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J says :) #13

Let’s talk about…
The guys!

So today I would like to start with a warning, that this post won’t be for everybody, unfortunately… maybe someday though, hopefully :) Anyway it’s about M/M romances, so if you like those kind of stories or you have an open mind go ahead and read this post, I promise I picked many great recommendations for you. If that’s not your thing, then come back next week. Seriously, no pressure here, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even though some people opinions are stupid… but that’s just my opinion ;)

Well a couple of words why I wanted to talk about them specifically in this post, because if you read my stuff before, you know that I mentioned some of these books before… but I decided to make a special day just for them… Why? Well it’s quite simple really. I fell like sometimes people don’t give a chance to a great story, just because it’s about two guys, and I’m sorry but that’s just ridiculous… Seriosuly, some of them are my favourite love stories of all time :) it never bothered me that there are not about “conventional” couples, and yes I’m using “this” as a sarcasm, because in these times is there really even something like a conventional couple anymore?

As far as I’m concerned everyone has the right to be happy, so as long as they are all consenting adults it doesn’t really matter who is the main couple to me :) So to those who still want to read my post, let’s get started people, because today is all about the guys! :)

(book #1 in Temptation series, written by Ella Frank)

Let’s be honest, you all knew I was gonna talk about this book first ;) well, those who read my previous posts… so Tate and Logan, what can I say? I fell in love with those guys and their beautiful story. That’s true, there are no words to describe how much I enjoyed reading six books in this series, and my sadness when I finished the last one, sadness because there will be no more books, not because of the ending, they definitely got their happily ever after, which they both deserved… But to love them like I did, you should definitely start with the very first book called “Try”, ahh even the title is perfect :) so anyway their story begins at a bar, where Logan - charismatic lawyer meets the new bartender – Tate. Tate’s actually going through a divorce, and was never really interested in guys, until he met Logan that is. So their story is about trying something new and realising that happiness can be found in a place, or a person, you would never expect :)

The Lightning - Struck Heart 
(book #1 in Tales from Verania series, written by T.J. Klune)

Here’s something completely different, I can safely say that I haven’t read anything like it before… and trust me I read plenty, so that’s saying something. It’s a story about Sam of Wilds – he’s an apprentice of the King’s Wizard. His best friends are a hornless gay unicorn – Gary and a half-giant Tiggy. But there is so much more colorful characters throughout the book. There is everything that should be in a story like this: adventure, action, magic, fantastic creatures, sarcastic banter and so much more. Of course there is a love story, because why not? But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine at the beinning, because, well, Sam is in love with Ryan – one of the knights, who is in fact engaged to the prince (but we all know who he really wants). So anyway, the prince gets kidnapped by a dragon… And now together they go on a mission to save him…I know what you may think, but trust me, it's a great story, you will not be bored even one minute. Also, if you can, I really encourage you to listen to the audiobook, because the guy who reads it is magnificent, he does different voices for every character and every next one is better then the other. It’s like magic but really don’t take my word for it, try it yourself, and remember it’s just the beginning, there are more books!

Goodbye Paradise 
(book #1 in Hello Goodbye series, written by Sarina Bowen)

Josh and Caleb were both raised in a cult, they’re best friends, but is that really all? When Josh is cast away to the world he knows nothing about, Caleb gives up everything to go after him. They’re both lived in a lie all their lives, they couldn’t be themselves. So even now that nothing stands between them, can they really abandon everything that was repeated all their lives about living in sin? It will definitely not be simple, but totally worth it at the end. Maybe it’s not an easy story, it’s gonna break your heart and make you cry, but like all good books at the end you will be glad you read it…

Hello Forever 
(book #2 in Hello Goodbye series, written by Sarina Bowen)

It’s a story about second chances… it all started on a church camp, when two boys were caught making out. Afterwards one of them just dissapers, then six years later a basketball game brings them back into each other orbits. Now Axel and Cax have a second chance to discover what can they be together, now that they found each other again. But loving Axel means giving up an entire life, is Cax ready for it? Is love worth sacrificing everything? They both have so much to lose, but twice as much to gain. Will they make the right choice? Of course they will, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it to you with a clear conscience ;)

Melting Point 
(book #1,5 in Hot in Chicago series by Kate Meader)

