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Weekly wrap up #12 ;) march 12th - march 18th

Hello my lovely people :) how was your reading week? cause mine was pretty awesome, I'm not gonna lie... ;) I read quite a lot and again, I loved all of it :) so let me tell you some more, starting with one book I was able to finish this past week, then I will share some details about all the ones I read entirely, and we will end, as always, with the stories I am still in the middle of reading :)

"Big rock" by Lauren Blakely
from 30% to 100% -> 171 pages; finished

What a phenomenal book this was :) I listened to the audiobook after my sister inhaled all six e-books  in this series and had to say nothing but praises about them and damn... she was right :) as usual... but shh... don't tell her that ;) this contemporary romance was hilarious, sweet and sexy as hell, with a narrator that gave me chills with his gravely voice... *sighs dreamily* just go read it... ;)

"Ancestral secrets" by Teagan Kearney
from 1% to 100% -> 122 pages; finished

The third installment in a series of novellas about a paranormal detective agency :) in every story, the group of very interesting characters solve a different case, and at the same time we can see how their relationships and interactions grow and change :) another great one :) will have a full review of this one next week :)

"Zwycięzca bierze wszystko" by Aneta Jadowska
from page 1 to page 513; finished

I am not gonna tease you with too much details, because this is a polish urban fantasy series that's unfortunately not available in translation, so majority of you will not be able to read it... but I will say this: the third installment was definitely my favourite so far :) I predict that I will inhale the fourth one in a matter of days ;)

"Monstress vol. 1 awakening" by Marjorie M. Liu + Sana Takeda
from page 1 to page 192; finished

wow... just wow... this was... amazing ;) I expected dark and creepy, but got soooooo much more... don't get me wrong, it's definitely very dark and very creepy... but the story is so complex... the world, the characters... I cannot wait to read more... and re-read this one again now that I know certain things... I highly recommend you guys this absolutely phenomenal graphic novel about a girl with a unique connection to a dangerous monster... it's so visually stunning that I read it very slowly... I wanted to keep reading the same page over and over again, cause there were so many intricate details on each of them... 

"The lost hero" by Rick Riordan
from page 84 to page 107

Read just a little bit more of this one, but hey... progress is still progress, even a few chapters :) the more I read his books, the more sure I am that I just love Rick Riordan's writing style :) I was hesitant to start a new series with a brand new set of characters, but I absolutely love them... :) 

"The gentleman's guide to vice and virtue" by Mackenzi Lee
from page 167 to page 215

I've been hearing nothing but praises about this book, and so far I agree with those opinions... what's more important, the most common compliment I heard is that it's hilarious... which is very true... but I am more than happy to say that it touches upon some very serious subjects as well, and I can't wait to see where this story will go now :) what a great book :)

"Grave mercy" by Robin LaFevers
from page 189 to page 313

I had such a long break from this book that it took me a while to remember the main characters and events and what exactly is happening... yeah, the memory is not what it used to be ;) anyway... after reading a few chapters I definitely got into it and I am planning to finish it this week :) I really want to see how this whole intrigue and everything will turn out :)

"The list" by Tawna Fenske
from 1% to 37% -> 75 pages

My sister read this book before me and kept telling me over and over again that I need to read it :) and as usually, she was right :) I am planning on finishing this absolutely hilarious contemporary romance very, very soon... to tease you a bit let me just say that "the list" from the title is actually a list our heroine made of all the sexual things she did... or at least that's what she told her sisters ;) and now she has a very willing accomplice to actually cross off some of them in real life... ;)

"Cake" by J. Bengtsson
from 1% to 22% -> 134 pages

After finishing my previous audiobook I wanted to dive into a "rock star romance" :) so I chose one of the audiobooks available through the Audible Romance Package... so worth it, by the way :) and so far I am definitely loving it :) and I already know why the title of the book is "cake"... but I won't spoil you this little gem :) I can't wait to see more interactions between our main couple ;)

Total page count of the week: 

Like I've mentioned at the beginning, I've had a really great reading week... although to be honest, I read the majority of all those pages over the weekend... once I finish two of the paperbacks I'm currently in the middle of, I'm definitely gonna slow down with my reading... cause I suck at the balancing reading with writing reviews... I have so much to catch up on that it's starting to get ridiculous... so I'm gonna have to take some time to work on those old ones before I accumulate even more work... cause sooner than later I'm gonna start forgetting what I want to write about those books... :) but what's most important... once again, I enjoyed immensly everything I read this week :) fingers crossed it will stay like that ;)



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