Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Review: Percy Jackson and the olympians series by Rick Riordan

I've decided to do something a little bit different with this series :) originally I thought I would write normal, full reviews for each installment, but after thinking about it for a while, I decided to do one bigger review, where each of the five books will get a paragraph, and then at the end I will write my overall opinions about the series in general :) before we start all that let me just write a super short synopsis about the series :) if you don't know what it's about... although I have no idea how is that possible, because everyone and their mother heard about Percy Jackson by now ;) but just to be safe... ;) this is a series where our main character, Percy, discovers around the age of twelve, that he is a half-blood, as in a child of a mortal and a god... :) and after that shocking news, things only get more and more interesting :) long story short, they are full of great writing style, adventures and humor and I highly recommend it :) for more informations about each installment, just keep reading... ;)

I can't believe it took me this long to go back and read this book... :) let me explain... :) I originally read the first three books in this series years ago, and in translation... because if you don't know that about me, english is not my first language :) but a while ago I decided to re-read them in the original version... and what a great decision it was... :) I honestly did not expect to love this book as much as I did... I was pretty sure that since the main character is a young boy, it might be boring to me at times... nope, not even a little bit :) so as you can guess from the title, we have a theft... someone stole a lightning... but not just any lightning... *the* lightning bolt that belongs to Zeus... :) and now Percy is on a mission to find it before all hell breaks loose :) becuase who is better to save the world than a kid ;) I absolutely adored this story ;) it's a phenomenal start to the series, introducing all the main characters, and explaining the basic informations about the world it takes place in ;) I had such a blast reading this book :) I actually remembered a lot of stuff, but my knowledge about future installments is definitely much smaller :)

I remembered quite a lot from this second installment as well... Percy and his friends are once again on a mission to help, because there's something worng with the camp... the border, protecting the camp and its inhabitants from the outside world is failing... there is something that may remedy the situation but as always, it's not gonna be easy to find :) with this one, as well as with the later installments in this series, I won't go into too many details what's the story about... I know that many of you probably read these books already, but I don't want to spoil anything for all others ;) it was another 5 stars read for me... and you guys... by the time I finishid this story, I started getting used to the idea of enjoying so much a book about such young characters :) I think the main reason for that is the absolutely fantastic writing style :) I laughed sooo much :) it was a great sequel, letting us get to know better all the main characters, and exploring the world :)

This was the last book I read all those years ago, but to be honest... all I remembered from it, was like two things... that's it ;) so it felt basically new to me :) Percy and his friends are still working toward stopping the resurrection of Kronos <- I can't really count that as a huge spoiler, especially since it's a very long-story-short type of thing... ;) this one is full of surprising turns of events and mysteries to solve... we have friends, and gods, going missing... we have brand new characters appearing... and keep your eyes open for them, cause a few... will be very important ;) I loved it :) action packed as always, with humor and adventures, I flew through it :)

I was very excited to start this one... the fourth book in this series was at the same time the first brand new story for me... :) I remembered bits and pieces from the first three stories, but this one was a complete mystery ;) maybe that's the reason why I flew so fast through it ;) I was just so curious to see what's gonna happen next :) since this *is* the fourth book, there's not much I can tell you about the story,besides... it's all there in the title ;) "The battle of the labyrinth" :) and yes, we are talking about *that* famous labyrinth :) as always, it was filled with adventures and surprises and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time :) the stakes are even higher here as everything slowly comes closer to the inevitable confrontation...

This was an absolutely fantastic conclusion to the series :) I basically inhaled it in one sitting... I just couldn't put it down... this last sory is basically one, long battle... over the span of few days :) but it's not all action and fighting... there were moments of humor, lightening up the very serious mood... but also some very emotional ones as well... trust me, I did not expect to cry... and yet I did... once again, the phenomenal writing style kept me glued to the pages so I could see how everything will end for my beloved group of friends :) and trust me, I was not disappointed :)

Like I mentioned, I was a bit hesitant going back to this series... I was afraid I won't enjoy stories about such young characters now, as I did when I was younger... oh, how wrong I was :) I loved this series :) it's amazing when it comes to mixing within the stories actual informations from mythology :) not only that, but the writing style in general is so entertaining and full of adventures and humor and sooo easy to read, that you just fly through the chapters :) I laughed and gasped in surprise... and even teared up a little... I highly recommend you guys this whole series, even if you think you might be too old for it ;) just give it a try and have fun :)



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