Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Review: "The failing hours" by Sara Ney

Author: Sara Ney
Book 2 in series How to date a douchebag
Main characters: Zeke and Violet
Narrators: Josh Goodman and Muffy Newtown

This is the second book in How to date a douchebag series, but it works perfectly well as a standalone... although I recommend you to read the first one before you dive into this installment... let's just say that the series has its name for a reason... and as much as Oz, the hero from book #1 is a jerk, Zeke, the hero of this novel is much worse... but I will get to that in a second :) K, #BookBestie who recommended this series to me said, that even if the first story would not be exactly what I liked, that I should definitely give this second installment a try, cause it's her favourite... and after reading it, I have to agree with her opinion :) I absolutely loved it... and let me tell you why :)

First, let me say a bit more about our main couple :) Zeke is... well, saying he's a jerk is a big understatement, but I can't really curse in my review so exchange that adjective for a better one in your own mind ;) we met him in the first book, and even then I wondered how... just how will he become a worthy hero of this second book? ;) he's a wrestler in college, and a very... distant person... he's mean and crude and just... not a good person... I won't blame you if you won't like him at all at the beginning of the book... but stay with me :) because then we have Violet... and where Zeke is horrible, mean and just physically a huge guy, Violet is... kind, warm and tiny :) she's also vulnerable and stutters... which gave me huge "Devil in winter" vibes :) in case you don't know that awesome story, it's a historical romance by Lisa Kleypas and the heroine there also stutters... it's also one of my all time favourite books :) but back to the review of this story :) Zeke and Violet couldn't be more different, and I had no idea how thye could end up together... like... zero clues whatsoever... :) which of course made me that much more curious to see how everything will resolve :) theirs is definitely a slow burn relationship... with them spending a bit more time together because of some external circumstances and not because they are genuinly interested in one another... :) I don't really want to get into too many details, so that you can experience it without any spoilers whatsoever, but the story is amazing ;)

This book definitely gave me Beauty and the beast sort of vibes... *sighs dreamily* you may not know that about me, but it's only like my favourite trope in books ;) so the more I read about rude and grumpy Zeke and the lovely Violet... the more I saw how her kindness sort of... rubbed off on him and slowly influenced the change in his behaviour... the more I fell in love with the story... especially the more you get to know him, the better you understand him and why he acts this certain way... plus, there are definitely a few such beautiful surprises when it comes to him... :) don't get me wrong, it's not like he's suddenly prince charming, but there's definitely redeeming qualities there... :) no more details because of my no-spoilers-in-review rule, but I loved their story... especially since I am a huge fan of slow burn relationships, where the main couple actually takes time to know one another before there's anythign else between them... here, they had this... weird sort of friendship at the beginning... once they moved past him being a complete jerk of course :) Zeke as a hero... grew on me, I definitely wasn't a fan from the start... Violet on the other hand... I adored that girl :) yes, she was kind and lovely, but also brave and tough when the situation needed it... she kept a beautiful heart even with everything that happened in her life... I just wanted to hug her, and then smack Zeke for the amount of time that it took him to see what's in front of him... ;) the writing style was once again absolutely phenomenal... hilarious, sexy and very emotional when needed... not only that, but once again I listened to the audiobook version of the story, like I did with the first installment, and the narrators were once again perfection... :) I very highly recommend you guys this story... please, don't be discouraged by how much you hate Zeke after that first book... because I had some very serious doubts how Sara Ney can change my mind about him... but his journey is so worth to witness... :) you will laugh, tear up and sigh... but most of all you will fall in love with this story... so pick it up now :)



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