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Tag thursday #3 ;)

Hello all of you awesome people to the newest post in #TagThursday series ;) a monthly little thing me and my lovely sister J are doing ;) every last thursday of the month we are picking a theme and recommending you all sorts of great books based on it :) this time, we chose *Spring* :) so without further ado, let's jump into those stories... ;) as always, if I have a full review of any book mentioned today, I will leave a link at the end of the post :)

Spring rain
the last book that made you cry

A: I had to go with "Limits" by Susie Tate for this one... this standalone contemporary romance hit me in all the feels... Millie, the heroine, struggles with anxiety and some other things that I don't want to get into more right now... I will have a full review on the release day next week, so be sure to check that out ;) but I really connected to her and there were several moments when I teared up... I highly recommend that beautiful gem :)

J: well, to be honest I often tear up while reading a book, but the last one would be definitely “A Conjuring of Light” written by V. E. Schwab. It’s book #3 in Shades of Magic series, which makes it a conclusion to this magical trilogy filled with adventure and wonderfully complicated characters. I cried really hard on this one, but not for the reasons you might think. Don’t get me wrong, it was super emotional, there were many sad moments when I cried but I think it hit me the most at the very end. I want to reassure you, that the whole ending was great, a happy one, but it was bittersweet for me... maybe because I read the whole three books one after the other and was really invested in the story, so I simply cried because it ended… and there was one very special word that just was too much for me, but I can’t really say what it meant, because well spoilers ;) so just read it and see for yourself :)

a character that stands out

A: in this case I decided to go with Zeke from "The studying hours" by Sara Ney, the first book in her How to date a douchebag series :) he's not the hero of that book, but we do meet him in that first story and let me tell you... he definitely stands out, but not in a good way... ;) the reason why I chose him is to show you someone who not only stands out, but also goes through quite interesting character development... because Zeke is the hero of the second book in that series... a book that I absolutely loved :)

J: for me the choice was simple, it just had to be Gary from “The Lightning-Struck Heart” by T.J. Klune, book #1 in series called Tales from Verania. Because seriously what character stands out more than a hornless gay unicorn? That’s right, you’ve read it correctly :) He’s one of the best friends of main character in this book – Sam of Wilds. To be honest I didn’t pick him for the hole unicorn stuff, well maybe a little because for example when he’s mad the glitter and sparks are flying everywhere. I chose him because he’s hilarious, with all the sassy and sarcastic comments. Besides he really stands out from their group which contains: a wizard’s apprentice, one of a king’s guard, a prince, a half-giant and a dragon, and that’s saying something :)

a book with a colorful cover

A: there were so many options with this category... I was very tempted to pick a book that I haven't read yet... mainly because there are a lot of beautiful gems on my shelves, but ultimately I chose "Licked" by Brooke Blaine, beginning of her L.A. liaisons series ;) as you can see above, the cover is bright, colorful and just so fun :) and it suits the hilarious story inside perfectly :)

J: first of all after a quick look at the covers of many books that I’ve read I came to a conclusion… I definitely don’t buy (or read) a book judged by its cover. Seriously most of them are dark and stuff, so I picked the best that I could, ok? Maybe it’s not that colorful but at least it’s pink, and that’s something, right? So my choice is “Queens of Geek” by Jen Wilde. It’s a story about two couples actually, so double the fun :) it’s happening at a convention, so there are colorful people, that’s for sure. It was a really great story, about finding your own way in life and dealing with shyness and many other stuff… and the cover? Really cool, even though pink is really not my color :)

Time change
a book that you wished was longer

A: for this one I picked "Hunting witch Hazel" by Heather Novak, the first novella in her The Lynch brothers series... I wanted this book to be much, much longer... :) I loved the entertaining writing style and interesting characters and sarcastic humor and just... I needed more, ok? :) this is a paranormal / urban fantasy sort of a story, full of very... peculiar characters :)

J: for me it’s gonna be “Robbie” by Ella Frank, book #1 in Confessions series and I really need more. And by more I mean as much as I can, because I loved this story so much. I know for some people it might be a little controversial, because it’s not about a regular couple, but three people… there, I warned you, but trust me it will all make sense when you start the book. All I can do is recommend it, so believe me when I say that it’s such a great story if you just give those characters a try. Let’s be honest only after reading a book, you can really have an opinion, am I right? Well I’m totally gonna re-read it before the second one, I’m counting the days already…

Warm weather
a book that warmed your heart

A: so this category can be explained in many different ways... in my case, I decided to pick a book that made not only my heart warm... ;) "Big rock" by Lauren Blakely is the first in a series with the same name and... I loved it :) it was hilarious, sweet and sexy ;) it warmed not only my heart, but the main reason why it won me over was the basically-no-drama-between-the-main-couple thing :) I am a huge fan of adults acting like adults and that was the case in this novel :) my sister J already read the rest of the series and can atest to the fact that they are all just as amazing as this gem ;)

J: I’m going with another story by Lauren Blakely“The Sexy One”, book #1 in One Love series. It was a lovely story, filled with awwww moments, that really warmed my heart. But don’t think that all scenes were sweet, some of them were melting hot ;) just look at the title. So a love story between a single dad and a nanny may not be so original, but this one was really fantastic. I can’t say a single thing that bothered me while reading this book, seriously just go and read it, you’ll thank me later :)

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