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J says :) #9

Let’s talk about…
The item!

Boys and girls, todays topic of our dicscussion is: items in books, and why we love it! :) I think we all know some books where items are important parts of the story. I don’t know about you, but I love those little things that really make a difference. Maybe it can be insignificant at first, but it will definitely make all the difference in the end. I observed, that usually items are at the beginning of the book, but not always. Sometimes it’s a significant detail in the middle of the story or even at the very end, and thanks to them, characters can understand certain things, when words are failing…

Here are a couple of great examples, to help you understand what I’m talking about, of course it’s not all of them, but these are the first ones that came to my mind, when I’m thinking important items in books…

The List 
(book #1 in The list series, written by Tawna Fenske)

I just had to start with this one :) you’ll understand it in a minute I promise… So as I was saying, sometimes a very important item, can be a great way to begin a whole book. Like in this case, we have a certain situation. Cassie comes to a computer repair shop, because her laptop froze, and of course as always it happened at the worst possible moment. But Simon is a professional and he has seen it all, at least that’s what he thinks ;) But when he takes one look at a list that Cassie made, he volunteer to help her with it, such a selfless hero… Did I mention it’s a sex list? :)

(book #1 in PresLocke series, co-written by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine)

If you’re in a mood for a hot and steamy romance, mixed with humor and just general sweetness you should give this book a chance. It’s a great story about Ace – an action-movie star and Dylan – a model. Officially their first meeting is on a road to the studio, when Ace (at least I think it was him, but maybe it was the other way around) almost drive over Dylan, but it’s not so dramatic I swear. Anyway, they new about each other before, since Dylan is a big fan of Ace. And if we’re talking about Ace and his fascination with Dylan, all I can say is: it all started with a billboard…

Dragon Bound 
(book #1 in Elder races series, written by Thea Harrison)

If you know anything about dragons at all, you’ll know exactly what will happen, when you take something from them. They’re very protective of their treasures… But Pia thought it would be different for her, she just took a penny from him, so what’s the worst that can happen… Apparently a lot of things, but what’s the most important is that she caught his attention, and by his I mean Dragos - one of the most powerful creature of the Elder Races. So I have to say that money can definitely change your life, even just a penny…

Love in the afternoon 
(book #5 in The Hathaways series, written by Lisa Kleypas)

It’s all started with a letter… well to be precise a bunch of them. On one hand we have Christopher, a handsome young soldier, who exchange letters  with vivacious girl who he wants to marry someday, but is she really the one? Because on the other hand we have Beatrix, a big fan of nature and all animals, who wants to help her friend, by writing with Christopher. But soon enough their correspondance develop into something more, and when he comes home and truth comes out, all bets are off… Come on, don’t you think that those kind of letters were so much more romantic… Perfect items in those kind of books, right?

Heart of obsidian 
(book #12 in Psy-changeling series, written by Nalini Singh)

It’s a tough one, because I don’t want to spoil a surprise for you. Even by naming main characters here… But I can say that this book is awesome, my second favourite in whole series. The special item in this book is maybe not at the beginning of the story, but because of it we can understand our hero and his relationship with mysterious woman a little bit more. So when I say it's a bracelet, you can be sure it’s not some simple piece of jewelery… 

Joy ride 
(book #5 in Big rock series, written by Lauren Blakely)

Sometimes the item I’m talking about can be a big one :) And I’m talking about a car here, I don’t know what you’re thinking ;) Because if it wasn’t for a special job, that Max and Henley were kind of forced to do together they definitely wouldn’t end up happy. I can’t tell you more about it, because of one simple fact, that I don’t know shit when it comes to cars, they have an engine and 4 wheels, that’s pretty much it. When someone asks: what kind of car would you like to have? I’m saying: a black one, or a blue one, you know what I’m talking about. I know, I know, but don’t judge, ok? I know stuff, just not about cars :) but books? Definitely can recommend this one, not only for car enthusiasts :)

Making Faces 
(standalone, written by Amy Harmon)

It’s a hearbreaking story about Ambrose – at the beginning a high school wrestler, then a broken young man, with way too much loss and Fern – young woman who was overlooked all her life. The item I’m gonna talk about is the board, between the store that she worked in and his father’s bakery, where he helped. It’s not at the beginning, so I don’t want to spoil it for you, but just trust me… All I can say is that it was a therapeutic tool that helped him return to the world of the living… it was sweet, and kind, and full of hope :)

A darker shade of magic 
(book #1 in Shades of magic series, written by V. E. Schwab)

If a heroine is a thief than it’s obvous that the item I’m gonna talk about is somehing she stole, right? Correct! When Delilah steals some kind of stone from Kell, she doesn’t even know what she started. But since all she ever wanted was an adventure… well what’s a bigger adventure than traveling through different worlds, fighting with evil and finding love :) It’s an epic story, filled with adventures, magic, great characters, I could talk about it all day, but you can just go and read it know, but remember it all started with a little piece of stone in a pocket, so watch out for what’s in yours…

Beauty and the mustache 
(book #4 in Knitting in the city series, written by Penny Reid)

This book… I can’t even… look, you know me a little already, so can we just agree that you’ll read this story? It’s worth it, I swear. Characters in books like Ashley and Drew just speak to me, don’t know why, don’t really care. The item is definitely not at the beginning, well to be honest it’s throughout the whole book, but it’s really important at the end. Which one of us women wouldn’t want a key to a man's heart and soul… with Drew it’s a notebook, which he carries with him all the time. A simple notebook, so much emotions…

Heart of fire 
(book #1 in Legends of the storm series, written by Bec McMaster)

When a certain dreki (not a dragon, trust me you don’t want to mistake them, they don’t like it) steals the last ram from Freya, she has enough. She’s desperate so what else she can do but visit his lair to give him a piece of her mind… But when Rurik meets her, he’s fascinated by this fearless young woman and decides to take a chance to see what the future hold for them :)

Ok, so that’s it for the day :) I hope you’ll reach for one of these books. I could write great things about them with clear conscience, because I read and loved them all :) but feel free to share your picks for items important to the stories, I’m always looking for new recommendations to add something to my #BookMountain :)


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