It’s a story that confirms one thing – opposites do attract. On one hand we have Gage, a handsome firefighter, with sunny personality, he’s fun and easy-going, always smiling. On the other hand we have Brady, a former Marine turned chef at a fancy restaurant. He’s a sexy, tattooed guy with scars – both outside and on the inside, he has zero communication skills and is always brooding. So naturally they’re both drawn to each other, and sparks are flying everywhere, it’s a good thing they both know something about flames because man this story is hot :)

The Understatement of the Year 
(book #3 in The Ivy Years series, written by Sarina Bowen)

The story about not one but two hockey players? I’m sold! So couple of words what it’s about… Rikker and Graham have a past and it definitely didn’t end well. Few years later when they meet again they have a second chance to forget about the past and just be together. But it’s not that easy since only one of them is “out”. Graham is still hiding, mostly from himself. But slowly throughout the book they’re gonna find each other again, so don’t worry :) It’s a story about discovering that you should be with someone who love you just the way you are, no matter what other people might think. Why? Because at the end you’re gonna be the one to live your life, so why not be with someone who makes you happy :) 

(book #1 in Him series, co-written by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy)

Ryan always knew what he wanted, and he wanted Jamie – his best friend. The only problem with that was a fact, that his best friend was straight, so not really interested. Or was he? So the first book is about just that - discovering and learning experiences, for both of them really. But the second one was really special. It’s called “Us” and it’s about the same couple, and what happened after their happily ever after :) I don’t want to spoil anything, so let’s just say that life is not always sunshine and rainbows, and that’s okay. Because what really matter is that even when things don’t go exactly like planned, you just have to trust each other and work throughn your problems together. And at the end everything will be wonderful :)

(book #1 in PresLocke series, co-written by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine)

What will we get, if an action movie star and a model got together? Well, a seriously hot and steamy book, that’s for sure ;) Ace is freshly out of the closet and everyone is looking closely what will he do next. He is wary about pursuing a relationship, because of his privacy and career. But he can’t help himself when he meets Dylan, the guy from his dreams and pretty big billboard, which he drives by way to often, especially since it’s not really on his way or anything. So first book is about the very beginning, how it all started and stuff, but you have two more books about the same couple to enjoy their growing relationship :) it’s just really great to read about their lives and how they’re dealing with all their problems… and the answer is – always together. With no unnecessary drama between them, because their connection is really simple, just the outside world is much more complicated. But fear not, I can confirm that the ending is amazing, so be sure to check it out! 

Cloak and Silence 
(book #5,5 in The League series, written by Sherrilyn Kenyon)

This story is a little different than your typical rommance, mainly because there are many planets, races and stuff. Let’s start with Maris, who is one of the best soldiers there are, but when his royal military family finds out how different he really is, they just cast him out… Ture, even though he’s a chef and not a warrior, was fighting all his life just to fit in. He’s hiding from everyone who wants to get close to him, and just keeps his head down and does his thing. But everything changes when he meets Maris. Together they finally have a chance at a real relationship and true happiness. It’s a wonderful story, seriously the only thing wrong about it is that it’s definitely too short :)

(book #1 in Confessions series, written by Ella Frank)

I saved the best for last, and by best I mean the most shocking story I’ve read so far. I should start by saying that I have an open mind, I really do, but when I found out that this series will be about a threesome I was shocked ;) I was like: three people? Ok… just how? Because it’s quite unusual, you have to admit. So I was wondering how Ella Frank is gonna write it, because we met all those guys in Temptation series. I was so worried, but of course she made it work :) Robbie is in one word – colorful. He’s open, easy going and just fun. But like most people he had his heart broken and now he doesn’t want anything too complicated. But what we want and what we really need are not always the same thing ;) So when he is approached with a proposition from a married couple, that’s right you read it correctly, he knows that if he doesn’t even try he will always regret it. Both Joel and Julien are fascinated by him and want so much more than he thinks, they want it all. So basically it’s a story about: a priest, a princess and a prick…if you’ll read it, you know what I’m talking about ;) I loved it from the very first chapter and I’m waiting for more, I need it like right now! Trust me, many M/M stories are great, but here you have not two guys but three and sometimes that’s even better :)

I’m done *drops the mic* :) I hope I really encouraged at least some of you to read those stories, seriously if you could just pick one of them and give it a chance it would be great :) promise me you will at least try, it’s so worth it…


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