Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Review: "The lightning-struck heart" by T. J. Klune

Author: T. J. Klune
Book 1 in series Tales from Verania
Main character: Sam
Narrator: Michael Lesley

I heard about this book for the first time months ago... but I was hesitant to try it... even though I've heard nothing but praises from very trusted sources I wasn't sure if this was a story for me... and now I am sitting here, writing this review and totally shaking my head at how stupid my past self was... ;) but can you really blame me? a book about Sam, a young wizard's apprentice who's gay, his best friends are a hornless gay unicorn named Gary and a half-giant named Tiggy, and the whole book is full of their adventures... it doesn't sound like a novel that everyone might like... hence, my hesitation... :) but oh how wrong I was... because it was spectacular and everyone has to read this gem :) let me tell you a bit more about our main character, and quite a few secondary ones, along with the main plot of the story :) and then I will proceed to sing only the highest praises about this awesomeness that all of you need in your lives... :)

Sam is the main character :) he's the apprentice of Morgan, the king's wizard... he and his parents used to live in the slums, until one day little Sam accidentally turned boys that were chasing him into stone... yeah... that doesn't happen every day ;) he and his family are then whisked away so he can learn magic, so he can become the next king's wizard... fast forward a few years, and now his best friends are very unique magical creatures... Gary and Tiggy :) not to mention that he has a very serious crush on Ryan... totally swoonworthy knight and unfortunately boyfriend of Justin, king's son... can you say awkward? ;) but wait, there's more... ;) when Justin is kidnapped by a dragon all four of them are going to rescue him... :) yeah, because that sounds like a great plan :) the whole book takes place in a fantasy world, and is filled with magic and all sorts of awesomeness like that ;) so that's pretty much all I can tell you about the overall plot and everything, because I refuse to spoil you anything :) so instead let me gush all about the reasons why I adore this book :) but before that, one last thing :) it is only the first story in a series about the same set of characters, but you get a lot of resolutions in this one and it doesn't end on any cliffhanger of any sorts, so don't worry about it :)

There were oh so many reasons why I loved this book... the writing style... the story... the characters... pick one and I will elaborate ;) how about the writing style first? :) I've never read T. J. Klune's books before, but all of them landed on my wishlist before I finished this novel... not only that, but I got all other available installments in this series before I got to the middle of this first book :) the style is so entertaining and just simply hilarious, although not all of you might enjoy this type of humor... :) I personally loved it :) it was full of sass and sarcstic banter and that's definitely my favourite kind... :) not to mention that this author has an amazing ability to create very diverse characters and I love them all... well, not all, but you know what I mean :) Sam is a hero I connected with a lot... he may be young, but there were moments when he really surprised me with his a lot more mature than I expected behaviour... yeah, he has completely silly moments as well but they certainly don't ruin the impression :) Gary, the hornless gay unicorn is the absolute Queen of Sass :) his outrageous sarcastic comments made me snort-laugh more than once :) Tiggy is adorable with how protective he is of his friends... Ryan is all swoonworthy and knightly and stuff... ;) his interactions with Sam are just... you'll see ;) but who surprised me the most is Morgan... I did not expect to love the king's wizard as much as I did... his friendship with Sam, the way he supports him and cares for him... how close they are to each other... *sighs happily* there is one scene in the book that makes me tear up to this day when I think about it... of course there are quite a few more, but I can't name them because of spoilers... ;) nonetheless, they were all brought to life by an absolutely amazing narrator, Michael Lesley :) yep, I listened to the audiobook version of this story and I highly recommend you guys to do it as well... they way this man voices different people... I couldn't believe that it's just one person :) all of them have distinctive voices and the whole performance really adds to the story... :) not that the story needs it, because the book itself is fabulous :) full of sarcastic banter, friendships, adventures, surprises... like you-are-gonna-fall-from-your-chair surprises :) trust me, I could sit here all day... a few days even, and tell you all the reasons why this book is amazing... :) you're not a fan of fantasy? give this book a try either way... :) you don't like audiobooks? give this particular audiobook a go, you will be surprised :) just... please... if you haven't already, give this amazing gem a try... it's so wonderful... so funny and yet so emotional in the most surprising places... I have no words good enough to really describe all my love for this book... so just go read it already ;)



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