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Tag thursday #4 ;)

Hello all of you awesome people :) are you ready for the newest installment in #TagThursday series I am doing here on my blog with my lovely sister J? :) this is a monthly thing we started this year, and this time... oh, a lot of thought went into all the preparations :) because today, we are doing the tag all about songs... :) so first, you will get the song (I tried to find all of them with lyrics on the screen, cause they are very important in each case) and the description what each songs mean, are we talking about a specific type of book / series / character... then you will get answers to those tags from me and J :) and yes, those answers might include some mild spoilers, especially when we will want to say why we chose this particular story / character for each song, but nothing major, so feel free to read everything :) since we have twelve songs to get through, it's gonna be a very long post... so sit back, take a beverage and / or snack of your choice and let's jump into all the good stuff ;) as always, if I will have a full review of any book we will mention in this post, I will leave all the links at the end :)

Ed Sheeran "I see fire"

a book or series full of adventures

A: for this one I picked "The lost hero" by Rick Riordan, the first book in his The heroes of Olympus series, but I could have easily picked any other one of his novels :) all of them are filled with humor, great characters and adventures ;) this is just the last one I finished before writing this post ;) I am currently reading the sequel and once again enjoying it immensly :) and if somehow you think to not read them because you feel like the characters are too young and you might not like it... think again :) and definitely give them a try :)

J: When I hear this song I instantly think of dragons, can’t help it ;) So what book is full of adventures and has a dragon in it? Well yes, it’s “The lightning-struck heart” written by T.J Klune. It’s the first book in a series called Tales from Verania, and it’s a great start :) Why, you may ask? Don’t worry I’ll tell you all about it. Let’s check the list, shall we? So… amazing story full of adventures? Check. Dragon? Check. Magic? Check. Fantastically unique characters like hornless unicorn, half-giant, knight and a wizard? Check and check. Let’s not forget about a cult, villains with their monologues and a love story. Ahh I just love Ryan and Sam together. Anyway I wanted to say that basically every page was a new adventure, so if you like those kind of stories, this book is made for you :)

Junkie XL "Brothers in arms"

a book or series with an epic battle

A: I decided to go with a series for this one... and I picked The league by Sherrilyn Kenyon :) I will have the review for "Born of legend" down below, which is the last installment I read... but all of the books are amazing :) it's a sci-fi series, filled with sarcastic banter, complex characters, different species and planets and a whole lot of action scenes and battles... that's why I absolutely cannot pick just one book to talk about... especially since some of them overlap each other... I will however very highly recommend you this series in general :) it's definitely one of my all time favourite ones :)

J: If we’re talking about an epic battle I think the one in "Archangel's Legion", which is book #6 in Guild Hunter series written by Nalini Singh, is one of the most spectacular ever. Not only Raphael and Elena have to protect their territory from another archangel, they do it with the help from others. So many kick-ass characters in one great battle in the sky and on the rooftops of New York, man oh man… We have of course our main couple, but also angels, vampires and lots of hunters from the Guild. They all got together to protect the city and more important…the people they love :) Let’s not forget about a special squad that worked from the shadows, I’m talking about Naasir, Janvier and Ashwini, you don’t want to mess with them. And of course Legion was as incredible as it was mysterious :) So when you’ll look for an epic battle, you should pick up this book and be blown away ;)

2WEI "Survivor"

a character who lived against all odds

A: when we chose this song, and the explanation for this particular category, we didn't necessarily meant a character who survived a catastrophy or a traumatic event that happened to them... yes, it can be interpreted that way, but also... and that's the way I decided to go... it can be about someone who had many bad things happening around them... things that might have broken their spirit, and crush the faith they have in the goodness of people... and yet they are still optimistic and hopeful and just a little ray of sunshine... and that for me describes Violet, the heroine of "The failing hours" by Sara Ney, second book in her How to date a douchebag series ;) plus, her story gives me major Beauty and the beast sort of vibes, so can you really be surpriesd that I loved it so much? ;)

J: So, yeah… I tried to pick just one book, but since I recently read two amazing stories, one right after the other I couldn’t choose. So sue me… but wait… then I realized there are no Tag Police so who cares, you’re gonna get two books instead of one and I will not have to choose between those amazing characters :) Both of the heroines fit this song perfectly, they’re both survivors of the same monster. Yve from “Beneath these scars”, so book #4 in Beneath series by Meghan March got out of a toxic marriage. She promised herself to never fall for another rich guy, enter Lucas – called the Midas in the business world, yes he’s that rich. Anyway she’s many things but being damsel in distress is not one of them. He on the other hand is always the villain, but finds himself wanting to be a hero, just once, especially for her. The same monster who was abusive to his wife Yve, one day raped a heroine of the second book I’m gonna recommend if you’re looking for strong women who wouldn’t break and let the world beat them down. So Valentina from “Beneath these lies” have a problem, that police can’t really help her with. So she goes and makes a deal with the devil. His name is Rix and he’s the leader of a gang… I know what you think, a daughter of a judge who works in an art gallery, she’s so out of his league. There are rules right? But you know what they say about them… they’re meant to be broken ;)

