Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Review: "Sorcerous deeds" by Teagan Kearney

Book 2 in series Adept solutions
Main character: JB

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of this book :) this is the second story in a series of novellas about a group of characters in a paranormal detective agency :) that is of course a very short and overly simplified way of describing them, so let me give you a few more details :) first of all, this is book #2 but it's not necessary to read the first one to enjoy this story... yes, I recommend you to do it, because that way you will understand all the dynamics better, but you can enjoy this one as a standalone :) second of all, let's talk about all the team members :) so we have JB, the owner and part daemon, Nikki, who is part imp, human twins Gemma and Jason with some very unusual abilities and Zhanna, a fairy :) the story itself takes place in an alternate version of our world, where people are aware of paranormal creatures... :) and that's basically it :) I can't really tell you much more, because it's a novella, so any additonal info might be too spoilerific ;) so let me jump into a few more details about this particular installment and why I adore it and the whole series :)

If you think that just because this is a novella, not much is happening, think again... :) because we have a missing elven princess that may or may not have been kidnapped... a missing member of the team who definitely was kidnapped... an evil sorcerer with a very evil plan... and a whole bunch of other paranormal creatures and events... :) see? I told you a lot is going on :) it's been a few months since the events from the first story, and we see how things and relationships change within our group of characters... again, no details because of spoilers :) you know? I think I'm just gonna get into all the reasons why I love this book and this series, that should be a safe topic ;) first of all, the writing style :) it's amazing... very entertaining, it pulls you in from the very first chapter... the story is once again filled with surprising turns, complex characters and once again, I need more :) honestly, I love this series so much, that I would love to read a full lenght novel at some point about them... cause I feel like we barely saw glimpses of all the possible awesomeness ;) in this second story we get to know all the team members a bit better and I love them even more... each of them is an individual, but they care so much about each other... GAH! I just love their dynamics... with the sarcastic banter, and everything... but they can count on each other when it really matters :) I highly recommend you guys this book, and this amazing series in general, especially if you don't have a lot of free time :) each of these novellas can be read very quickly :) so go check them out ;) you can thank me later :)



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