Monday, April 16, 2018

Review: "The heartreader's secret" by Kate McIntyre

Author: Kate McIntyre
Book 3 in series The Faraday files
Main character: Chris Buckley

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) first things first, this is the third installment in what seems to be a four-book series, and those books are very much connected to one another, so you really should read them in order to get the most of the experience and to understand all the connections between characters... :) but fear not if you are brand new to this series... just because I am so much in love with it doesn't mean that the whole world knows it ;) I am hoping to change that ;) anyway... I will have a totally spoiler free next paragraph, talking about the series and some major characters in general, and then the third and last one will be all about this third book and will include certain spoilers from the first two, so please skip that one if you are not caught up with the series :)

The Faraday files is a steampunk / paranormal series taking place in Darrington... it's a made up city where technology is mixed with... magical creatures :) that's the shortest way for me to describe it right now, for more details be sure to check out the first book :) it's explained much better there ;) some people in this world have talents... abilities may be a better word for it :) that are unavailable for the rest of them :) again, it's much better explained in the book, so let's just go with the super short explanation and move on :) a few years ago there was a huge accident that killed a lot of people... I won't go into details about it, but in each book we get a little glimpse into that event and more details about what exactly happend there and why... but the main focus of the series is on Chris... he's connected to that event, but I'm not gonna spoil you how :) at the beginning of the first book he's looking for a job... money he inherited from his parents are basically gone and he has a younger sister to take care of... even though they were raised in... I wanna say upper-ish family, they now struggle... so an opportunity to work as a deathsniffer's assistant is basically his last chance... and that's how we meet Olivia Faraday :) *sighs happily* I absolutely adore that woman :) think of her like a female equivalent of Sherlock Holmes... she's sort of a detective and she needs someone to help her with the cases... make notes and such ;) because usually she scares them off pretty quickly :) since Chris is pretty desperate, he's also very determined to get and then hold on to this job :) each book concentrates on a diferent case but there are things and events that have consequences in other books and many things are connected to one another, that's why I very highly recommend you to read this series in order :) it's amazing, full of phenomenal writing style, complex characters and just overall awesomeness :) ok, now that we have this explanation out of the way, let me tell you more about the third book :)

Last warning, if you haven't read the first two books avert your eyes... I won't spoil anything that happens in this installment, but I will talk about people and events from the previous two books so proceed with caution :) ok, let's jump into all the reasons why I adored this newest installment :) what will I start with? :) let's go with character development... :) I am truly amazed how much the people I've met before have changed... how Chris matured... although he does one incredibly stupid thing in this novel that I'm gonna have problems to forgive him for... *sighs* but it's still a difference from Chris we met at the beginning of the series... and Olivia... I already mentioned it, but I will say it again :) I adore her... and she changes a lot... it may not be spectacular, but it's a lot of small things that paints such a complicated picture of her as my favourite character... especially since in this installment we visit her childhood home and get to know more about her history... it definitely helped me understand her more... :) and we got to see Will again... *sighs happily* I think it may be a tie between him and Olivia, cause I forgot how much I adore him as well... he's yet another complex person :) this installment revolves around a missing person, which is very unusual, cause Olivia deals with murders, but when a friend asks for help, even she can't refuse... the case is as always layered and complicated, and throughout the whole book we uncover more and more facets of it... and everything leads to a pretty spectacular ending... trust me... I am dying to get my hands on the fourth, and if I remember correctly, the last book in this series... cause a lot of archs and events came together in this installment, we discovered a few things... I definitely still have some questions... but I think everything came together very nicely to make us super curious and excited about that final book... :)



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