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Movie madness #2 ;)

Hello hello awesome people to the second installment in a brand new series here on my blog :) this is yet another one I am actually doing with my lovely sister J :) and it's all about movies ;) this time, we are doing... 2017 - a year in reviews ;) so a few informations before we dive into all the goodness :) first of all, we will talk about 20 movies we saw last year... some of them were absolutely amazing, some of them were disappointments... but what's most important, we will both include SPOILERS about the movies in our opinions, so if you haven't seen them and you don't want to know anything, just skip certain paragraphs :) it's gonna be easy, cause every time we will start with the title and the trailer, and only then there will be some text :) so no excuses, you've been thoroughly warned :)

Collateral beauty

J: If you’re looking for a funny and easy movie look somewhere else, because I guarantee that this story will make you cry more than once… unless you’re a robot ;) It really made an impression on me, and actually stayed with me for a really long time after watching it on the big screen. Don’t want to say too much, because A haven’t seen it yet (shame!) and since she’ll have to edit my parts, I decided that it’s gonna be spoiler free. So what is really important is the fact that the cast was wonderfully selected, with Will Smith at the front. But my favourite characters were played by: Hellen Mirren (I just love her, don’t you?), Keira Knightly and Jacob Latimore as death, love and time… Let’s not forget about the song… Let’s hurt tonight by OneRepublic, in a word = perfection. The whole story was beautiful and heartbreaking but at the very end it gave hope, and that was the best part. So if you’re looking for an emotional movie to cry your eyes out, it’s a good choice for you :)

Assassin's creed

A: ok, so when it comes to this movie, I was soooo excited after I saw the trailer... it looked so cool :) and don't even get me started on Michael Fassbender in the main role... oh, that was defintiely a great choice :) I loved him especially in that "past version" with the hood and markings and wrist blades... *sighs dreamily* :) over all I was sort of disappointed in this story... true, I am not familiar with the game at all, so I can't speak about how close to that story this one was... but I will say that I definitely expected much more scenes in the past... they were my favourite ;) all in all it wasn't that bad, but I expected more :)

The great wall

J: If I’m being honest this movie surpised me, because after seeing the trailer I thought: monsters? Seriously, again? And on top of it Matt Damon with a ponytail? Come on… But my curiosity won and I watched it… and loved every minute! Sure, sure it doesn’t have mind blowingly new approach for this kind of a story, but the whole movie? As great as the wall in the title ;) Personally I enjoyed the sarcastic banter between characters played by Matt Damon (yes, even with the ponytail) and Pedro Pascal. The second one was my favourite, with all his comments and whining, he was hilarious :) I loved the role of Tian Jing – she was a badass warrior, dressed in blue – so another plus from me, and her whole team of acrobatic warriors, was an amazing thing to witness. The music was spectacular, I loved the drums, especially right before an attack, they were beautifully haunting. On the bright sight the colours (for example different outfits for archers, warriors and so on) were just breathtaking. When you add to it exotic place with majestic views, you really have it all. Maybe for me it could be a little less fighting, especially at the end and more scenes like the one with lights in the sky, but that’s just me :) All in all this movie has a really specific vibe and trust me you don’t want to miss it :)

La la land

A: so about this one... it's where J and I have some different opinions ;) with most of the movies mentioned here we agree on, but with this one... let me explain :) we both love the songs in this musical... I wan unable to listen to anything else but this soundtrack for weeks after I saw the movie :) not only the music, but the whole visual side of this musical is fantastic... but here's where our opinions differ... J hates the ending :) she was so mad when the main couple didn't end up together... or more importantly, how it was handled in the movie... I don't mind... so I'm gonna tell you my opinion at the same time stating very directly that J thinks it sucks :) me on the other hand... :) I saw the whole movie as a perfect picture of how a love story and relationship can start... it captured that magical feeling perfectly... but not all stories end with a picture perfect happy ending when the main couple rides off into the sunset together... and that's ok... :) sometimes that love is just part of our story... it helps us grow and change as a person, and even though it didn't end like you expected, you can look back at it as a valuable experience... :) that's why I loved this story... :)

