Thursday, April 5, 2018

Review: "Limits" by Susie Tate

Author: Susie Tate
Title: "Limits"
Standalone, but... ;)
Main characters: Pav and Millie

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) this is an absolutely beautiful contemporary romance... technically, it's connected to another novel by this author, but it works perfectly fine as a complete standalone... yes, we met the main couple from this story in "Beg, borrow or steal" and yes, the main couple from that story appears in this novel... and yes, we have the same secondary characters appear as well, but you don't need that previous knowledge to enjoy this one, everything you need to know is explained :) so let me tell you a bit more about why you need this gem in your hands, starting with our heroine and hero :)

Like I mentioned, we met both Millie and Pav before... Millie is a radiologist... at least I think that's the simplified version of her job title... Pav is... I wanna say head of surgery...? I'm not sure exactly, the detail slipped my mind :) she suffers from several issues, one of them being anxiety, and quite severe one... I don't want to get into any more details about that situation, because sharing them would spoil you a lot of things... the more we get into the book, the more we learn about what exactly she struggles with and why... all I will say is that I relate to her very much... not because of the issues she's facing, but because of the way she is missunderstood by others... I know how it feels when you want to do one thing, or say one thing, but before you are able to find the right words, people form an opinion about you... Millie is perceived as cold and distant by others at work... she and Pav are working at the same hospital, by the way... :) and those are the nice adjectives people use when taking about her... and I just... I wanted to hug her sooo badly while I was reading this story... and yes, I know she's just a fictional character, but she felt so real... and so very close to my heart that I just couldn't help myself :) Pav on the other hand... talk about night and day ;) he's open, talkative and charming... apparently people can't help but like him ;) don't worry, he's not perfect ;) theirs is a very complicated path to actually being together... I don't really want to tell you too much, because nothing specific is shared in the synopsis of the story, and trust me... it's so much better this way... the less you know the better the experience will be :)

This story really hit me in all the feels... all of them... I laughed... I cried... I sighed in delight... honestly, I have no words good enough to describe how much I adored it... the writing style was absolutely phenomenal... it hooked me in from the very beginning and I just couldn't stop reading... I fell in love with the characters... very complex and flawed they felt so real... I really liked the appearances of people I remembered from the previous book, but again, you will enjoy those scenes even if you are not familiar with that other novel :) and if all that wasn't enough, this whole story takes place over the span of several months... with the ending happening even more in the future... and an absolute cherry-on-top epilogue set several years later... *sighs happily* I love those kind of epilogues the most... ;) say what you want, but personally, slow-burn romances are my favourite :) sometimes they start with a friendship... sometimes with this flirtatious version of friendship, but I like it, when that build to something more takes time... it's especially important in stories like this one... to realistically show how long it would take Millie to deal, or at least start dealing better, with her issues... I love that it's not one of those change-in-a-snap-of-fingers situations, because that would be just ridiculous... I think that Susie Tate really did justice with Mille and her struggles... how she slowly overcomes them and changes for the better, living more and more outside of her limits :) I wholeheartedly recommend you all to give this beautiful gem a try... I cannot wait to read more from this author, to see what other beautiful stories she have... and a bonus info at the very end... Kira is getting her own novel... probably later this year :) *squeels with joy* <- you will understand this reaction once you read the book... or if you read the previous one... I am sooo ready for her happy ending... ;)



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