Monday, April 9, 2018

Weekly wrap up #15 ;) april 2nd - april 8th

Well hello there my lovely people :) this was a pretty busy week for me... :) mostly because I worked really hard to caught up with all the posts here on my blog :) and I have to pat myself on the back for a job well done, cause I did it :) but it resulted with me reading much less than I expected to... don't get me wrong, I still managed to squeeze in some reading time... it's me who we're talking about after all ;) but not as much as I wanted or am used to... and this upcoming week looks like it's gonna be just as busy, if not even more, so I expect a similar result ;) but for now, let's concentrate on everything I managed to read this past week, starting with the book I was able to finish, and then going into the books I am still in the middle of, because there was no books I was able to read entirely this last week :)

"The gentleman's guide to vice and virtue" by Mackenzi Lee
from page 215 to page 501; finished

YES!!! I finally finished this absolutely amazing gem :) it took me what feels like forever, but not because the book is bad... quite the contrary... :) it's absolutely briliant, I just had other things I needed to get through, and I just didn't want to rush this one... :) will talk more in my full review, but long story short: 5 hilarious and heartwarming stars for this one :)

"The lost hero" by Rick Riordan
from page 107 to page 161

I am super excited to finally get back to this novel :) I read the beginning a while back and loved it, but then, for many different reasons that we won't get into right now, I put it down and it patiently waited its turn ;) I can't wait to get to know the new characters even more and start figuring out what's this series is about, because for now, there are many secrets and mysteries and basically no answers whatsoever... I know it's only the beginning of the first book in a series, but I'm curious and impatient, ok? ;)

"A destiny of dragons" by T. J. Klune
from 25% to 60% -> 168 pages

I am taking my sweet time with this audiobook, because it's soooo good that I don't want to rush through it :) plus, it's really long... like 16+ hours long, and I basically only have the time to listen to it on the commute, so that's like one hour per day :) I only have about 6+ hours though, so I will definitely finish it this week :) 

"The heartreader's secret" by Kate McIntyre
from 1% to 30% -> 130 pages

My original plan was to finish this eARC this past week... as we can all see, it didn't happen... *sighs* ;) oh well, what can you do :) I have two versions of a plan to get it done though :) #1 the more optimistic version is that I will be able to finish it by tuesday, which will still give me a few days to prepare a review before the release day :) #2 in case of... something, I can always finish the book on thursday and then immediately after write and edit my review and post it :) so I'm not stressing out about if I will have the time to read and write about it :) oh, and I almost forgot to mention, I am really liking this book so far :) it's the third installment in one of my all time favourite series :) for more thoughts come back on thursday, cause I will have a full review then :)

Total page count of the week: 

As you can see, it wasn't my best reading week ever... but I did accomplish sooo many other things that I can't really be mad about anything ;) I'm actually very proud of myself that I did not procrastinate, and because of that I have a ton of reviews and posts all ready to be published over the span of the next few weeks :) which is amazing, because I'm hitting a super busy time at work... not only that but this current week is gonna be very busy with my private life as well... so expect a very similar amount of pages in the next #WeeklyWrapUp ;) talk to you soon :)



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