Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Review: "Love at last" by Claudia Connor

Main characters: Deacon and Clare

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) I gave this standalone contemporary romance 4 stars :) I really liked it, but my review will be a bit shorter than usual... only because even though this is a full lenght novel, there are very few things I can actually share with you when it comes to the events in it... otherwise I would spoil you all the fun :) so before I will jump into my thoughts and feelings about it, let me share a few safe details :) at the beginning of the book Clare is left on the day of her wedding and chooses to go on the honeymoon alone... there, in a very tropical place she meets Deacon, who is there on a conference... sparks fly from the first moment they collided... literally ;) and they decided to spend a few days together... just a quick summer thing... ;) but of course that's not gonna be the end of their story... and that's all I can say about the plot... trust me, I want to tell you more, but I refuse to spoil you anything, so instead let's just jump into my opinion about this story... although I will have to refrain from many details there as well... :)

Like I mentioned before, I gave this novel 4 stars :) I am a fan of Claudia's writing style, but I do have to say I enjoyed her other stories more than this one... don't get me wrong, I still really liked it, it's just her other characters were closer to my heart :) I did liked the romance in this one, how Deacon and Clare fell for each other... how they approached everything that happened to them, and between them, throughout the whole story... GAH!! it is sooooo hard to talk about it without spoilers, because I feel like I cannot explain myself enough for you guys to truly understand what I mean... but we're just gonna have to manage :) one thing I always love in Claudia's books is that her characters act like adults... yes, there are problems and obstacles on their way to the happy ending, but they talk with each other about them, being reasonable and everything and they try to figure out the best solution :) it's not as common in books as I would like it to be ;) so I am always grateful when the main couple in a story is like that ;) like in this book, yes, Clare had trust issues, but I could understood why she acted the way she did... and Deacon understood it too... it took them a while to get to that beautiful ending, but it was sooo worth it... that lovely epilogue was a total cherry on top :) again, since there is not much else I can actually say about this book without spoilers, I will end by recommending you this lovely contemporary romance... if you are looking for a beautiful and mature relationship, a story with a few surprises along the way and characters you will root for, definitely give this little gem a try :)



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