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J says :) #17

Let’s talk about…
Workplace romance!

Hello everyone, today we’re going to tackle another theme, as you can see from the title it’s gonna be romance in a workplace :) I know that many places have politics to avoid these kinds of things, but personally I never understand that rule. Why can’t you mix work with plesaure? Of course you have to be professional at your place of employment but that’s prety much it. What you do after hours and with whom should be only your business :) So if both people are adults, who can take responsibility for their choices and actions, why not try to be in a relationship with a co-worker? Especially since some jobs have really unusual hours or lots of traveling. Then my question is that, where and more specifically when these people would meet someone and have a chance for a happily ever after? Huh? Yup, I’m right and you know it :)

Anyway if you read some of my previous posts it shouldn’t shock you that this is a time for book recommendations… I have to say a workplace romance is a popular theme for sure, so let’s get to the examples, shall we? :)

Beneath these chains 
(book #3 in Beneath series, written by Meghan March)

One thing you should know about Elle is that when she wants something, she gets it ;) and for some reason she really wants to work in a certain pawn shop. So one day she shows up there and kind of demands a job… Is it a great plan? Not really. But it sure works :) As someone raised on the streets and now the owner of this business Lord knows that things are not always what they appear. So when some rich girl is not taking no for an answer he finally breaks and gives her a chance to work for him. One thing he notices right at the start – she definitely brightenes the place and makes it unique just like her. So of course they are both fascinated with each other and quickly realise that maybe there is something more between them. As usually, everything is not so easy and there are complications, but sometimes it’s worth the risk. To sum up… this book? Lord, oh Lord *pun intended*

Beard in mind 
(book #4 in Winston Brothers series, written by Penny Reid)

I think it’s safe to say that to the whole town Beau is everyone's favourite Winston brother. He’s charming, easy going and don’t forget handsome as hell :) and speaking of hell, that’s what his life feels like since his brother hired Shelly to work with them both at their auto shop. She’s a great mechanic, but has some unusual behaviors for sure. She glares at everyone, mumbles to herself instead of talking to someone and don’t like touching people even though she doesn’t have the same problems with dogs… She’s totally different from Beau and we all know what they say about opposites, they attract ;) so of course there is some tension between them but with every little thing he learns about her, he becomes more interested. At the end Shelly and Beau discover that sometimes complicated is exactly what you were looking for :)

(written by Susie Tate)

At the hospital Millie’s nickname is Nuclear Winter… She’s brilliant at what she does, but that doesn’t change the fact that the rest of the staff see her as cold, boring and even robotic. Her exact opposite is adored by everyone dr Pavlos, he’s attractive, likable, confident and charming. Millie would do anything to be normal, to interact with others without even trying, but she knows her limits. One day she realizes that with every day loneliness starts to rival her fears and it’s time to face them. Pav don’t know what to think about Millie, what he thought was true in her case is quite opposite really. So now he has to admit that what the rest of the hospital see in her is a lie and her true self is hidden beneath the mask of an ice queen. Will she trust him enough to open up? I think we all know the answer to that… it’ll definitely take time, but it’s gonna be worth it! :)

Thrown by a Curve 
(book #5 in Play by Play series, written by Jaci Burton)

Alicia works as a sports therapist for a baseball team, so when their star pitcher after sustaining an injury has to be ready to play on the opening day of the season it’s her job to get him there. So now she focuses all of her attention on him and let’s just say that Garrett is not an easy patient… he’s short-tempered, hard to handle and it doesn’t help that they have a lot of sexual tension between them right from the start. They have to spend a lot of time together so naturally they develop some strong feelings for each other. And even though they can lose everything, they risk it all to see where this choice to be together could take them. You should definitely see how their story will play out :)

(book #1 in PresLocke series, co-written by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine)

When Dylan decided to play a little part in the new acion movie, where the main character was played by his idol Ace he couldn’t predict how their story will end. He could hope for something more, but it was just wishful thinking ;) what he didn’t know was that Ace has secret wishes of his own and one of them was connected to him. Ace was shocked to see on his movie set a guy who he can’t get out of his head since he first saw him on a billboard. So this little obsession goes both ways, but in a cute not at all creepy way, you know what I mean ;) Even though Dylan is not an actor, but a model they did meet on a movie set, which make them co-workers, I did my research guys :)

(book #1 in Revved series, written by Samantha Towle)

As a race car mechanic Ari has one rule – no dating drivers… you see where I’m going with this right? Enter Carrick, the bad boy of Formula One. He’s at the top of the racing world, so naturally he races hard and parties even harder. Add to it his great looks and Irish accent and you have yourself a player ;) Anyway when he was told that he’s gonna have a new mechanic on his team he was expecting someone older with lots of experience and a man… so you can imagine his reaction to find a hot woman meddling under the hood of his car. But it’s Andi’s dream job and she didn’t leave Brasil to not be taken seriously because of her young age and her looks. With a couple like that in a world of racing cars you can be sure of one thing… sparks are gonna fly ;)

Man Card 
(book #2 in Man Hands series, co-written by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby)

