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J says :) #18

Let’s talk about…
Unusual first meetings!

I don’t really know how I pick those topics of our weekly meetings, unfortunately I can’t call it a discussion and the word "monologue" reminds me of villains and their stories of how they’re gonna rule the world or stuff like that ;) anyway as I was saying… this week I chose: unusual first meetings. To be fair not all the books have to start with them, many stories is about people who used to be friends, there are second chance romances or you know… just usual first meetings in standard places like in a bar or something. And that’s okay, but if you ask me, the story gains a few extra points if the main couple met the very first time in an interesting way :) and by interesting I mean really unusual. I think the best way to understand what I’m talking about is by giving you some examples, right? :)

So let’s just dive right into the recommendations I prepered this week, just for you, all about first meetings, that are as unusual as they are memorable… Are you ready? That was a rethorical question, of course you are, here we go! :)

Rock Hard 
(book #2 in Rock Kiss series, written by Nalini Singh)

I always say that nothing good can come out of staying late at work, but sometimes working in an office until dark actually pays off, and I’m not talking about money. So let me ask you this: how to make a better first impression with your future boss, than yelling and throwing a stapler at him? Hmm? Not many things can top that ;) I can’t blame Charlie for what she did, because if I would meet Gabriel in a dark office I would panic too. He’s an ex-rugby player after all, so the size difference is pretty big ;) and there’s an element of surprise. But all ended up great, actually this story is one of my all time favourite, can’t think of anything that I didn’t like, seriously not one thing :) So the chemistry between Charlie and T-Rex is amazing, he’s not a CEO for nothing, when he sees something he wants… trust me, he will make it happen and now what he want is her. But it’s not gonna be easy, because of her past, but with each gesture she will feel safer with him and finaly they will get a happily ever after :)

Night Pleasures 
(book #1 in Dark Hunter series, written by Sherrilyn Kenyon)

When you’re waking up cuffed to someone you don’t know, it’s definitely not your usual morning, right? Well if it is, then first of all I don’t judge, so good for you ;) but if that’s true I think nothing I can say will shock you at this point… Anyway that’s exactly how Kyrian and Amanda first met. Their not your typical couple, he’s one of the dark hunters, so a soulless warrior with a tragic past that fights by night so people can be safe from monsters and she’s an accountant… Yeah so when Amanda wakes up she has no idea, who and what he is. Kyrian on the other hand actually thinks that she’s her twin sister, who tried to kill him before (I think… or something like that). There is of course an instant fascination between them and we all know how this goes ;) Anyway now she’s in danger, one of the most lethal vampires wants her dead, and he’s the only one standing in their way. But you should know what in this story she’s not the only one that needs help, and by the end of this book they save each other more than once :)

The wedding date 
(written by Jasmine Guillory)

Being stuck in an elevator is definitely not fun, trust me I know. But maybe if you’re stuck with the right person it’s not so bad ;) It’s never something that you want, but sometimes it’s exactly what you need. This is how Drew and Alexa met. They were both at a hotel, she was visiting her sister to celebrate her success and he flew to a wedding. I should add that it’s no ordinary wedding, one of his best friends is marrying his ex-girlfriend, so in a word… awkward. He was dateless and needed a savior, he just had to convince her to go with him. It was pretty easy actually because she was working on being more spontaneous. Anyway they bonded sitting in an elevator floor and she decided to go with him. And the rest is history ;) It’s a story about making choices and then a long distance realationship. The important part you should know is that sometimes when you really want something you can find a way to have it all :)

Devil in Spring 
(book #3 in The Ravenals series, written by Lisa Kleypas)

I believe that when you’re doing something good, life rewards you with something positive in return. For example, if Pandora wouldn't agree to help a friend and go look for an earing she lost, she wouldn’t meet Gabriel. Imagine his surprise when he came across a woman, well to be precise the bottom half of a woman, because her other half was kind of in the sofa. Okay, so what you should know about Pandora, is that she does everything thoroughly. So if she was looking for an earing she was really looking for it everywhere ;) Maybe their first meeting was awkward and really unusual, because seriously there are better or at least more graceful ways to meet during a ball, than with your bottom sticking from a sofa ;) But it definitely make a spectacular first impression. As you can imagine he was intrigued, but Pandora is very independent and not really looking for a man. So it’s just her luck that she’s ensnared in a scandal with a wickedly handsome stranger. Anyway you should see how the story ends, between an eccentric wallflower and a cynical rake, who doesn’t like those kind of stories, am I right? ;)

Vision in white 
(book #1 in Bride Quartet series, written by Nora Roberts)

Sometimes love is right in front of you, it can literally knock you in the head, that’s exactly what happened to Mac and Carter. She is one of the founders of Vows - a company that deals with planning weddings, her part is photography. She had a unique childhood (let’s leave it at that) and that made her a little bit cynical. He’s definitely not her usual type, Carter is an english teacher, he’s kind of shy and adorably awkward. Just like their first meeting, when he came to their appointment (as a brother of the bride) a little early. She was changing her blouse, so naturally he closed her eyes and wanted to back out gracefully… and he hit his head on a door frame I think ;) he practically knocked himself out and when she was trying to help him their heads bumped… so basically in cartoon worlds there would be flying hearts and everything :)

(book #1 in VIP series, written by Kristen Callihan)

When you’d find some drunk guy beside his motorcycle on your lawn you definitely wouldn't call him a prince ;) especially when, after opening his beautiful eyes, he’d puke (I’m pretty sure) on you. Yeah, really charming, I know. So think about it, if a story with this kind of a beginning can end with a happily ever after everything is possible. Because that’s exactly what happened between Killian and Libby. He’s part of one of the biggest rock bands in the world, but even as everyone beg him to get back all he want to do is stay hidden away with his little hermit :) The truth is that Libby changed everything. So when Killian is finally ready to go back to his world, he wants to take her with him to share it :)

