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Movie madness #3 ;)

Welcome to the newest installment in one of the new-ish series here on my blog :) it's our monthly #MovieMadness, where me and my lovely sister J talk all about movies :) this time, it's all about musicals :) we are both huge fans, and even though there is a ton we still have to watch (think more the classics) there are a few we already saw :) and today we will talk about some of them :) we have eleven musicals to tell you about, I will describe some of them, my sister J will describe the others... and with each movie, we will have for you one song we picked from it :) and at the very end there will be a small *honorable mentions* part :) before we dive into all the goodness, a small warning: we might include spoilers in our descriptions why we love these certain musicals and why we chose those particular songs, so if you haven't watched something and you don't want to be spoiled, just skip that paragraph :) also, there won't be a lot of descriptions about what each movie is about, just our general thoughts and feelings :) ok, you guys ready? let's jump straight into all the fun :)

The phantom of the opera

J: if I had to pick one musical that I wish I could see again for the very first time (you know the feeling, right?) it would be The phantom of the opera. There are no words to describe how amazing it is, I could say: it’s one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful story I have ever seen, but still it wouldn’t be enough. If I’m being honest it’s kind of weird that I love it so much, because I would never say I’m the fan of opera voices, I prefer the regular type singing, but in this case, just wow. Me and A watched it in three different versions actually (so we know what we’re talking about, you can trust us), one of which was in theatre in our city (we loved it, it’s always a totally different experience watching something live), tape of a live performance at the Royal Albert Hall (our favourite) and the movie version with Gerald Butler as the phantom – who would’ve known he can sing like that?! There were all very different, yet all of them amazing. Besides the story I also loved stage designs, costumes and choreography (like from Masquerade song). It just all clicked for me. When we were deciding on a song, we both said: it’s obvious… and then picked two different ones ;) so like all good siblings do, we compromised on “The point of no return”. It always give us chills, and Gerard Butler’s voice in this song is just breathtaking. It’s from the final scene, so emotions are high and the music will blow your mind :)

"The point of no return"

The greatest showman

A: this is the most recent addition to this list :) me and J went to see it a few months ago and were completely blown away by how amazing it was :) the story, the characters, the songs... oh, the songs... I was such a sucker for them... immediately after I got home I bought the soundtrack and it was on a constant repeat for a few weeks :) there are just no week parts of this musical, and if you haven't watched it yet, definitely go do it :) as one song from it, we chose "This is me" :) it's this absolutely beautiful and powerful anthem of the story, about accepting who you are... I have chills to this day when I listen to it... it's a very important moment in the movie and one that made me cry... definitely not the only one... but I always had a soft spot for misfits and underdogs... :)

"This is me"


J: You might think that this musical is not for you, because it’s rather silly, but I dare you to watch it and not smile the entire time :) seriously, every time I watch it I love it just a little bit more. The best character is definitely a cynical guy played by Patrick Dempsey, he behave like every one of us would do in this kind of situation. I love the combination of animation and regular movie, if you add to it this kind of magical story, you’ll get really great two hours of fun. The song that we chose is by Amy Adams, the whole scene is hilarious, with the dancing in the park and lots of colors and on top of it, the face of the main character is priceless… I would be doing the same face, because if people started singing and dancing everywhere on my way to work, I would be like… wtf? But I can tell you this: give this musical a chance, it’s really for everyone, because we all want a happily ever after :)

"That's how you know"

Beauty and the beast

A: I feel like I've talked about this movie soooo much already, that there's nothing new I can say :) so I will repeat just a few major points ;) the animated version was my favourite when I was a kid... and later in life ;) this trope in books is definitely my favourite one, and every story with it has my immediate attention :) so I was overjoyed when I saw this musical and it was everything I wished it would be and more... it has no week points... everything that bothered me in the animated version... because yes, you can love something and see problems with it at the same time... ;) but all that was fixed here :) the characters, the costumes, the story itself... and the beautiful songs... I loved everything and saw it quite a few times already... :) if you haven't yet, you are seriously missing out... and even though there are plenty to choose from, as a song to show you a little something we picked "Gaston" ;) I couldn't find a full version from the movie but managed to find a *best moments* one that shows how amazing it is ;)


Les miserables

J: this is a perfect example of a musical that I love but can’t watch too often, it’s just too much for me. Even now when I was choosing a song for you, when I finally found the one I loved the most it took me 2 whole minutes to start crying… so when you want a good cry you should definitely watch it. But seriously, we all know what it’s about so I'll just say that I love it. I really do, I even bought a live version, but have yet to watch it. I’m gonna do it, just maybe not right now, because I can really get dehydrated ;) We all know this movie is really sad and everything, but beautiful nonetheless. There are many great songs but this one always gives me chills, and that’s what supposed to happen when you watch a musical, am I right? :)

"Do you hear the people sing?"

