Monday, April 16, 2018

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #96

The best laid plans
Songs of the moment

Hello my wonderful people... I hope you are having a good day, because my last two weeks were... interesting is the most neutral way to put it... :) so let's keep this intro short and sweet, and just jump into those headlines... in order today :)

As you know, if you follow my blog for a while now, I have troubles with keeping up with my writing... all the posts and reviews, because I read a lot, can sometimes... pile up :) it's an on going struggle not to let them pile too high, because then I would never climb myself out of all of that, but it's not easy... especially since there are times when I am soooo busy at work, that when I get home, I don't want to do anything but chill and relax... which means reading... which leads to more reviews that I have to write... it's a vicious cycle ;) but the week before last I decided to catch up... I knew I was gonna have a super busy next week, and I couldn't let it pile up any more higher... so I gave permission to my sister to very loudly shame me if she saw me doing stupid shit instead of writing... ;) and it totally worked :) don't get me wrong, it's not like she has been following my around with a bell or anything ;) but a few times I needed that extra kick, she was there ;) and I was super proud of myself that I was able to write and edit everything that was on my to do list :) and I figured that the next week will be such a good reward for me... busy, yes, but filled with fun things... oh, how naive I was... :) let me tell you all about it...

I am cursed... there is no other explanation for it... I am now seriously afraid to buy movie tickets... because I was supposed to see two movies last week... ask me how many I saw? big fat zero, that's how many :/ I was also supposed to work on saturday... and yes, you guessed correctly... I haven't... why? oh, I'll tell ya... because I decided smack dab in the middle of the week, that's it's the perfect moment to catch a stomach flu bug... yeah... don't worry, I will spare you the details, but it took me the rest of the week to feel better... and I am still not at my usual 100%... ugh... so my plans definitely changed... but I decided to not be discouraged by all that, and catch up on some more blog stuff... because I read yet another few books in the meantime ;) but I'm finally down to three books that I'm reading at the same time :) I used to read just one... then it slowly started to grow, up until a point where I was reading 5-7 books at the same time... then it got tiring, and I finally reached my goal, three :) it still may sound like a lot, but once I explain everything it will all be clear ;) now I am reading one audiobook on my commute, which is about an hour per day :) I am also reading one ebook, which is usually one of the eARCs I have from authors, publishers and such with a dealine for a review, and one paperback, that I'm reading at home, curled up in my favourite chair :) between these three I usually read different genres at the same time, so I can always pick up something that will fit my mood :)

Last but not least I want to share with you guys songs that are completely stuck in my head currently... all three of them are very different from one another, and I love them all for very different reasons :) enjoy :)

Ok, that is a wrap you guys :) be sure to come back and check my blog often in the next few weeks, cause I have lots of great recommendations coming your way :) as always, the best way to connect with me is through my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) happy reading and I hope you will all have a lovely day :)



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