Keala Settle "This is me"

a character who completely accepts themselves

A: I decided to go with Bailey, from "Making faces" by Amy Harmon... Bailey is a secondary character from this story and he suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which means that his health will keep deteriorating as he gets older... but he doesn't let it affect him in a negative way... he is just such brave and open person... I loved him... he was the beautiful gem of that story that completely unexpectedly stole my heart... I laughed and cried because of him, and to this day I tear up when I think of him...

J: I have no problem choosing a winner in this category, I’ll definitely go with Barrett from “Silent song” written by Jaci Wheeler. It fits him perfectly, because if I remember correctly he really calls himself a proud deaf man. So what other people see as a disadvantage for him is quite positive actually. He’s a high school guy, who is amazing at car racing, one of the reasons is that he doesn’t need hearing to win, all he need are vibrations and speed :) So when he meets Presley, everyone is shocked how connected they are right from the start, since her life is all about music. She’s actually a student and want to be music therapist. They’re only a couple years apart, but live in a whole different worlds. That was until they showed each other new cultures and experiences. It’s a story full of heartbreaks, but I really don’t want to spoil too much, so let’s just say that he does not have a happy life. Even their friendship and then something more are not an easy one that’s for sure but the important thing is that doesn’t stop them. I really loved their story, since they don’t exactly act their age, which is great because I don’t like unnecessary drama. Oh and trust me you really don’t want to miss one of the final scenes, the one with breathtaking silent song…

Bruno Mars "Locked out of heaven"

a book or series with a smooth talking player

A: this particular song may not be as relevant as some of the other ones we chose for this tag... ;) it's basically the whole vibe of being cool and charming, and who better for that than Bruno Mars ;) so we chose one of our favourite song as just an example of all the awesomeness ;) when it comes to my book, I went with "Big rock" by Lauren Blakely, book #1 in the series with the same name :) Spencer is definitely a smooth talking, charming as hell guy, that will immediately sweep you off your feet :) the whole book packs an even bigger punch if you listen to the audiobook... *sighs dreamily* since the story is told entirely from Spencer's perspective, the whole audiobook is narrated by Sebastian York... *sighs dreamily yet again* let's just say that I very highly recommend you the audiobook ;)

J: Let me start by saying I just love Bruno Mars :) and he’s a great example for this category. But back to the book recommendations… when I think about smooth talking player one guy really stands out and it’s the main hero of  “Cash” book #2 in Sexy Bastard series written by Eve Jagger. Don’t get me wrong, they all are, just look at the name of the series, but even in this group he’s by far the winner :) He’s a bartender and part owner of a couple places in town, he doesn’t really like complications but when women are looking for some fun, they know where to find it ;) Everything changed one day when he wanted to do a good thing for a friend of a friend – Savannah. She’s a lawyer and she’s out of a relationship that didn’t end well. So let’s just say that when she met him at a work party, she needed some back-up, and who is better than a really hot guy? It’s a rhetorical question, no one is better ;) so to sum up, great story with one of the best smooth talking player you’ll ever meet in a book :)

Ed Sheeran "Happier"

a book with a second chance romance

A: this is such a bittersweat song for me... it's absolutely beautiful, like most of Ed Sheeran's songs, but this one always makes me sad... but since we don't really read books with sad endings, we chose to find books about a second chance romances for this one... I picked "Steadfast" by Sarina Bowen, book #2 in her True north series... it's a heartbreaking novel about a couple who were together until tragedy striked and he went to jail... now it's a few years later and he's back in that little town... their story hit me in all the feels and made me cry along the way... but the beautiful ending is absolutely worth it :)

J: This song is one of my favourites, so picking a book for it was not so simple. Ultimately one story stand out from the rest of them and it was “Fire between High and Lo”. It’s kind of a tragic story really, but don’t worry it does have a happy ending. But the road to it is not an easy one, that’s for sure. So Logan and Alyssa, what can I say. It all started as a friendship when they were teenagers, but then of course turned into something stronger. But sometimes first love doesn’t exactly goes as planned. To not spoil too many details, I can say that at some point he goes to rehab and breaks all contacts from his former life. But he comes back home after five years of no word to anyone and of course he meets her again. He knows she would be happier without him, but on the other hand no one is gonna love her the way he does. So it really is this song trapped in a book…This story will break your heart but it will all be worth it at the end. There will be many exceptional moments, for me the most sad yet beautiful scenes were the ones with voicemails and then videos… I really can’t say much more, just promise me you’ll read it someday…

