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J says :) #15

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This week I chose a really cute subject, just for you :) because who doesn’t love pets, they’re just so adorable, am I right? I know that most people browses the whole internet to find the cutest cat videos, but that’s not me. Don’t get me wrong, I love all animals, well some of them more than the others, but still… I’m definitely a dog-person, since I had one growing up and I have one now, it’s safe to say that I have a soft spot for them :) Now since I live in a city and in an apartment I didn’t really want to have a big dog, because there is too little space, but you can fit a Westie almost everywhere :) If you didn’t know it before her name is Luna and she looks like a little white angel with devilish character, so she fits right in with me and A ;)

In an ideal world when I could live in a city but in the same time own a larger piece of land and have a horse, I would totally do it! I know it’s not possible, but that would be great :) Seriously, don’t judge me too hard, because which one of you didn’t write at least one time to Santa that you would really like a pony under your tree ;) just me? Nevermind then :) But horses are like a really close second place for a pet, if you could call it that. For me pets equals friends really, because that’t what they are :)

That’s why I really love all sorts of pets in books. Seriously when there is a dog or any other animal, right from the start the book is more fun to me to read. And when said animal play an important part in a story it’s even better. But even if it’s just for funny and cute scenes it’s fine by me, just as long as it’s there :) So I did a little research and found couple of recommendations to all of you that love pets in stories, as much as I, here they are :)

Beneath this mask 
(book #1 in Beneath series, written by Meghan March)

Are you ready for a trip to New Orlean? Because I know I am :) When her whole world crashed down, Charlie decides to have a fresh start somewhere else and she couldn’t have picked a better place. She left everything behind and finally started to live the way she want. With lots of tattoos and black hair she doesn’t resemble a good girl she was born to be. She’s hiding under a mask, but Simon wants to see the real her. Will she let him? You’ll have to see for yourself. But I can tell you that she has a special someone in her life already ;) His name is Huck and he’s a sweetheart, huge beast of a dog, but still a puppy really. He’s fiercely loyal and saved her in more than one way, throught the whole book :)

Love in the afternoon 
(book #5 in The Hathaways series, written by Lisa Kleypas)

If we’re talking about animal lovers, I really should point out that Beatrix would probably be the biggest of them all :) And even though she loves them all, I think Medusa has a special place in her heart. I should mention that Medusa is a hedgehog, and I think a favourite in Hathaways family. But she’s definitely not the only animal in this book. Because the main hero - Christopher also have a companion. Maybe his dog is not so cute and fluffy… ok so he scares all the help in his mansion, but so does his master, they both lived through hell… they survived the war, but were changed by it. They certainly have a special bond and Beatrix being her positive self, believes that she can help them both… and to think it all started with a letter :)

(written by Nora Roberts)

It’s a story about Cilla, former child star whose now restoring homes for a living. She’s on a mission to bring back to life a house of her famous grandmother, who died more than 30 year ago because of a drug overdose… or did she? So we have a mystery and a romance… because in the house next door lives Ford, a grahpic novelist. He’s really charming and of course she can’t help falling for him. And what’s even cuter about him… yes, you’re correct, his dog named Spock :) I even remember that he’s kind of a weird looking and always moving because he’s supposedly fighting with invisible aliens, don’t ask me how I remember something like that since I read it a few years ago, sometimes stuff like that just stuck with you, ok? ;)

(book #2 in WAGs series, co-written by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy)

As a co-owner of a virtual assitant servies called Fetch, Hailey doesn’t have much to do with clients. But when she has a hunch that her favourite one is no other than Matt Erikson and he’s desperate for her help, all bets are off. Sometimes a pet is a cathalyst for a first real interaction between the main couple and it’s exactly what happened in this story. It all started with his dog, who needed someone to take him on a walk, when Matt were out of town and who came to the rescue if not Hailey herself :) and the rest is history, and I have to add a really great one :)

Look the part 
(written by Jewel E. Ann)

Flint thought he found a perfect tenant for an office above his own lawyer practise. Ellen is nice, her application is perfect and she’s not so bad to look at. But he overlooked one thing, when she said she’s a music therapist, she really ment it, now there are all sorts of noises: guitars, bongos and singing. So she has to go… But what he couldn’t predict was an instatnt connection between her an his autistic son, now what kind of single father could evict her now? Oh and did I forget to mention, she is a proud owner of not one but five rats? Yeah, you heard me ;) And if I remember correctly they’re almost all named after a famous classical composers like Mozart, Bach but one of them is called Lady Gaga :)

Dark Witch 
(book #1 in The Cousins O’Dwyer series, written by Nora Roberts)

