Monday, March 5, 2018

Review: "Definition of stripped" by Lia Peele

Author: Lia Peele
Book 1 in series Definition
Main character: Scarlett Trent

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) this is the first book in a series of what I believe will be four books in total... I'm not entirely sure where I got this information, so don't quote me on it :) additional little thing: there's a prequel novella that on the one hand, I recommend you to read before diving into this one, because it will give you a much better understanding of the interactions and dynamics between our main couple, but on the other hand... Scarlett is sooo different in that novella... after all, it takes place six years before this first book... :) but all in all, I think there are more benefits of reading that novella, so definitely check it out :) ok, coming back to the topic of this review :) let me tell you a bit more about our main character, and the plot of the book, and then I will jump into all my thoughts and opinions :)

So what can I tell you about Scarlett :) before I started this novel, I remembered her as a much younger and immature version... from the novella I read previously :) although to be fair, she did changed at the end of it... but I was very happy to see an even bigger change in her in this novel :) now she's a successful businesswoman, owner of a company, living her life... :) one day she runs into a part of her past, Dev... he's younger than her, and still all broody and mysterious :) they rekindle their friendship, although there are some serious romantic undertones from the beginning... not to mention the crazy sizzling chemistry... ;) but not everything can go as easily as we might want things to go, and a lot of things happen in this story... I can't get into any more details because I would spoil you some big things, so let me change subject to my thoughts and feelings about this book :)

I gave this story 4 stars... on paper, it doesn't really sound like my kind of a book... it was angsty, and I'm not the biggest fan of those hot-and-cold relationships, but... somehow I couldn't put it down :) I think the main reason is the writing style... for a debut novel, it's very addictive... :) so even when Scarlett or Dev were doing stuff that annoyed me, I wanted to keep reading... well, mostly Dev's behaviour was irritating, but Scarlett had her moments as well... there are a lot of secrets between them at the beginnig of the story... again, mostly on Dev's side... but the further we get into the story, the more we know about both of them and the more informations come into the light... since this is the first installment in a series all about them, don't expect a lot of resolutions... yes, we get quite a few answers, but Lia does a wonderful job at introducing us to that main couple and getting us curious about the next installment :) I will definitely be coming back to see what's gonna happen next... was this book perfect? no... were there some troublesome themes? yes, but I understand why certain things had to happen in a certain way... again, I'm vague on purpose to avoid spoilers :) I'm looking forward to future installments to see where Lia will take their story... how much character development we will see... and I'm not gonna lie... my fingers are crossed that Sian, Scarlett's best friend will get a story of her own, she's my absolute favourite :) if dark and more gritty books are your thing, then definitely give this complex story a try :)



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