Monday, April 23, 2018

Review: "When stars burn out" by Carrie Aarons

Author: Carrie Aarons
Main characters: Paxton "Pax" Shaw and Demi Rosen

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) I was very hesitant before starting this book... don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore Carrie's writing style, but she writes such different stories and characters, that I dod't love each of her books equally... and that's great :) because that means all of you can find one just for you :) but this one deals with themes that I am not the biggest fan of in novels... let me explain by telling you more about this story :)

Our main couple, Pax and Demi, met in college... they were actually involved during those times.... although that may not be the best way to describe their "relationship"... Pax treated her pretty horribly back then... like a guaranteed booty call... and yes, she let him do it, always coming when he called and texted... but still... one day, he left without a word of goodbye and they don't see one another for eight years... now Demi has a non-profit foundation that works on granting sick kids their wishes, meeting a famous person and such, and Pax is one of the most famous football players... and yes, you probably guessed correctly... they meet again because of one of the kids in her foundation... and yes, he wants another shot with her... this time, a serious one... ok, that's basically all I can tell you about the overall plot of the story, so now let me jump into all the reasons why I loved this book so much and why you all need to read it :)

I am not the biggest fan of second chance romances... it's a personal preference, connected to my own backstory that you don't need to know ;) it's right up there with the other tropes I hate: cheating, love triangles and secret baby... :) I very rarely pick up those kind of stories, because it's almost never done in a good way... at least, not in my opinion :) please, don't get me wrong, I know that some people love those stories, and I am happy for you... go forth and read as many of them as you want :) but they are just not for me... so why did I pick this one up, you ask? that is a great question... :) I'm not really sure... I guess, I just... had a good feeling... plus, I wanted to give Carrie a chance to change my mind... "I can always put it down if it starts to annoy me" I said to myself before diving into it... yeah... I inhaled this book... I was simply unable to put it down... *sighs dreamily* it was absolutely wonderful... we have chapters written from two perspectives, so Pax, as well as Demi, have their own moments to show us what's inside their heads... :) and it was done incredibly... especially since there were also flashbacks to those college years between different chapters... and those parts broke my heart... to see how big of a jerk Pax was... how stupid and selfish he acted... how naive and hopeful Demi was... how she let him treat her like that... but it was necessary to fully understand how both of them changed... a lot of things happened within those eight years in both of their lives and they are two different people now... trust me, no one was more surprised than yours truly when I pretty quickly started to cheer Pax on to win Demi's heart again... no one... :) but their story... really hit me in all the feels... I ached for them... an don't even get me started on how they acted like adults... you know, talking and explaining how they feel... which does not happen as often as I want in books... how respectful Pax was of her boundaries... yes, he was pretty relentless and determined, but in the best and tactful possible way... :) there was no stupid, unnecessary drama... yes, there were problems and issues they had to face to find their happy ending, but all of that was understandable considering their past... but what I think got throught to me the most was the writing style... it was just... so raw... so honest... it hit me straight into my heart... I fell in love with both of them and seeing their happy ending might even brought a tear or two into my eyes... ;) I think this beautiful gem is now my favourtie story by Carrie :) I did my best to convince you to give it a try, and hopefully a lot of you will actually listen ;) trust me, even if you are not a fan of those type of stories, you should try it... if I loved it as much, I'm sure you will find something wonderful in it as well... :)



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