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J says :) #14

Let’s talk about…

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you about cars, as you can see from this mysterious title :) so first thing you should know, I don’t know shit about them. Seriously, I would say that besides the fact, that they can take me from one place to another or they have an engine and stuff, I got nothing… It’s because I don’t have a license, I know it’s weird, but maybe one day I’ll get back to that, I’m still young so I have time ;) But I’m serious when I say that I would be that person in a group of people, that when someone asks: what is your dream car? I would answer with a colour ;) and yes it would be blue one, like really, really dark blue basically almost black. But don’t judge me too hard, ok? Maybe someday I will know the differences between brands, or you know, just more stuff about cars in general, but today is definitely not that day ;)

But even I know, from reading many books of course, that when a couple is in the vicinity of a car, all bets are off ;) And I’m not talking about teenagers here, in those stories there are adults like you and me, who just can’t help themselves, maybe it’s the other person, maybe the car or situation, maybe all of it combine, but as you will see there is definitely something going on :) But don’t take my word for it, let me present to you – all the evidence, that fooling around in a car is really popular :)

The Hooker and the Hermit 
(book #1 in Rugby series, co-written by L. H. Cosway and Penny Reid)

Annie is a social media expert and a secret blogger, so virtual reality is easy for her but real life? Not so much. So when this little hermit meets the best hooker in the world of rugby – Ronan, everything will change. She was supposed to help him reshape his public image, who would know they were gonna fall for each other? To be fair probably all of us knew it would happen, but that’s because we read lots of stuff :) Anyway I picked them as the first example because this car action was particularly hot. Not to say too much, but what you need to know is that Patrick likes to take control and is really creative, so for him seatbelts are not just for safety ;)

(co-written by Meghan Quinn and Jessica Prince)

If I had to describe the story about Penelope and Gavin in one word I would use: funny :) it’s really entertaining and you will laugh throughout the whole book. I don’t know if Vegas really is a place that you loose all control or if it’s just because of a certain poker player, but Penelope got acquainted quite thoroughly with a hood of his car. Thank God for secluded places even in Sin City ;)

(book #1 in VIP series, written by Kristen Callihan)

Killian is in a rock band, the biggest one in the world, but when everything falls apart he just kind of disappears from everyone. Just to crush his bike and puke all over Libby's lawn, what a prince ;) After that wonderful first meeting, he eventually wears her down, so that she can see the real him. The car scene happens when she finally comes with him to his world of fame. Fortunately when you’re a rock star you can afford a limousine with some kind of privacy partition because some things are just personal :)

Truth or Beard 
(book #1 in Winston Brothers series, written by Penny Reid)

Which one of us ladies wouldn’t want a broody and mysterious mechanic, let’s not forget about his beard… just me? I think not :) So who could blame Jessica for falling for Duane. If you add to his description that he’s a great driver who always win races, they don’t call him Red for nothing (to those who don’t know why Red, it’s because that’s all that his opponents see, his red lights). So when Duane took Jessica on her first race ever, she got quite excited, especially since he won, like always ;) she really couldn’t wait to congratulate him, so it’s a good thing he’s such a good driver, because he was a little distracted on their way back home ;)

Beard Science 
(book #3 in Winston Brothers series, written by Penny Reid)

When Jennifer needed help she decided to make a deal with the devil. His name is Cletus, he’s a puzzle wrapped in a mystery and yet, with every little discovery about him she finds herself more and more fascinated by him… I think it’s safe to say that there is something about a man with a beard, or cars, or adrenaline, because when they’re succesfully ran from a bike gang, driving like crazy (long story, no spoilers), they’ve had enough. Fortunalety in a little town there are many forests where you can safely hide, let’s not forget about big trucks ;)

Joy Ride 
(book #5 in Big Rock series, written by Lauren Blakely)

Let’s be honest, if you’re working with cars on a daily basis, like Max and Henley, there’s gonna be some action in or around a car… it’s like a rule. Especially when you have a book about two rivals who has to work together on a special project. So when one night they stay in a garage to work late, surrounded by amazing cars… well let’s just say that they definitely check the endurance of a hood, thoroughly ;)

