundress and with a plate of brownies. She’s a reporter working on a patriotic human interest article for 4th of july to save her career. He realizes it’s one of his last chance to be a part of a community and feel like a human again (not some beast) so he makes a deal with her. He’ll agree to an interview, but there are three rules: no photos, meetings are gonna take place at his house and they’ll split the interview into multiple sessions, three times a week. Of course she was on board, but not everything went according to their plans. Savannah and Asher’s meetings quickly became more like friendly visits and then something even more… They both changed each others lives just by being together. And after everything he survived he couldn’t understand how someone as beautiful as her could ever love such a beast...

The failing hours 
(book #2 in How to date a douchebag series, written by Sara Ney)

This is a story about total opposites, seriously Zeke and Violet are nothing alike. He’s a real douchebag, I mean the biggest one of their whole group and still he gets the girl at the end ;) So I guess there is hope for everyone… But honestly we all know that he’s not all bad, because he wouldn’t be the main hero, so don’t give up on him, because you might end up without knowing their amazing story. It all started with an order from his wrestling coach, Zeke has to get involved in Big Brother/Big Sister program, the fact is that he don’t know shit about kids ;) but he know about a girl who does, in fact she’s a part time babysitter and his tutor, so that’s kind of perfect. That’s why when he needs help, he comes to her. This story is not about an instant attraction, don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of chemistry between them, he’s just not a boyfriend material. The deal is made when he needs sort of a date to a ball for this program he’s participating in. Since he don’t want to invite some random chick, he asks her to join him and she accepts… on one condition ;) He has to agree to a few (don’t remember the exact number because they were negotiating) playdates, him with his little brother from the program and her with a little girl who she looks after. It’s safe to say, he’s not a fan of the idea, but he agrees nonetheless. And with each meeting Zeke and Violet discover new things about each other and become really close. But if their relationship will be strong enough to beat his douchebagness? Only the pages will tell ;)

Kiss of steel 
(book #1 in London Steampunk series, written by Bec McMaster)

To keep her brother and sister safe Honoria would do anything, even make a deal with the devil himself. And that’s exactly what she does. One day she shows up on Blade’s doorstep and proposes a deal - she will be his thrall (give him blood that he needs to survive) in exchange for their safety. He’s literally called the Devil of Whitechapel, ever since being infected by the blood-craving virus he's quicker, stronger, and almost immortal. And that much power is definitely scary for most regular people. So not many of them have the courage to live in his district, but she knows that sometimes not everything is what it looks like. He’s fascinated by her right from the start, she’s everything that he’s not, so innocent, yet with lots of silent strength at the same time. What will happen between them? You’ll have to find out yourselves, but I can say that if it wasn’t something good their story wouldn’t be here :)

Beneath this ink 
(book #2 in Beneath series, written by Meghan March)

The thing is Constantine and Vanessa had their wild night together, it happened two years ago and it was spectacular. There is one teeny, tiny problem though... he doesn’t remember it and it just kills him to this day ;) So when one day she comes to him and asks for his help Con knows that this is his second chance and he’s not gonna blow it this time. Vanessa has to convince him to transfer some of his land, because of some mishap at the architect’s office or something like that. He can’t agree right from the start, because well who would read such a book? No one that’s just the way we love our stories, am I right? So he offers her a deal, he’ll think about giving her the land she wants in exchange for a fair second chance. He knows that they would like to stay in the shadows, because the girl from pretty much royalty in their town and a bad boy with lots of tattoos and a motorcycle? Come on… But still, if there’s at least a chance for them, they have to try. Who knows, maybe she’ll see the real man beneath this ink ;)

Montana sky 
(written by Nora Roberts)

Jack Mercy had three daughters, each of them with different women. When he died he left behind a ranch worth nearly twenty million dollars. In his will he ordered all three of them to spend a year together on a ranch, only then they’ll get their share of the money or land. Since only one of them - Willa, the youngest one, lived there her whole life, they make a deal, Tess and Lily will stay there and after a year they’ll sell her their parts of the ranch. It’s a pretty easy arrangement, right? Well you could think so, but no ;) Not really, since one of them - Tess is a screenwriter from Hollywood and living in Montana is her worst nightmare and the other one - Lily is definitely running from something or rather someone… In this story we not only witness the growing relationship between sisters, who never really knew each other. But every one of them have her own love interest, each of it completely different just like them ;) an let’s not forget about mysterious crimes that are happening at the ranch… so everything great about books in one long story :)

Beard science 
(book #3 in Winston Brothers series, written by Penny Reid)

Well I kind of saved the best for last, seriously I couldn’t write about the deal without mentioning Cletus - the one and only from Winston brothers, king of deals, who finally met his match in cunning. And who is this mysterious woman? You won’t believe me but it’s Jennifer - the famous Banana Cake Queen. It all happened by accident, let me explain… When she was filming some video at a police station her camera caught something, well someone… Cletus was stealing some evidence (it will make sense further into the story, but no spoilers from me). With this kind of leverage, she thought why not make a deal with the devil ;) He can make everything possible and there is one thing that she wants. To finally be free of her parents influence and just be happy. To find a great guy, and someday be his wife, start a family with him and be a stay-at-home-mom. But to achieve it she needs help, and that is what he’ll give her :) It’s safe to say he did not see this coming, but he don’t have a choice really, she could destroy his plan, so for now he’ll play along. Who knew that the perfect guy for Jennifer would be Cletus himself? We all kind of knew that, so no surprise there, but what an amazing story nonetheless :)

I think that’s quite enough for today, don’t you? Maybe not quite as many as usual, but come on, you have a few to choose from ;) It safe to say that everyone should be able to find something to match his mood. And that means... I did my part and now you can do yours. Come on people, those books won’t read themselves… let’s not forget a deal’s a deal ;)


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