Moulin rouge

A: *sighs* it's one of those movies that I absolutely love, but can't watch too often... mainly, because it has a sad ending... right from the start we know that our main couple won't end up together... that she will die... and yet, I can't help but fall in love with both of them, and this movie, with its bright costumes, and phenomenal songs... and then I bawl my eyes out for the last thirty minutes or so... but every so often, when I'm in the right mood I watch it yet again... to feel all the feels... *sighs* for the song, we chose what I personally think is the absolute best number in the whole musical "El tange de Roxanne" I get chills every time I see / listen to it... a little fun fact, the man who sings it (besides the obviously known Ewan McGregor) is actually polish :) he plays argentinian in the movie and I love his voice... oh, the whole song is just phenomenal...

"El tango de Roxanne"


J: if a main role in a musical belongs to Christina Aguilera you can be sure of one thing, there are gonna be great songs… because this chick can sing! When you add to it Cher and Stanley Tucci (love that guy) with their great chemistry it’s going to be even better. And let’s be honest, Cam Gigandet as a sexy bartender is something to look for ;) but amazing casting aside, this musical if one of my favourite because of the story, I know, shocking…but seriously it doesn’t have unnecessary drama, which I love. What it does have is fantastic vibe of a night club in LA, burlesque shows in this movie are really fun to watch and music is of course out of this world. We chose the final song actually, because it has it all, but don’t believe me, see for yourself :)

"Show me how you burlesque"


A: this one is definitely a mix of emotions and feelings... on the one hand we have some very fun and uplifting themes, but also some serious and emotional ones as well... although with a much more positive outcome than the one I talked about a bit above ;) at some point there was a live version of it made for TV but I much prefer this movie one... :) I think the cast was absolutely on point here :) I adore the songs in this one... almost all of them, but when we were deciding on one, we went with "Ladies' choice" :) it's fast, fun and Zac Efron sings it ;) if you need something fun but also sweet and emotional, definitely give this little gem a try :)

"Ladies' choice"

Mamma mia

J: Well, you really can’t take this musical seriously, it doesn’t have a huge storyline, but I enjoy watching it. I love movies in exotic locations so this island is perfect for me ;) the whole cast was great, I love Christine Baranski and Julie Walters the best, hope to have this kind of friendship when I’m at their age :) We actually saw Mamma mia live at a theatre in our city, it was really fun but I like the movie better. Songs are well known, but the whole story mixed in them is really entertaining :) there were many songs we could choose, but ultimately decided on this one, because it represents this musical the best. I mean look at this choreography for guys with diving fins… hilarious, like this whole movie :)

"Lay all your love on me"

La la land

A: this one is always a bit controversial when J and I talk about stuff... cause she sort of liked it, but I absolutely adored it :) she can't stand the end (because she hates how it was handled that the main couple don't end up together) and I don't mind it... I look a little bit different at this whole movie but we don't have the time today to really get into all the details why I like it :) we both agree on the fact that the songs are the best part of it :) and event though there were so many beautiful ones to choose from... including just the instrumental numbers... we decided on "Another day in the sun" it's the opening number that puts a huge smile on your face and just sets the best mood for the rest of the movie... I remember seeing it for the first time in the cinema and thinking to myself... *it's gonna be a good one* ;)

"Another day in the sun"


J: We all know this one ;) what can I say, this story is kind of timeless… which one of us good girls wouldn’t want this kind of a bad boy? That’s right, all of us. I’m not saying this musical has some kind of deep message, it’s supposed to be just fun, it’s this kind of a movie. I think there were many versions of this story, I saw one of them, but I love the original more, there is just something about it. So when you want to be entertained, you can be sure that this musical will do the job :) just look at the song we picked for you, with the choreography and the hair, perfect example of what to expect, don’t say I didn’t warn you ;)

"Greased lightning"

Honorable mentions

A: there are four musicals that didn't make our list... because the eleven mentioned above are our favourites... we watched them multiple times... or will in the future ;) there are of course a bunch of musicals... mainly the more classic ones, we haven't watched yet... trust me, the list is very long... ;) but from the ones we saw, we decided to mention four other ones... four that we saw, but don't intend to see again... but each of them had a song that to this day is one of our favourites ;) we have "Cell block tango" from "Chicago" which is just a phenomenal performance... then "Be italian" from "Nine" trust me, I did not expect to love Fergie in this role as much as I did... there's "Listen" from "Dreamgirls" a song that to this day is close to my heart... and "Agony" from "Into the woods" one of the most hilarious and over-the-top-on-purpose performances I saw in a very long time :) I have all of them below if you want to see them with me :)

"Call block tango"

"Be italian"


Into the woods


A + J

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