Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Review: "The hero within" by Bec McMaster

Author: Bec McMaster
Book 3 in series Burned lands 
Main characters: Johnny Colton and Eden McClain

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) this is the last book in the original trilogy, but since this world have soooo much potential for future stories, I am definitely hoping that Bec will come back to it at some point with more novels :) #FingersCrossed ;) but for now this is all we have, and what a way to end a series with a bang :) since this is the review of the last book, it's gonna be a bit tricky to actually write it, but I will do my best so all of you can read at least a little bit of it :) so here's what we're gonna do: the next paragraph will be completely spoiler free about the whole series, so even if you are brand new to it, you are safe to read it :) it will tell you a bit more about the world, the characters and the overall vibe :) then in the third and last paragraph, I will share my thoughts and feelings about this particular installment, so I will assume that all of you who will stay and read it, already read the first two books... I might mention some spoilery things and talk about characters or events without major explanations, so be prepared for all that :) ok, let's jump into that safe space first ;)

Bec McMaster is definitely one of my all time favourite authors... sitting currently at a very strong #2 (right after Penny Reid, but that's a story for another time) :) I adore her writing style in all of her books, which is saying something, cause she has a few of them... all of them different from one another :) steampunk, fantasy, paranormal... she has it all :) but Burned lands series may be her most underrated one, which really pains me, cause I love it soooo much :) but I get that dystopian-ish themes may not be for everyone... :) but if you loved "Mad Max fury road" as much as I did, you will inhale this trilogy without even thinking about it :) so let me tell you some more about it... ;) it takes place in the alternative version of our world set some time in the future... there was some sort of disaster, that plunged our world into Darkening... no, I'm not gonna go into more details, mostly since it's not explained straight away in the book, and those details are not that important at the beginning... but now people live in the Wastelands... forming settlements, doing their best to survive in the harsh conditions... one of the most important rules among them? don't get caught outside of the settlement after dark... cause there are monsters... let's just say that the Darkening influenced some people... in a very dangerous way... and since then, those people... changed... that's all I will say on the subject :) to be quite honest, that's pretty much all I can say without spoilers, so let's just jump into the main characters :) each book revolves around a different couple, but they appear in other stories as well... so I highly recommend you guys to read those books in order... that's the best way to understand all the connections and dynamics between certain people... not to mention that there are events in one book, that have consequences in others, so... just trust me and read them in order :) what else can I say to you about this series without spoilers...? :) the writing style is phenomenal, as always with Bec's books :) she writes stories full of surprising turns of events and characters who are strong and flawed in the most human way... they make mistakes and learn from them... they fall in love and form the most surprising friendships... this particular series is even more fast paced than her other ones... with action right from the very first chapter... you will gasp in shock and keep turning page after page, because you simply have to know what's gonna happen next... they are the best kind of addictive :) now that hopefully I convinced you to give this series a try, let me jump into the actual topic of this review, which is book #3 :)

Ok, last warning people :) if you are not caught up in this series, I might spoil you some major things right now... :) you ready? :) we met both our main characters before... and as much as I was curious to get to know more about Eden, there was no competition as to who was the main reason I read this book so quickly... Johnny Colton... *sighs dreamily* you might not know that about me, but I have a very soft spot for those morally grey, used-to-be-bad-but-they-changed-their-way heroes...there's just always something about their story that hits me in all the feels... so I was really looking forward to read more about Colton... he was after all sort-of-a villain in the previous books... but even then we could see some redeeming qualities in him, so imagine my joy when I learned he will be the hero of this final installment :) Bec definitely love those kinds of stories as well, because they appear in all of her series... ;) and Johnny... oh, how I loved him... :) what surprised me the most was his vulnerable and soft side... *sighs dreamily* it was Eden who irritated me from time to time ;) but only a little bit, because I could understand why she was so wary of the situation between them :) because to say that they have a history would be a huge understatement... yeah... complex doesn't even begin to describe that... so even though sparks fly between them, it will not be an easy way to a happy ending... :) this was an absolutely phenomenal ending to a series... although like I mentioned before, I am really hoping that Bec will come back to this world at some point... because in those previous stories, as well as in this one, she introduced us to quite a few very interesting characters and I can totally see them getting their own stories in the future... :) but for now, I am very satisfied where we left things... :) once again, I highly recommend you guys this action packed series full of surprises, strong and brave characters with an absolutely amazing writing style... don't hesitate and pick these gems immediately... you can thank me later ;) I promise I won't gloat... not even a little bit ;)



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