Beyonce "Crazy in love" 2014 remix

a book that made you blush

A: so I had quite a hard choice when I tried to decide which book to pick for this category... don't get me wrong, I read some books that made me blush... but none of them very recently :) I'm not sure if it's because I am now more immune than I was before, or maybe I just haven't read very blush-worthy stories lately... ;) anywho... I decided to go back a bit and chose "Hustler" co-written by Meghan Quinn and Jessica Prince ;) I mean... just by looking at the cover you can say it's gonna be a sexy one... ;) add to that the absolutely hilarious writing style and you have a perfect book to make you blush, and smile, and generally make you feel better... ;)

J: First of all I have to admit that after reading so many romance novels not many things I read can make me blush, at least that’s what I though. Enter “Robbie”, the very first book of a new series by Ella Frank called Confessions. So a priest, a princess and a prick is like an opening of a joke, but this story is definitely not funny. Well it has those moments but it’s mostly hot and steamy. Do not read this book in public transportation, I repeat do not do it! :) I have to say that when I discovered that this book was gonna be about three guys (Robbie, Julian and Joel) I was shocked and curious… I thought to myself, how is she going to do it? And the answer is wonderfully. This story captured my attention right from the start and by the end of it I wanted more, more of them, more of their past, more of their complicated yet pretty simple relations… just more. I can’t wait for the next book, I’m addicted already and I need my fix ;) So if you ask me this song fits perfectly, because I’m definitely crazy in love :)

Lady Gaga "Million reasons"

a couple with a long / hard journey to a happily ever after

A: we both absolutely love this song... it's a very emotional one, but very beautiful... there's two ways to answer this tag, because both me and J had a little bit different stories we wanted to mention when it comes to this song ;) so my choice will be about a long way to a HEA... "When stars burn out" by Carrie Aarons is a very recent read for me... like last week :) but when we landed on this song, this book immediately jumped in my mind... and the more I listened to it, the more I saw correlations between the lyrics and the story in this novel... Pax and Demi had an on-again-off-again sort of a "relationship" in college (more like he called she came every time) but when he left they hadn't seen each other for eight years... now that they are connected again because of the foundation she has that grants sick kids their wishes, he is prepared to do everything to get her back... this time for good... *sighs* it was such a beautiful book... I was surprised by all of the emotions I felt while reading it, and I highly recommend you guys to give it a chance :)

J: I went with a little bit different direction and interpreted lyrics of this song as a perfect example of a hard journey to a HEA. And the perfect example is “Dance with the Devil”, which is book #3 in Dark Hunter series, written by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It was not an easy story, I can tell you this much without spoilers. It was emotional, heartbreaking and I cried way more than I would like to admit. After enduring a lifetime as a Roman slave Zarek is not happier as a Dark Hunter. He lives in exile, so he’s all alone. Until the day he meets Astrid, he doesn’t know that she was sent to make a final judgment about him. To do so without being fooled by what’s on the outside, she has to do it while being blind. He literally gave her a million reasons to let go and walk away, but she found that one thing worth saving so she stayed anyway. And what others thought would be very quick deal, became her fight for his survival. She was literally a ray of sunshine just for him, and with her smile and kindness she warmed his cold heart. It was a phenomenal book, so definitely go check that out. So are you ready to dance with the devil? :)

John Legend "All of me"

a book with an LGBTQ+ romance

A: I could have chosen many books for this category... all of them absolutely amazing... but in the end I decided to go with the one that may be a little less popular :) "Goodbye paradise" by Sarina Bowen is a beautiful story about two young men who escape a cult... well, one of them is thrown out, and the other decides to escape to join him... it's a slow burn from friendship into something more and it's a perfect blend of funny and emotional themes... which is something I expect from Sarina after reading so many of her books ;)

J: You have to know I tried… I really did… I wanted to choose something new or maybe not so popular, but come on… Do you know this song? Did you listen to the lyrics? Because if you have, then you’ll understand… I had to pick “True” which is the final book in Temptation series written by Ella Frank. Ahh Tate and Logan… what more I can say to convince you guys to read those amazing books. I think I talk about them everywhere and anytime I can, so you probably already know a lot about them. But if you somehow missed it, it’s a story about Tate - a bartender whose going through a divorce and Logan – a lawyer who knows exactly what he wants and he takes it ;) And now he wants Tate, who is more than a little shocked to be attracted to some guy he met across the bar. But what started with fascinations for both of them, quickly transformed into something much more. Their love story is just… wow ;) I can’t even… Just trust me on this, they have so much to offer and you won’t regret giving them a chance.

