Thursday, March 22, 2018

Review: "Wanderlust" by Lauren Blakely

Title: "Wanderlust"
Main characters: Griffin and Joy

I am sitting here wondering how to start this review, because after years and years of writing, this is actually the first time that I am doing a review of an audiobook ;) it's definitely the first of many more to come, cause a few months ago I discovered how much I love this form of reading :) I used to think that listening to someone read the book to me would be boring and that it would feel like a lecture and I couldn't stay focused on the story... oh, how wrong was I :) I'm not gonna get into details of why I finally gave one a try, but I fell immediately in love :) not to mention that this form of reading allows me to do other stuff while at the same time moving forward with the story :) yay for multitasking ;) but back to the review ;) it's gonna be a bit weird for me to write reviews of books I listened to, because the whole experience is so different, but we'll see :) ok, so let me tell you a bit more about out story :)

Joy is moving to Paris... she's from Texas, but after some personal hardships... I don't want to get into details of all that so as not to spoil you things that we discover further in the book... but after all that, she jumps at the opportunity to transfer to another company in Paris :) Griffin is a translator, and through some unexpected circumstances he ends up being her translator on a three month contract... so even though there is definitely chemistry between them from the moment they meet, once they discover they actually work together, they put a stop on all the flirting... well, for the most part :) instead, they become friends :) so it's a much more of a slow burn romance than I expected, but I actually loved this ;) their banter is hilarious and the growth of their friendship is absolutely cute to watch ;) what is even better, I actually really liked both of them as characters :) mostly because they acted like adults they are and not some moody teenagers, who just want to stomp their feet, because they want things to go their way and nothing else matters... because there are things that stand in the way of them becoming a couple... some very important things, and I am not talking just about the job situation... again, no details because of my no spoilers rule, but... I just love the way they handle things :) so now let's jump into my thoughts and feelings about the book as a whole :)

I had a lot of fun while I was reading it :) I would give the story full 4 stars, but... I had to bump my rating to 4,5 because of one very good reason... :) since I am reviewing an audiobook, I have something else to add to my usual thoughts about a story ;) and by that I mean narrators... when I review a novel in an ebook or paper version, I have thoughts about the writing style, about characters, the plot... but with audiobooks we also have the aspect of narrators performances :) when it comes to Grace Grant who was the voice of Joy, I have nothing bad to say about it, I liked it... but the reason for me to give this book additional 0,5 star is Richard Armitage... *sighs dreamily* his voice was perfection... that british accent... *sighs dreamily again* I swear, every time I heard him saying "chapter...* so I knew we had another chapter from Griffin's point of view, I had the biggest grin on my face... not a smile... oh no, that's not good enough to describe what was going on with me... nope, it was a grin :) every... time... ;) he absolutely seduced me with his mesmerizing performance :) so I highly recommend you to experience this story in an audiobook format :) especially since for a limited amount of time it's available only like this... I had so much fun listening to this absolutely charming story, so if you want to be seduced and travel to Paris without moving from your home, becuase reading this book will make you feel like you're there, I highly recommend you to pick this gem ;)



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