Dragon bound 
(book #1 in Elder Races series, written by Thea Harrison)

Sometimes unusual first meeting is on whole other level, and that’s exactly how Thea and Dragon first saw each other. It was in the magically induced dream, yeah that’s right. But when you live in a world where there are dragons, witches, fairies, gennies and much more creatures (way to much to count them all here) nothing is impossble. Anyway it all started with a penny. Yeah, you’d think that everyone would know by now that stealing from a dragon is not a good idea. But Thea had no choice, she was being blackmailed, so she stole a penny hoping that he wouldn’t be that mad. Good plan, am I right? Not really, he was pissed, because no one can steal from a dragon and live. But from the first time he sees her, first in a magical dream, then when he literally drops from heaven on her, Dragos is fascinated with her. So of course he spares her life and let’s just say that it’s just the beginning of their story full of adventures :)

Silent Song 
(written by Jaci Wheeler)

Being deaf never stopped Barrett from doing something he loves. And he does not only love racing, he’s an amazing driver. But sometimes not being able to hear anything is a minor disadvantage, for example after winning illegal street race, you won’t be able to hear the police sirens from a distance. And in this situation a little help can go a long way. That’s exactly what Presley did, she just hopped into his car and signs him to drive ;) To say he was shocked would be an understatement. It’s not every day that some strange girl jumps into your life, literally. But that first meeting was just the beginning of their path. They came from totally different worlds, but with every page we learn that together they can survive anything :) But beware… it’s an emotional story, you’ll tear up more than once, and if you won’t break apart during the scene with a silent song, I’m calling you robots ;)

Beauty and the mustache 
(book #4 in Knitting in the City series and book #0,5 in Winston Brothers series, 
written by Penny Reid)

I feel like I should start by defending Ashley, because not everyone is a morning person ;) Maybe it’s not a reason to attack someone with a nipple twist… that’s right I said it. Of course you can all safely assume that she was convinced that a couple of her brothers were making all kinds of noises, while working on a car. So she was shocked when it turned out that her victim was actually Drew, definitely not someone she’s related to. Well I can think of one person more shocked than her, because being attack by a nipple twist is not something a guy like Drew has experienced. He’s a family friend but since Ashley moved away many years ago, he haven’t even met her (just her mother and six brothers), and when someone mentioned her by the name of Ash he was convinced that she was actually a he. So one day she comes home to take care of her mom and you can imagine his surprise when instead of a bearded guy like the rest of her family he saw a real beauty :)

Wolf Signs 
(book #1 in Granite Lake Wolves series, written by Vivian Arend)

Sometimes you can literally fell into the love of your life, that’s what happened to Robyn and Keil. Sure, it would be better if both of them had their clothes on, but not everything always goes the way we would like. So Robyn was at a ski trip alone, which is kind of a bad-ass when you think about it, especially since she’s deaf. Alone in the mountains, after a long day, everyone would be tempted to use the sauna. There is no point in doing it in clothes, right? Who could predict that, while exiting, she would collide with Keil… and his brother. Yeah, a little awkward… Communication is also hard, when none of them can sign and you don’t really have a pen and paper on you, because… naked ;) But of course all ended up great, the story, even though a short one is fantastic and not just because of a shapeshifters. But let’s be honest who wouldn’t love a story about an alpha of a wolf pack and his future mate :)

(book #1 in Dive Bar series, written by Kylie Scott)

When you walk into your bathroom, there are certain unusual things you can expect, like a giant puddle of water, a big-ass moth (I couldn't even write spider, because chills, not the good one) or something like that. But a woman in a wedding dress in your tub is not something you can prepare yourself for. So all in all Vaughn did well, he helped Lydia calm down, after her escape from the altar. Well it’s not every day,  you find out that your fiance is a cheater… So all she could do was run and hide to one of the neighbouring houses. I have to admit she chose well, because Vaughn as a former musician, now a bartender, is the real deal :) So maybe while escaping the future she thought she wanted, Lydia finally found what she needed her whole life :)

Man Hands 
(book #1 in Man Hands series, co-written by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby)

Sometimes all you really need is a good friend and a little liquid courage to meet the guy from your dreams ;) Brynn was at a party with her girlfriends, she just tried to move on from her divorce, but when her ex-husband showed up with his new “arm candy” all bets are off. But that’s when your crazy friend comes in handy, you know the one who dares you to do something. Maybe an idea to literally jump on a first single guy she sees is not the smartest dare, even though no one actually though she would do it. But then she just ran and did it… Tom definitely didn’t expect some woman to pretty much attack him, but let’s be honest he quickly came on board ;) All he could do was brace himself so that’s exactly what he did. After the hottest experience of his life, all that was left behind was a pair of panties with chocolate bunnies on them… So maybe not a usual Cinderella story but a fairytale nonetheless :)

Yeah, I really thought it would be a little shorter post, but as usual I got carried away, I hope you don’t mind ;) maybe some day I’m gonna stop after five or six recommendations, but I can’t promise anything… It’s just fun to do research and find books that specifically match the theme I pick each week :) so that’s it for unusual first meetings… of course I could write and write, because that’s certainly not all the examples I could think of, just of the top of my head, but don’t worry maybe sometime in the future I’m gonna go back to this one ;) Anyway, see you all (hopefully) next week with a brand new topic :)


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