Both Ash and Braht are real estate agents, now he was transferred to her office so they see each other every day… besides, they both try to sell the same house, so it's like a race, who is better at their job. Oh should I mention that she thinks of him as her nemesis? That’s right, you read it correctly ;) Braht on the other hand knows that they are destined to be together, he plans to win her over no matter what. So who will win this battle? It’s really fun to read, mostly because of all the hilarious pranks they do to each other, but that’s not all ;) even though she thinks she doesn’t like him very much, or not at all, her body thinks the exact opposite. As in one minute they’re in the middle of arguing and the next… you can fill the blanks ;) Anyway my money is on Braht, he’s not gonna give up, for sure :)

Blind Landing 
(book #1 in Flipped series, written by Carrie Aarons)

Natalia is one of the USA’s top gymnast, she was born to win gold medals… in a sentence she’s amazing and she knows it. She’s calm and on top of everything, avoids any distractions, that includes guys. Until one day she falls quite awful on practise and loses some of her confidence… and the one person who is up for the job to help her get back on top is the one person she wants nothing from… Meet Spencer, called the bad boy of gymnastics ;) Even though an injury ended his career and now he’s a trainer at the U.S. Gymnastics Training Camp he acts like he owns the place. You can describe him by many words, but serious is not one of them. So it’s kind of weird that when Natalie needs his help, he would do anything to give her a chance to shine :) the only thing left for Spencer is to persuade her to take a chance on him. Because there is more to life than avoiding all distractions, am I right? :)

Chasing fire 
(written by Nora Roberts)

It is said that fire jumping is one of the most dangerous thing a person can do. This is so much scarier than being a regular fire-fighter, which is still pretty hardcore, since you actually ran toward a fire and not run from it. It’s not easy to people with this sort of job to find someone to share a life with. But don’t worry, there’s hope because who could understand this better than a fellow adrenaline junkie. Actually Rowan and Gull met on a training camp for one of the most exclusive fire-fighting squads in the nation. He’s one of a newest recruits and she’s on the training staff. She’s got a rule to don’t date guys on the team, but he’ll try to make her change her mind ;) I should mention that she’s a daughter of a legendary Lucas “Iron Man’ Tripp and yes, he gets a love story as well in this book, so double win :) But that’s not all… there is a mystery, some creepy accidents and other stuff (no spoilers from me) because someone is blaming the team and especially Rowan for something that happened a year ago *dun dun dunnnnn* :)

Joy Ride 
(book #5 in Big Rock series, written by Lauren Blakely)

Once upon a time Henley and Max worked together in his garage, he was her mentor but that chapter of their story didn’t end well. Now a few years later they’re competitors, but when a business opportunity rises they both don’t want to back out… And that’s how the chapter about their partnership for a special project begins. Let’s face it it’s not everyday that you’ve the opportunity for a custom job on a car for a TV show… Since they both love cars and are great at what they do and let’s not forget that there is something about cars (told you before) that people can’t control themselves… So working late fixing cars in a garage equals some action on the hood, that’s for sure, you wouldn’t want to miss that ride, trust me ;)

(book #3 in Stage Dive series, written by Kylie Scott)

Jimmy is a lead singer in one of the hottest rock band in the world, but he has his demons… So after one too many disasters, he has to go to rehab and when he’s back to the music world he needs… well you could call it a sober companion, he’s calling it a babysitter, and the truth lies somewhere in between ;) Lena has one job, keep Jimmy in line and trust me she is no pushover. On the one hand she cares about him very much, on the other hand she doesn’t take any crap from him. She tries to make their relationship strictly professional, but you know how those kind of stories go… Who could ignore that sizzling chemistry, he even talks her into jogging in the mornings… if that’s not love I don’t know what is ;)

Hard Hitter 
(book #2 in Brooklyn Bruisers series, written by Sarina Bowen)

There is something special about stories with athleths, am I right? Here we have Partick, not only an enforcer but also a captain of the hockey team. He never complained about pain, but when he can’t hide his injured hip anymore, coach and trainers send him to Ari. She teaches yoga to all the players and treat their injuries but now most of her attention is focused on rehabilitating Patrick. Which is not so easy, since he doesn’t really like to be touched. But with each session, he trusts her more and opens up. And with every layer gone between them Ari sees the real man :)

Hearts of fire 
(book #2 in Hearts series, written by L.H. Cosway)

Who wouldn’t want at some point in life just run away and join the circous. Well that’s exactly what Lille did. She’s an artist, so always wanted to make her own choices and be free, and now she travels with an amazing group of people and she deals with face painting. Jack is not only a knife thrower but also a fire breather, so double the hotness :) When you work and live in a tight group, like in a circus, people become really close. That was what happened here, at the beginning they form some kind of friendship which in time becomes something more. So you should just pick up this book and enjoy the show :)

Ok, so if you read thoroughly you might notice that I didn’t include examples for an office romace, but it was on purpose guys ;) I know couple of books that would fit that category so I’m gonna get back to them in the future, don’t worry. But that’s it for today, as always I hope you’ll find something new in recommendations above and give some of them a chance, because let’s just say that they all have something more in common than romance in a workplace… they’re all great stories. But really don’t take my word for it, see for yourselves. Anyway, see you next week, with another “J says” :)


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