Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Review: "The studying hours" by Sara Ney

Author: Sara Ney
Book 1 in series How to date a douchebag
Main characters: Sebastian "Oz" Osborne and Jameson Clarke
Narrators: Josh Goodman and Muffy Newtown

I fell in love with audiobooks a few months ago, so even though I own an ebook version of this story, once I discovered this particular novel is available to get through the Romance Package on Audible, I decided to give it a try in that format :) and I have to say it was a great decision :) I inhaled this first installment in a new to me series by a completely new to me author in record time... :) and I have no regrets about it ;) in fact, once I finished it, I immediately bought the other three, which completed the series :) I'm planning to read / listen to the second one very, very soon... ;) but for the moment let us concentrate on all the awesomeness of the first story :)

What can I say to you about our main couple of the story... :) *sighs happily* besides the fact that I adored them ;) even though I can honestly say that sometimes they... and by they I mainly mean Oz ;) infuriated me... let's just say the series is called "How to date a douchebag" for a reason ;) they meet, believe it or not, in a library, where Oz is challenged by his friends to kiss her... cause they think he wouldn't be able to tempt such a *good girl* type like her ;) oh, how wrong they all are... because Oz wins that bet... for different reasons that you think ;) but even though it's at the very beginning of the story, I won't say anything else about it :) safe to say, this little event starts a great story :) Oz is a wrestler and a huge star on campus... maybe I should start by saying they are both in college ;) so he's very popular and treated in a specific way... but not by everyone it turns out... cause Jameson has no idea who he is and treats him just like another annoying guy :) Oz is absolutely loving this... ;) that's also the reason why he just can't shake her out of his mind :) after she shuts him down time after time they sort of settle down on this weird-ish friendship :) because Jameson is... definitely much more than what he expected... and what I expected as well, to be honest :) she's definitely not some fragile pushover, that's for sure... ;) she has quite a few surprises up her sleeve ;) and I adored them together... their sarcastic banter and weirdly adorable friendship turning into something more... *sighs happily* I loved that journey :)

I gave this book 5 stars... not only did I absolutely fell in love with the story, characters and the writing style, but the additional amazing quality were the narrators performances :) I would give it 5 stars if I would just read it, but listening to these characters come alive were awesome :) both Josh Goodman and Muffy Newton gave fantastic performances as Oz and Jameson and made me fell in love with these characters even more... :) so I definitely recommend this story as an audiobook :) but not just that... the novel itself was wonderful... was Oz annoying at the start? why yes, he was... ;) I wanted to smack him more than once, but that just made his whole character growth and all the changes between him from the start of the story and him at the end, that much more endearing :) the chemistry between our main couple is off the charts and their banter was one of my favourite part of the story :) not to mention that the writing style was absolutely phenomenal :) it pulled me in from the very first chapter and I just couldn't stop... :) this book, and this series in general, was recommended to me by a trusted #BookBestie, but she warned me that I might have some issues with the first book, but even if I didn't love it I should still read the second one because it's perfection :) so now that I read the first installment and completely fell in love with it I'm a bit afraid... how am I gonna feel about the second book? ;) can I hande this much adoration? ;) especially since we meet Zeke, the hero of the sequel in this novel and... I have no idea how she will make me love him... cause he is a much bigger douche than Oz... I am beyond curious ;) in case you didn't get it already, let me repeat one more time :) this is an absolutely amazing book and you all need to read it :) I had a ton of fun, laughed so many times and sighed a few as well, during some beautiful and surprisingly emotional scenes... paired with complex and lovable characters with off the charts sizzling chemistry and incredibly entertaining writing style, this is a story that will definitely grab your attention :) if you haven't already, give it a go soon :)



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