Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Review: "The star-touched queen" by Roshani Chokshi

Book 1 in series The star-touched queen
Main character: Maya

It was a very different story than what I expected it to be... which is why I am sitting here and thinking really hard how to write my review :) because on the one hand I want to tell you all about why I gave this book 4,5 stars... about all the things I loved about it, and about some that I didn't like... but on the other hand, all those things would involve me spoiling you some pretty surprising turns of events that I absolutely cannot ruin for you if you haven't read the book :) so I will do my best to share what I can and you'll just forgive me for a bit shorter review, deal? ;)

The heroine of this story, Maya, is one of the daughters of a Raja, but one that was cursed with a horrible horoscope... in her culture it means that she will never marry, and yes I am simplifying my explanations, because I don't want to mess up all the intricate details, and it's much better explained in the actual book so bear with me :) when we meet her she's seventeen and completely ok with staying in the shadows and pursuing more scientific paths, gathering knowledge... so no one is more surprised than her that she ends up a wife to Amar, a ruler of a different country... I would explain more about the circumstances of this whole situation, but even though it happens very early on in the story, it's quite surprising :) she's whisked away into a completely new environment for her, very mysterious one I have to add, and then we follow her path with all the turns it will have... that is basically everything I can say about the details of the story, but trust me... there's sooooo much more to it than you think... I just don't want to ruin the surprises :) so instead, let me jump into my thoughts and feelings about this one :)

This story was definitely not the one I expected to get... I can't be too specific why, because of the spoilers, but... hmm... let me start somewhere else :) the writing style :) it's very unique, very mesmerizing but I'm sure that some of you will be annoyed by it... it's full of these beautiful descriptions and metaphors and I personally adored it :) but based on some very mixed opinions about a sort of similar style *coughs* Shatter me series by Tahereh Mafi *coughs* I know that some of you will hate it and will not be able to finish it... so I definitely encourage you to download a free sample on Amazon before buying it, if you are not sure that you will like it :) like I said, I loved it ;) the whole book had these magical, fantasy vibes... and the story took some very unexpected turns... again, I can't be more specific, although I soooo want to share some details... ugh... but I know it will be better if you read it for you own :) all I will say is that this story is so much more than just girl meets a boy and they fall for one another... ;) not that there's something wrong with said stories... just this one is different :) much more darker and complex and sometimes even creepy... what bothered me the most is some very stupid decisions Maya made along the way... but I know she's young and had a right to be naive and a little gullible... not to mention that she has an amazing character development arc throughout the book and I loved how she changed :) I think that my favourite part was actually a person :) Gauri is one of Maya's sisters and she will be the heroine of the companion novel :) cause I forgot to say that this is a standalone story :) I absolutely adored Gauri and cannot wait to read more about her... you want proof? I ordered the companion novel as soon as I finished this one... I have a feeling that it might be a 5 stars read for me, but we shall see :) I definitely enjoyed this book :) it was much more complex than I anticipated, filled with beautiful writing style that charmed its way into my heart... and now that I know how the story will go, it's absolutely possible that once I re-read it, my opinion might change into full 5 stars for this story... we'll see ;) in the meantime, if you are looking for a unique book, full of influences from a different culture, I definitely encourage you to give this little gem a try :)



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