Adele "Skyfall"

a book or series that would make a great movie

A: to be honest, I could choose so many books / series to go with this song... cause my list of the ones I think would make a great movie is actually pretty long... :) but I will go with Burned lands series by Bec McMaster... and there are two reasons for it :) #1 I absolutely adore "Mad Max fury road", don't ask me why, my love for that story cannot be logically explained ;) and this dystopian series set in the Wastelands, filled with complex characters reminds me so much of it... I would love to see all of them come alive on the big screen :) and #2 I recently read and reviewed the conclusion to the original trilogy, so all of it is very fresh in my mind :)

J: Well to match that kind of an epic song I had to go big or go home ;) I decided to go really big and picked the whole series of books called The Faraday files by Kate McIntyre. If I had to pick just one book, I would go with the second one called “The Timeseer’s Gambit” but that’s just because I love Will, one of the secondary character that has bigger role in this story. Anyway the whole series is about Olivia, who’s a Deathsniffer, it’s sort of like a detective but not exactly. She’s looking for an assistant, enter Christopher. Since she’s quite eccentric, their dynamic is really fun to read. I love how their companionship and then friendship grows with each page. Why I think it would be a great movie? Well I can see it all very clearly ;) it has that kind of a steampunk vibe so great costumes, London – an amazing city, charismatic duo, kind of like Sherlock and Watson, am I right? Let’s not forget about great secondary characters, spectacular magic and amazing story with mysterious crimes to solve, in a word - perfection :)

OneRepublic "Something I need"

a series with a power couple

A: for this one we decided to give a description about a series, because we both feel that one book is not really enough to write a true power couple... you need at least a few books to build them up, to show the complexity of their relationship... me and J both had the same two couples in mind, so we decided to just split those answers between us :) I got Elena and Raphael from Guild hunter series by Nalini Singh :) they are a couple who is the main focus of a few books in that series, and I will have my review for one of them below, but what I can say about them is that we both adore them :) Elena is so strong and brave... but at times vulnerable... and Raphael can be scary and powerful, but Elena is his connection to that more human and softer side... because I forgot to mention that he's an archangel and this is an urban fantasy / paranormal series with angels, vampires and such... a great one for sure ;)

J: First of all it’s true, that you can’t quite become a power couple in one book, to have that kind of impact you need a series of books. So I present to you In death series by J.D. Robb :) It’s a story about NYPD Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke, who’s so mysterious that I still don’t know his first name and I read like thirty books already. Anyway he’s actually a suspect in a murder for a case she’s working on in the first book, but you know how those stories go ;) They’re both strong as individuals but together they’re unstoppable. Like all couples, they have better and worse moments, but that’s just life. The important thing is that there’s not a thing one of them wouldn’t do for the other. And that's the kind of love everyone wants :)

Kodaline "Brother"

a book or series with a strong bond between characters

A: when I first heard this song, it made me cry... it's a very emotional one, with absolutely breathtaking lyrics... so naturally, I went straight to J, made her listen to it, and made her cry as well... when doing this tag we knew that we absolutely had to use it to share how beautiful it is... :) when thinking what characters I can choose for this song, my mind went straight to Rhy and Kell in Shades of magic trilogy by V. E. Schwab... *sighs* they are not related, but the bond between them... they love each other and would die for each other without hesitation... a lot of things happen in that series, and the majority of those events have a huge impact on that bond, but never making it weaker... I highly recommend you guys all those books, because they make a truly phenomenal fantasy series :)

J: This song… you guys, this song is really amazing. I can’t even… Never mind, let’s just go to the actual book I chose, because we don’t have all day am I right? First of all, I also wanted to pick the guys from above, but A beat me to it, it was easy since she’s the editor so she has all the power here ;) But don’t worry I got really a good one too and it’s “Making faces” by Amy Harmon. It’s a story about five young men who go off to war together but only one of them comes back. So the song fits perfectly, it’s about brotherhood, bonds stronger than blood and sacrifice. But that’s not the only reason I picked this book, let’s not forget about a very special bond that goes way beyond friendship, between Fern and Bailey. It was just magical, can’t say why this relationship works ideally with this song, without too many spoilers. Just let me say one thing… this story made my cry so hard, that I literally had to stop reading to take a breath. It broke my heart more than once, but it was so worth it! But don’t take my word for it, go read it and see for yourself why I picked this book with that phenomenal song :)

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