There is a reason why Ireland is associated with magic. It’s just this kind of place, where everything can happen. When Iona travels there with nothing more than stories told by her grandmother and a positive attitude, it’s like destiny. Then she meets her cousins – Branna and Connor and another piece of the puzzle is in place. But when she sees Boyle for the first time she realizes that he’s everything she ever wanted. Like I said Ireland and magic is usually a packaged deal, and that’s exactly what we have here. Three people connencted by blood, united to fight an ancient evil. So three stories, but you read it like one, so be sure to have all of them before you start the first book ;) In this story pets are really important, they have a specific part to play, without any spoilers I can say that they’re a force to be recon with… Each one have their own connection with one of the family member, so we have a horse for Iona, a falcon for Connor and a dog for Brenna. Are you ready for a little magic? :)

Good girl 
(written by Lauren Layne)

When you picture a country music star with a little dog on her arm, do you picture something like a fluffy, little ball? Because you would be right ;) but other people can describe it like a gator food… Since this story takes place in Louisiana, where Jenny escapes to remote mansion to write her next album and forget about the scandal that connets her to someone she barely even met. When she planned her escape, there’s one thing she didn’t expect and that would be Noah – a brooding, young caretaker of the mansion. I should add that he’s actually the owner of the estate, but of course she doesn’t know that. I can safely say that their dogs, even though completety opposite on the outside were fast friends ;) but the owners? Not so much at the beginning, but with every passing day their mutual fascination with each other grew. And finally they too found a happily ever after :)

Naked in Death 
(book #1 in In Death series, written by J.D. Robb)

Well, to be honest I don’t remember in which book Galahad makes first appearance, so I went with the first one. Since they’re all great you shoud definitely start at the very beginning :) So we have Lieutenant Eve Dallas as a kick-ass heroine, who solves different crimes in each book. In this story there is a murder of a senator’s daughter and everything points to a certain man. Roarke is not only one of the wealthiest and most influential man on the planet, but he’s the one mystery that Eve can't figure out. And that’s how it all started with them… There are many books and I love them even more with each story. And let’s not forget about Galahad, because he’s definitely a hero. He totally saved her, and it’s quite unusual for a cat, you must admit ;)

Breaking a Legend 
(book #1 in Kavanagh Legends series, written by Sarah Robinson)

As an MMA star Rory was always in a spotlight, until the day of his gruesome leg injury, that crossed out his chance at professional fighting ever again. Now the only things he fights are his own demons. Until the day he met Clare, now he has a new thing to fight for… her love. I have to say that I instantly fell in love with his big, Irish family :) with one more addition. Of course I’m talking about the dog… even though he’s kind of small he has a big heart and lots of courage, because when the time comes he’s the true savior. And as a bonus I can confirm that he’s in other books in this series as well :)

From Lukov with love 
(written by Mariana Zapata)

It’s a great book with a theme from hate to love… because it looks like Jasmin and Ivan certainly does not even like each other. But don’t think you know how their story is gonna go, because with every page you will be slowly discovering people behind their walls with real emotions and everything. There was many awwww moments, that I didn’t really expect, which made them even more special. On top of everything sweet that Ivan did through the whole book he has not one but a few pets. If I remember correctly there are four or five dogs, a large rabbit and a pig (that’s right, it’s definitely a new one). So he get bonus points for having such adorable bunch :)

The King 
(book #12 in Black Dagger Brotherhood series, written by J.R. Ward)

Well first of all I can say it’s definitely not an easy book or whole series for that matter, that said it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance… it’s a story about brotherhood of vampire warriors connected by something stronger than blood. All of them have their own stories, but in this case I’m gonna talk about the second book about their king and his shellan – Wrath and Beth. Can’t really say much without the spoilers, but wanted to talk about his dog. Since he was always called the blind king, finally (don’t remember in which book exactly) he needed help. The help came with a guide dog, they have an amazing bond and it’s definitely something worth mentioning :)

The search 
(written by Nora Roberts)

Well I couldn’t write about pets in books without naming this one ;) because if it wasn’t for Jaws – Simon’s out of control puppy (the name fits perfectly by the way) he might never met Fiona. She’s the owner of a dog-training school and with the help of her three dogs (don’t remember them all but one is definitely named Bogart), she volunteer for Canine Search and Rescue. It could be a really good romance, but what makes it a great one is a mystery and suspence theme. Because what you don’t know about Fiona is that she’s the only survivor of the Red Scarf Killer and now someone is trying to finish his mission. So not only a fantastic story that will kep you glued to the pages but also lot’s of dogs :)

That’s it people :) I think I’ve done enough… I realy hope you enjoyed this little list of great books with amazingly cute pets. As you can see dogs are the most popular, at least in books I’ve read, but if you know another examples, let me know :) anyway I hope you’ll find some of the stories worth giving a shot :)


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