Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekly wrap up #11 ;) march 5th - march 11th

Hello my wonderful people :) I hope you had a lovely week, when it comes to reading and other stuff ;) cause mine was actually pretty good :) I read quite a lot, considering the fact that quite a lot of other things were happening as well... but we are not gonna get into all of that today... :) nope, this post is for books only ;) so let me tell you all about the books I read this past week :) first, the ones I managed to finish, then the ones I read entirely and finishing with books I am still in the middle of reading :) 

"The failing hours" by Sara Ney
from 29% to 100% -> 239 pages; finished

I finished this audiobook very quickly during the week :) mainly because I loved it sooo much :) it gave me some major Beauty and the beast vibes, and that is my favourite trope sooo... ;) I loved the first book in this series, but this sequel was even better :) although be warned, the series is titled How to date a douchebag for a reason :)

"Bogowie muszą być szaleni" by Aneta Jadowska
from page 86 to page 454; finished

YES!!! it happened :) I finally got back to reading the four paperbacks on my nightstand... not only that, but I finished this one as well :) I'm not gonna tease you with too much details about this particular book, because it's part of a polish urban fantasy series that's not available in translation so the majority of you won't have the opportunity to read it... but I really liked it :) 

"Hekate's chalice" by Teagan Kearney
from 1% to 100% -> 91 pages; finished

This is the first installment in a series of paranormal novellas about a detective agency and I loved it :) for such a short story it had a lot of action, surprises and made me fall in love with the whole group of the main characters :) if you want some more informations be sure to come back tomorrow, when I will post my full review :)

"Sorcerous deeds" by Teagan Kearney
from 1% to 100% -> 113 pages; finished

I managed to read the second installment in that paranormal story as well last week :) another case with this amazing group of... well, I can't really call them people ;) but you know what I mean :) I loved it just as much as the first story and I am definitely jumping into the third installment straight away :)

"The lost hero" by Rick Riordan
from page 51 to page 84

Yay for me :) I managed to read a bit of this story as well this past week ;) I told you last time that I will finally get back to those paperbacks ;) since I had a pretty long break, I forgot how much I am enjoying this story :) even though I am still very much at the beginning, I am already in love with the new characters :) I can't wait to know more

"The gentleman's guide to vice and virtue" by Mackenzi Lee
from page 152 to page 167

I read just about a chapter and a little bit of this particular paperback, but that's only cause I ran out of sunday ;) I am still absolutely loving this story... now that it has some more serious topics besides the hilarious parts I love it even more... :) can't wait to see what's gonna happen next :)

"Grave mercy" by Robin LaFevers
from page 189 to page 189

Ok, so this is the only paperback I was unable to pick up this last week... but I'm thinking that three out of four is not a bad outcome ;) I am definitely reading a bit more of this one this week, so expect more thoughts next time :)

"Big rock" by Lauren Blakely
from 1% to 30% -> 74 pages

This is my current audiobook :) I swear, I am on such a roll lately :) I'm really loving this version of reading, especially on my way to and from work... but if the story is good, I definitely listen to it at home as well :) like with this one... ;) it's the first installment in a series of contemporary companion novels and I am absolutely in love :) not only with the book itself, but with the narrator... *sighs dreamily* :) I think I will finish this one pretty quickly... ;)

Total page count of the week: 

I had a pretty good reading week :) read a lot of pages between all diffferent types of books :) I read some paperbacks... inhaled a few e-novellas and listened to some audiobooks :) but what's more important I enjoyed immensly every story I read :) I'm not sure how well the next few weeks will go, because I have a lot of stuff to do and plan, but hey... you never know when I will snap and decide that I need a day off that I will spend entirely on reading ;) hope you had a lovely week :) and I'm wishing you a great next week as well ;)



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