John Wick chapter 2

J: After seeing the first movie I was really excited to go to the movies for the second one… and I have to say it didn’t disappoint. It was exactly what I was hoping for, which was plenty of action, the kind of action that makes sense, like when you want to kill someone just use a gun and fire once per every person, don’t talk too much or you know, throw your gun away and fight with your hands. It was really realistic, which is an exception in Hollywood :) And a big, gold star for Keanu Reeves for this role, he was just spectacular, totally one of his top 3 roles ever :) so if you’re a fan of action movies, this one should be on your to watch list :)

Beauty and the beast

A: this was probably my most highly anticipated movie of last year... and the one I was most terrified to see... mainly because of my super high expectations... if you didn't know that about me yet, Beauty and the beast trope in books is my absolute favourite... :) the Disney animated movie was my favourite when I was growing up... and many years later... :) so imagine the build up to the actual screening... the announcing of the cast... the trailer... and then the movie itself... *sighs happily* I was in love... so much that I saw it many times since that original one in the movie theatre... :) there are no week sides to this perfection... at least not in my opinion :) ready to hear some more specific praises? either way I'm gonna tell then to you :) I love the characters... not only the ones I loved before where wonderful, but several things that bothered me in the animated version were corrected in the movie... for example, Belle's dad... Maurice annoyed me before, but I adored him in this movie... and don't even get me started on Le Fou... he was horrible before but here... with all his witty and sarcastic lines... he put the biggest smile on my face throughout the whole story... Gaston was an amazing villain... both Belle and the beast... *sighs dreamily* Belle was always one of my favourite heroines... because... well, because of the library, but also many different reasons ;) and here I fell in love with her even more... she was smart and brave and just... *sighs happily* :) a lot of plot holes that bothered me before were fixed in this movie version :) so now that we have established how much I loved the characters and the whole story, let me share with you some more reasons why it was amazing... :) for example... the soundtrack... oh how I loved those songs... the only thing missing from it, is the "Beauty and the beast" song by John Legend and Ariana Grande, but the version from the trailer above... the epic and amazing version that I fell in love with... but no, we got this cheap-sounding awful version that I couldn't even listen to the end... *shudders* moving on :) the whole movie is just stunning visually... the rooms, the costumes... *sighs dreamily* it all looks absolutely amazing and I have no words good enough to describe it all... but it can be said basically about the whole movie :) I saw it so many times already, and every time it makes me laugh, tear up and sigh in happiness :)

Fifty shades darker

J: Ok fine, judge all you want but I liked this movie, I really did :) I know it doesn’t really have a great story, or pretty much any story at all, and some women think it’s in some way degrading. I say: I see your point, I just don’t agree. Besides it’s really similar to many movies I’ve seen, the only difference is sex scenes, and come on I have Netflix and watch Game of Thrones so it’s not like it’s so controversial :) Besides all things aside, it has phenomenal music, just like the first one, I’m in love with those songs, they match the vibe of the movie perfectly. Oh and for me a movie should match your mood, and sometimes I’m in a mood to watch Jamie Dornan playing Christian Grey, ok? #NoShame :)

Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2

A: I have two words for you: baby Groot :) don't get me wrong, I loved this sequel, but this is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about it :) ever since I saw him in the trailer I couldn't wait for more scenes with him, and the movie did not disappoint ;) I really liked the majority of it... the action, all the sarcastic banter that I remembered so well from the first one :) the very... interesting dynamics between the team members :) I had some troubles with Mantis, one of the new characters, because she made very little sense to me... like, why exactly did we need her? on the other hand, the whole plot with Yondu was amazing... let me tell you, I did not expect to fall in love with him so much... and I especially did not expect to cry during that funeral scene as I did... oh, it was so touching... the whole movie is an action packed wild ride and I need the sequel ASAP, especially after seeing the teenage / moody Groot at the end :)

