Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Review: "The edge of the abyss" by Emily Skrutskie

Book 2 in series The abyss surrounds us
Main character: Cas

I have trouble finding words good enough to describe this story... it was just... so unique, that I'm not sure I can truly express it using the words at my disposal... but I am definitely gonna give it my best shot ;) this novel is the conclusion to The abyss surrounds us duology, and that is the main reason why I'm gonna have to write this review in a very specific way... :) first, I will have a totally spoiler free paragraph, where I will tell you what the first book is about and share some little details about our main character... this will be for all you people who are completely new to the series ;) and then I will talk all about my thoughts and feelings about this second book, and this duology in general, and that will definitely include some major spoilers from the first installment, but I cannot avoid it completely to fully express all my love :) ok, so let's proceed to the completely spoiler free zone first ;)

I originally heard about this duology from a very trusted source... that's also why I didn't need to know too much about it before I decided to get both of the books... basically all I heard were: sea monsters, pirates and girls falling for each other and I was sold ;) but I will say some more especially for you all ;) Cas is a Reckoner trainer... she was learning it all her life, and now when she's almost eighteen it's time for her first official assignment... Reckoners are genetically modified giant monsters that are bonded with a specific ship to guard it through their journeys... the whole thing takes place in this futuristic / dystopian setting of our world after certain events transpired and shaped it the way it is now... it's all explained much better in the book, so I'm not gonna go into more details :) but something goes horribly wrong and Cas is kidnapped by pirates who attacked the ship she was guarding with her Reckoner... only to discovered that she was left alive for a very specific reason... they have a Reckoner pup that they want her to hatch and train to protect them... dun dun duuuuunnnn ;) sorry, I felt that this moment needed a dramatic music theme ;) ok, what more can I tell you about Cas...? well, to be honest not much that won't spoil you things, but I will say that I absolutely adore her... she is a kick-ass main character... strong, brave, clever... determined to do the best she can in a situation she's put in... but at the same time she is so humanly flawed and imperfect... she struggles... and I love her for it even more :)

Now I want to jump into all the spoilery things from book #1 to explain better why I adore the whole series in general, so last warning people SPOILERS AHEAD :) ok, you had time to avert your eyes if you don't want to be spoiled about some major surprises from the first book, so I'm gonna get to it ;) we pick up a few weeks after *that* ending, and Cas is now a part of the pirate crew... I still remember how I gasped when I read it in the previous book ;) but she learned some very troubling things about the industry she spent her whole life believing in and now it's time to do something about it :) everything gets even more complicated once the horrible truth about how much Swift had to do with Cas's Reckoner's death... like Cas and Swift's relationship wasn't hard and complicated enough... if you can even put such a simple label on everything that is between them... *sighs* I am completely in love with this duology... it was one of the most unique stories I ever read, full of phenomenally entertaining writing style, complex characters that you can't label easily as good / bad, fast paced and full of action and surprising turns of events... it took me quite a few days after finishing it to finally sit down and write my review... I simply had too many thoughts running around in my head :) the ending is definitely not wrapped up nicely in a big bow with answers to all your questions, but I was very satisfied where we left things :) so if you are looking for something different to read, definitely give this duology a try :)



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