Archangel’s Blade 
(book #4 in Guild Hunter series, written by Nalini Singh)

The story about Dimitri – the Archangel’s second, and Honor – one of the hunters form the Guild is definitely not an easy one. Especially since she just went through a traumatic event with some of his kind. But even if she can’t logically explain it, something is pulling her toward him. They can’t fight this atraction, so one day when she feels especially brave, she decides to test his fancy car. And by fancy I mean, well, really fast and stuff but also with opaque windows, all of them (is that even safe?), so they have total privacy while exploring each other limits and having fun while doing it :)

(book #2 in Temptation series, written by Ella Frank)

I wrote so much about this series already, it’s difficult to think of something new here… so all I’m gonna say is this: when Logan and Tate are going to dinner you know something is going to happen. Especially since one of them orders a dish to go and a little box of oil with some spices, if you read the books you would know that Logan always has a plan. So when they get to the parking lot and into the car, he doesn’t wait any longer than he needs to ;) how does two large guys can fit those activities in the front seat, I’ll never know ;)

The Deal 
(book #1 in Off Campus series, written by Elle Kennedy)

When Garrett needs help with studying he makes a deal with an A student – Hannah. She agrees to tutor him, while he works on her flirting (she needs it, let’s just leave it at that). What started with a partnership, turned to friendship and then more. At the beginning she was a little shy, but when she opened up and trust him completely, she got really adventurous. And I mean back seat of a car, on the side of the rode, kind of adventurous. Ahh college, am I right? ;)

Bikers and Tinsel 
(book #3,5 in The MC Sinners series, written by Bella Jewel)

It’s a story about a group of friends, more like a family really, who go together to celebrate christmas… biker style :) You can expect: many different applications for santa hats, dirty christmas songs and dances, a little game of truth and dare and so many hot scenes to melt all the snow in the world, let’s not forget about a sex injury, but just the one, promise ;) So anyway before all that, on a road to the little cabin in the woods, Muff and Janine get a little distracted. First in and then outside of his truck, you can't say he’s not creative ;)

The Sexy One 
(book #1 in One Love series, written by Lauren Blakely)

Simon knows all the reasons why he can’t start anything with Abby, the main one is that she is a nanny of his adorable daughter. She knows nothing can happen between them as well, but the fact that he is smart, funny, sweet and looks like Chris Hemsworth is not helping matters. Even though they both know better, the connetion between them is too strong, so one day while riding in a taxi, the situation kind of explodes with out-of-this-world kiss. Good thing their driver wasn’t much of a talker, because that would be awkward ;)

(book #1 in PresLocke series, co-written by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine)

When the world finds out that Ace – one of the bigest action movie star, is gay, everyone is waiting with who he will start his first relationship. Enter Dylan – not only a model but a new addition to his movie. So when their worlds collide, you better watch out :) Dylan was always a big fan od Ace, so for him it’s like a dream come true, but you have to know that even movie stars have fantasies of their own, and some action in a car is definitely one of them. Since sports car are not so big (I assume, cause like I said, don’t really know that kind of stuff) they decided to modify it a little bit for their needs. I have to warn you it’s a really hot scene, and if you think it's because it happened on a desert, think again ;)

Romancing Mister Bridgerton 
(book #4 in Bridgertons series, written by Julia Quinn)

Making out in a car does not only happen in modern books, you can read a historical romance for example and come across such a scene. There are many stories I’m sure but to me one comes to mind instantly. It’s about Colin and Penelope, they knew each other all of their lives, but after one little request, made by her, everything begins to change. Don’t want to say too much, so maybe just this little detail… a lot of things can happen in a carriage, it’s private and goes really slow, so you have all the time in the world, but at the same time, always too little ;)

So as you can see, there are many stories that have a hot scene in or around a car :) So it doesn’t really matter if you’re a passanger on the back seat (hopefully with some kind of partition for privacy) or you’re the one driving a car, well it matters a little bit, because, well safety first, am I right? Either way, there has to be something about them, because I only picked some of the books that fits this category, just of the top of my head really, but I can guarantee there are many more… so cars, something to think about :)


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