Kong skull island

J: Well I have to confess that I don’t remember that much about it as I thought… well of course I remember an island, for me an exotic location is always a plus in a movie. There was a giant (I wanna say) gorilla, well duh it’s right there in the title – Kong and stuff ;) And there was definitely him – Tom Hiddleston. Fine I went to see him, ok? You got me, I’ll admit it. Maybe it wasn’t the kind of  movie that I will watch countless times, but I didn’t regret watching it. It was pretty much what you can expect, a movie with a lot of action, little adventure and a group of people where you‘re constantly wondering: who will die next. It’s like Jurrasic Park all over again ;)

Pirates of the Caribbean dead men tell no tales

A: *sighs heavily* oh, I have many things to say about this movie and none of them good, so I will try to be brief so as not to focus too much on the negative in this whole post... I was hesitant before seeing this fifth installment of the very popular series... I definitely had my ups and downs with the previous movies soooo... my expectations weren't very high... and unfortunately I was still disappointed... this one was just a big hot mess... Johnny Depp was a caricature of a caricature of his character... the plot was all over the place and the only good thing I can say about it all is that the visual effects were awesome :) unfortunately, that's the only thing I enjoyed... I mean, they tried... with the new female character, but her whole story was wrapped up very messy and all over the place and just... *sighs* don't make me talk about it more... I just didn't like it... if you did, I'm happy for you :) but it was a total miss for me...

The fate of the furious

J: It’s the eight movie in a series, and I still enjoy it… that’s right I said it! :) Let me explain, the main reason is that it doesn’t pretend to be something more than it is. It’s not realistic, at least not at this point, because, well let’s just say cars flying between buildings, endless runway, torpedoes on ice and blowing stuff everywhere and still they save everyone by driving cars… yeah right, nice try :) but this kind of a movie on the big screen is awesome, lots of action, funny characters with great chemistry it all fits perfectly. I’m not a big expert on cars, or even a little one, ok I don’t know shit about cars, but I still enjoy watching people race in them. I’m not gonna talk about the story, because it doesn’t really matter, here the most imortant thing is the team, and what a team they are :) but I remember that I really liked characters played by Jason Statham and Luke Evans, they were hilarious :) also Charlize Theron as a bad-ass villain was awesome :) so if you’re a fan of this series or those kind of stories, you should definitely watch it and just relax :)

Wonder woman

A: this movie... *sighs happily* this movie was... *sighs dreamily* it was everything I wanted to see but didn't know about it ;) I even had troubles picking just one trailer to show you, because all of them were amazing :) ok, I will do my best to explain why I loved it so much, but forgive me if I will sound chaotic and all over the place ;) first of all, it really shows that the director was a woman... it shows in the way she crafted the story... in characters... her touch is in everything... :) I loved the beginning of the movie, where we were on the Amazons island... and we saw strong, smart, brave women... fighters through and through, but sometimes with a softer side... :) that whole thing was probably my favourite part of the movie... but Diana was wonderful throughout the whole story... to see a strong and brave woman who is also kind... with the biggest heart and innocence within her... *sighs happily* I had chills soooo many time during that movie... Gal Gadot is perfection as Diana... I already can't wait for the sequel... :) I feel a re-watch coming on... because I still saw it just once... it was such an emotional movie that I needed time to process everything... especially since there are very sad and emotional parts and I wasn't sure if I was in the mood to sob again... but I am getting there ;) if you haven't already, definitely go watch this unique gem... those action scenes... that music... *sighs happily* I need more :)

