Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Review: "Big rock" by Lauren Blakely

Title: "Big rock"
Book 1 in series Big rock
Main characters: Spencer and Charlotte
Narrator: Sebastian York

This is the first installment in a series of six companion novels :) as in, all of them work perfectly well as standalones, but there are all sorts of different connections between characters in all of them, like heroine from one book is the sister of a hero from another and so on :) my sister originally read all of the books first... or should I say inhaled to be more precise... ;) and she so highly recommended it to me, that I decided to give them a try sooner than later :) and I have to say that I agree with all her praises, because this particular novel is just the start and I am already in love :) so let me tell you a bit more about our main couple and what the story is about :)

Spencer and Charlotte have been friends for quite a few years... and business partners for some of them as well :) currently they own a few bars in New York and their friendship is going on strong as well :) everything gets more complicated when Spencer and his big mouth puts him in a peculiar position... :) because you see... his dad wants to sell his business... a high end jewelry store, and the investor is very conservative... and probably wouldn't look to kindly on Spencer and his playboy-ish ways... even though there's nothing wrong with them, since he's not misleading anyone, but you know... so Spencer being Spencer, announces unexpectedly that he and Charlotte are engaged... you know, since they usually help each other in tricky situations in bars when one of them needs an excuse to brush someone off... ;) Charlotte has reasons of her own to agree to this little charade, and no, that reason is not the love for Spencer :) I don't really want to get into too many details about the whole story, because I don't want to spoil you anything ;) long story short, they agree to pretend for a week or so, until the deal is done... of course the situation turns out to be much more complicated than they both anticipated at the beginning... :) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you about all the reasons why I love this book :)

The whole novel is written from the hero's perspective, which is actually quite unusual... :) or maybe I just haven't read many books like that :) it's definitely a different way of telling a story and I loved it... especially since I actually listened to the audiobook and let me tell you... *sighs dreamily* Sebastian York and his gravelly voice is pure perfection... I may or may not have done a search on Audible based on his name and added a whole bunch of books on my list based on him being the narrator of the story alone ;) but the whole writing style is amazing in this novel :) even though we don't get Charlotte's perspective, I fell in love and connected with her as much as with Spencer... what is even better, this is a story with basically no angst or unnecessary drama... don't you just love when adults act like actual adults and talk with each other to resolve certain issues? :) so not only our main couple is amazing, we have a few very interesting secondary characters as well... like Harper, Spencer's sister :) I can't wait to read her story in the second installment of this series... especially since we may or may not got to know the hero of said story in this book as well... ;) all in all I highly recommend you this absolutely hilarious and sizzlingly hot contemporary romance... it has it all... laughs, romance, amazing chemistry between the main couple, phenomenally entertaining writing style with a beautiful epilogue as a cherry on top :) if you haven't already, definitely give it a try :)



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