Monday, April 2, 2018

Weekly wrap up #14 ;) march 26th - april 1st

Well hello there my lovely people :) I hope you are having a wonderful time... :) why am I being so cheerful, you ask? :) cause I am in the middle of my last day off in a bit of a longer weekend :) yep, my monday is free :) and since I spent the last two and a half days chilling, I am full of energy and determined to catch up on some stuff today :) since I was relaxing and all, I read quite a lot this past week :) so let me tell you all about it, starting with the books I managed to finish first, then the ones I read entirely during the week, and finishing with books I am still in the middle of :)

"Cake" by J. Bengtsson
from 66% to 100% -> 208 pages; finished

I finished this audiobook at the beginning of the week... and to be honest, the closer I was to the end, the more I expected some stupid and unnecessary drama to happen... and it just... didn't... :) what a great surprise in a rock star romance :) I absolutely loved it and as soon as I finished it, I bought the e-book versions of this one... and the three sequels... ;) what can I say, when I fall in love I fall hard ;)

"Egzorcyzmy Dory Wilk" by Aneta Jadowska
from page 62 to page 520; finished

The fifth installment in a polish urban fantasy series that I am not gonna get into more details about, cause unfortunately most of you won't have the opportunity to read it... but once again, I loved it :) centered about yet another group of paranormal creatures, it was a great addition to the series :)

"Na wojnie nie ma niewinnych" by Aneta Jadowska
from page 1 to page 525; finished

Sixth and final book in the polish urban fantasy series was... a bit of a disappointment... don't get me wrong, if it was just another installment I would enjoy it more... but as a conclusion it was... a bit lacking... I still can recommend the whole series as a great entertainment, but I expected something better for the big finish :)

"I dared the duke" by Anna Bennett
from 1% to 100% -> 365 pages; finished

As I am slowly making my way through all the eARCs I have on my Kindle... more about this in my #RandomRamblings post later today ;) I discovered this little gem :) I got it through NetGalley... a while ago... but recently I was in the mood for a histoical romance... so I checked what I have on my Kindle and this one grabbed my attention first... and oh, what a pleasure reading this book was :) I loved the writing style, the whole story... *sighs happily* more thoughts in my full review... once I write it ;)

"The lost hero" by Rick Riordan
from page 107 to page 107

Since I was determined to finish the polish urban fantasy series over the last week, I haven't touched this paperback... or the other one that's currently on my night stand... I plan to remedy the situation this week :)

"The gentleman's guide to vice and virtue" by Mackenzi Lee
from page 215 to page 215

Same explanation as the one just above :)

"A destiny of dragons" by T. J. Klune
from 1% to 25% -> 120 pages

Once I finished "Cake" audiobook, I knew I wanted a change of genres... so I decided to go back into this amazing fantasy series I started a few weeks back... since this is another 16+ hours one, I managed to listen to just about a quarter of it... but I am loving it sooooo much :) I missed those characters :) and the narrator does once again a truly amazing job with all the voices... I want to finish it this week, but I'm not sure I will be able to do it with all the other stuff I have on my agenda... especially since I don't want to rush through it... it's just sooooo good :)

Total page count of the week: 

Once again I read a lot of pages this past week :) mostly because I inhaled two 500+ novels... but since they were in polish, my native language, I was able to read them even more quickly than I usually do :) I am very pleased with myself, mostly because I am heading in the right direction of limiting the number of books I'm reading at the same time... I should reach my original goal (3 books: 1 paperback, 1 ebook and 1 audiobook) at the end of this week :)



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