The mummy

J: Well I have to say that after watching the trailer I was excited, but after watching in on the big screen I was like meh… It just didn’t click for me, at all. Well exept for the amazing Sofia Boutella who was playing Ahmanet. I was actually rooting for the mummy, so when she lost at the end  I was really disappointed ;) But seriously, she was great, not only she looked fantasticly creepy, she was convincing. The scenes with her were the only bright parts of this movie… And then we have Tom Cruise, it’s not like I don’t like the guy (I like him in mision impossible), he just didn’t fit the role in this movie, not only was he a little too old, but kind of weird and I don’t know, boring and unconvincing. Don’t get me started with the woman by his side, she was there just to explain things to the audience and be saved… and that’s just sad. The whole story had a potential, but it just didn’t work. But that’s just my opinion, you can try if you like, but don’t say I didn’t warn you ;) of course you can just watch the parts with the mummy, cause she was awesome ;)

Despicable me 3

A: ok, so to be prefectly honest... I don't remember a lot of specific details of this movie... :) I remember some, but... yeah... :) anyway... :) I know that I absolutely loved it when I saw it :) which is not always a given, especially with movie #3 in a series :) but this one was wonderful... hilarious and emotional I enjoyed myself immensly while watching it :) the villain is pure perfection, the bigger story is so sweet and just... *sighs happily* if you were hesitant, definitely give this gem a try :)

King Arthur legend of the sword

J: If you’re loking for a movie that has it all, look no further, you found it :) seriously people, I don’t have words to describe how much I loved it. If I say I watched it on the big screen three times and at home at least once a month, it should says it all… I’m not kidding about how amazing it is, believe me! Ok, confession time, when I found out that the main character would be played by Charlie Hunnam I was sold, yeah I know what you’re thinking… but can you blame me, really? This guy is serioulsy hot, and his voice? Instant chills… He’s the whole package, with just the right amount of a cocky asshole and the attitude that he learned on the streets. But his not the only one I loved in this movie, second place belongs to the mysterious Mage played by Astrid Bergès-Frisbey. Her power to control animals is fun to watch especially with cool effects like changing her eyes to match them, my favourite are snake-eyes :) There are many more characters that I liked, way too much to write about all of them here, maybe just a special something for Eric Bana and David Beckham for their episodes :) But I have to say something about the villain, in my opinion Jude Law was magnificently terrible human being. He loved power more than anything, he was willing to do unspeakable things for it and in the end it cost him everything. Outside of characters, magic and an amazing story I enjoyed the dynamic of the movie (especially when Arthur was growing up), fighting scenes (just the right amount) and don’t get me started on the music. I should write it in capital letters, because that’s how great it was. I’m listening to it right now ;) it fits perfectly into the movie, just… nope can’t do it, I really don’t have words, it’s so unique and gives me chills every time, especially the ones with Lady in the Lake, Arthurs execution and his final jurney to the Camelot. Oh and speaking of Camelot and fighting in general, I have to add that one detail of the power of Excalibur was just wow… and I’m talking about the eyes, it’s always the eyes, am I right? So when Arthur take the sword in both hands, his eyes turn blue, because of the power he possess, so hot. And that would be it, because I don’t want to bore you, but I could talk about this movie for a while :) so if you like movies with adventure, magic, great characters and amazing music… just watch this one, if you havent already, I can guarantee you’ll thank me later :)

Atomic blonde

A: from the moment I saw this trailer I knew I would love this movie... if it would match the trailer of course... I learned my lesson with "Assassin's creed" thank you very much :) fortunately the rest of the movie definitely had the same vibes as this short teaser... Charlize Theron as a bad-ass spy was fantastic ;) she was strong and clever, but not immune to hurt... not to mention that the second woman in that movie was pretty kick-ass as well :) and of course James McAvoy never hurts... ;) I am definitely hoping for more movies like this in the future and just more movies in what's hopefully gonna be a successful series as well :)

Transformers the last knight

J: I have to say it’s a hard one. On one hand we have giant robots and on the other hand… not much else. I don’t really remember much about it and that says it all. The story was… nope I got nothing… What I remember liking was an old robot, some kind of a butler for Anthony Hopkins character. But the whole story aboub Optimus Prime turning Nemesis... I don’t know, for me it was just random parts of the movie put together without much sense. If you’re a fan of the franchise maybe you’ll like it more, but I watched these movies from the first one and it’s just getting worse. Maybe this movie would be fine, if they would just stop pretending it’s something more than a simple action movie with cars turning into robots…

