Monday, March 19, 2018

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #94

Is ballet my thing?
Song of the moment

Hello my awesome people ;) I hope you are doing well... when it comes to me... I'm doing my best not to complain, cause truth be told, I don't have too many reasons to do it... am I super busy at work? yes, but what else is new :) do I have quite a few things to prepare for my blog? yes, but that's mainly because I read so much :) does this weather makes me crazy with the constant hot-and-cold-first-spring-then-nope-it's-still-winter-here's-a-little-blizzard shenanigans? why yes, it is... but I can't do anything about it, soooo... ;) I am really working on my no complaining attitude... with mixed results, but hey... it's #WorkInProgress ;) so let's just jump straight into those headlines, in order this time :)

So about that ballet thing... it's not like I started dancing... nope... I would probably fall face first during my first attempt at a piruet or something... grace is definitely not my name ;) or balance... ;) me and J went to see Moscow City Ballet performance of "Romeo and Juliet" last week and... well... I have some very mixed feelings about it... I'm not sure if it's because apparently ballet is not my thing or is it because I was soooo tired that evening... maybe a mix of both... cause I was definitely exhausted... like, before it even began... and it didn't help that during the performance there were two 20 minutes breaks... by the time it ended and we got home and I finally went to sleep... let's just say that I woke up the next day and it was a miracle that I dragged myself out of bed and to work ;) so about the performance... there were definitely parts I enjoyed... a lot :) but unfortunately only a few of them throughout the whole performance... I think a big part of it is because I missed words... I don't necessarily need them in the performance, but at least in the songs... just the music and dance couldn't catch my attention for the whole time... or at least ballet didn't... yes, there were moments when I was mesmerized but only a few... so I'm still not sure if I will give ballet another chance... maybe I will try to see another show when I won't be that tired... or a story not filled with so much angst and drama ;) the jury's still out on a final opinion :)

If somehow you missed it, the new trailer for the newest Avengers movie is out :) and yes, I needed to write that headline using all caps... because that's how excited I am :) I absolutely loved the first one they released a few months ago and this one is even better... I just can't contain my joy and excitement to see all those characters I love in one epic movie in a matter of weeks... about six of them, but still... :) it's getting closer :) so if you missed all the awesomeness, I have that trailer for you below... if you already saw it, we can always watch it together again... and again... ;)

Last but not least, I want to share with you guys one of the songs I've been listening to lately... I've been wanting this sort of chill vibes around me, and this one fits my mood perfectly ;) if you have similar songs to recommend, let me know ;)

Ok, that's a wrap on my a bit shorter than usual #RandomRamblings post :) as always, if you want to, the best way to contact me is through my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) will talk to you soon cause I have a lot of great book recommendations coming your way... ;)



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