Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Review: "Ancestral secrets" by Teagan Kearney

Book 3 in series Adept solutions
Main character: JB

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of this book :) this is the third installment in a paranormal series of novellas about members of a peculiar detective agency :) set in the world where people are aware of all sorts of... let's say, different creatures ;) as much as the second one could be read as a standalone, this one... technically it still works as a standalone, but I highly recommend you to catch up on the previous books, so you can really understand all the connections between characters :) especially since we have consequences of some very surprising turns of events from the previous novels :) since it's a novella, my review will be a bit shorter than usual as well, so let me tell you a bit more about the characters and the plot, and then I will say why you need this unique story in your lives ;)

This book once again maintaines a great balance between solving a new case and getting to know our main group more... :) and speaking of them... ;) we have JB, the owner of a detective agency and part daemon, Nikki who is part imp, Gemma and Jason, human twins with very interesting abilities and Zhanna, a fairy :) so as you can see, they are a very interesting bunch :) with this installment once again we have a time jump between this and previous story... so there are some significant changes in group dynamics... I'm not gonna say anything more, since this is the third book and that would spoiler certain things ;) but I will say that I enjoy very much getting to know them more... especially since I heard from a very trusted source *coughs* author herself *coughs* that each of the next few installments will concentrate on one team member :) and I can't wait :) especially since this story really sets everything up perfectly for that outcome :) our team has to find the person who is blackmailing the biggest players in the city... and I am not talking about athletes ;) as always, the writing style was absolutely fantastic :) fast paced and entertaining, the story held my attention from the very first page :) I highly recommend you guys to give this book, this series, and this author in general a try... especially if you don't have a lot of time and you need something amazing to brighten your day :)



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