Justice league

A: this is a movie that's a bit tricky for me to describe... there were parts I loved and other parts that made me cringe... but all in all I had very little expectations going into it, so I actually enjoyed myself :) the same can't be said about my sister though... yeah... I went with her to see the movie for the second time, and hers first, but... there was a technical problem... there was a power shortage, so about half way through the movie, the screen went blank... we waited, with very little explanation from the staff, for almost an hour, and when it came back on, the movie basically started from the beginning... I'm sure that at some point they would figure everything out, but it was friday evening... a very late evening, and we were both exhausted after our respective work weeks, so the whole situation really pissed us off and we went home... I told her the ending of the story and we are gonna watch it soon at home :) but we saw the best part... as in Aquaman emerging from the waves and such... ;) him and the Flash were the absolute best parts of the story... and Wonder Woman... :) I couldn't really stand Batman and Superman was just a joke... bringing him back to life, with a weird blast that teared off his clothes, but just from the upper part of is body, not the pants... and don't even get me started about the horrible job of CGI-ing his mustache out of every frame... *sighs* but there were a lot of good parts in it as well... it was definitely much more funny than I expected, that's for sure :) and it made me very excited about Aquaman's standalone movie... ;)

Thor Ragnarok

J: I had high hopes for this one after seeing the trailer, and it didn’t disappoint! Seriously, I love Thor, he's one of my favourite superheroes and not because he’s played by Chris Hemsworth… ok maybe it has something to do with it ;) but my point is after really good first movie, came the second one and even I thought it was meh. But this one? Perfection! :) I know that Thor with short hair is not for everybody, but for me it totally worked, if you add to it the red paint on his face when he was entering arena as a gladiator. And the fact that he’s got lightning all over him, such a cool visual effect, just as Odyn have said: are you a good of hammers or a god of thunders? And the answer is definitely god of thunders! My God, he was seriously hot :) but besides his hottnes and amazing voice, he was just funny and entertaining as hell. Other characters were equally good like Tom Hiddleston as Loki, don’t even get me started, because we’ll be here all day. I though that Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie was bad-ass :) we could use more female warriors like her in Marvel movies for sure. And let’s not forget about Cate Blanchett as Hela – love those kind of villains. So to sum up: great story, fantastic cast, hilarious sceens and phenomenal music, so just an amazing movie :) even if you’re not a Marvel fan you should see it, and then maybe you’ll join us :)

Murder on the Orient Express

A: I had no idea about the ending of this story... even though it's based on a book that's been out for years... even though there were multiple previous adaptations... I was able to not be spoiled about the ending... up until the week I saw it in the movie theatre, when I was spoiled because someone didn't believe me that I really don't know that they all killed him on that train... :) yeah... so close... ;) but still, I absolutely loved the movie :) so much so, that it started my new interest in mystery / detective books... I was never a fan of them, not like my sister J who adores them :) but once we got out of the cinema... let's just say that I discovered a whole new world of books :) now I have a long list of stories I want to try out in the future :) but back to the movie :) I loved this adaptation, although I can't really speak about how close it was to the book, since I haven't read it... but I will at some point in the future so we shall see :) for now, I have nothing but praises to say about the cast and how stunning it was visually... a fantastic movie that I highly recommend :)

Honorable mentions

Ok, so before we will end this post, just one more thing... :) we shared lots and lots of movies we saw last year, and our thoughts and opinions about them, but there are a few that are still on our must-watch list :) so I'm just gonna leave trailers for them below, and if you saw any of them, let us know which you would recommend to see as first :) or if you have thoughts about the movies we shared above... :) me and J are always interested in finding out how much in common we have with others :)


A + J

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