Wednesday, March 14, 2018

J says :) #11

Let’s talk about…
Big rock!

Hello everyone, today I’m gonna talk about Big rock series, as you can see in the title :) If you’re already a fan of this gem, hidden among many books out there, you know what I'm talking about, to those who were not as fortunate, let me explain. It’s a series of books written by Lauren Blakely, and here are some of the reason why I loved them as much as I did :)

Great stories – I know all books have a story, ok? But it’s not always a good one, sometimes there are a couple of things that just bothers you and it’s perfectly normal… but not in those stories. Seriously, I can’t remember one thing that pissed me off while reading those books, and there were six of them. They were all different, but at the same time you could feel the same vibe and it was something special :)

Amazing characters – they are a great group of people, totally connected throughout books, all completely different from each other, yet truly fantastic in their own individual way. It’s fun to read when thoughout all series you have connections, like siblings or best friends.  I just loved the sarcastic banter between main couples, the sweet and funny moments that can melt your heart and leave you with awwww. And of course hot and steamy scenes, which you don’t want to read in public transportation, believe me ;) I really enjoyed the group scenes where couples from different books were spending time together, especially guys giving advice to each other, brilliant! :)

No unnecesary drama – it’s really important to me, I swear a book can be amazing, love it all the way, and then drama, drama, drama, secrets, lies, more drama and six months later they made up… what a bunch of crap ;) that is why I really appreciate books, with no unnecesary drama, of course there is a little, some secrets, some misuderstandings but I can take it in small doses ;) and in those stories there are about this amount of drama *holding fingers really close to each other* so yay! :)

Let me tell you a little something about each one of them (btw I love the titles), but no spoilers I promise, mostly because A haven’t read them all and she is my editor, so… it’s gonna be short and sweet, let’s roll:

Big rock (book #1)

It’s a story that starts with a deal between friends and business partners… they both have their reasons to agree to pretend they’re a couple who actually just got engaged, what can go wrong? So while Spencer and Charlotte are playing couple to the outside world, they begin to do it when they’re alone… and quickly they become something more entirely. It’s a great journey, that is really fun to watch :)

Mister O (book #2)

Nick and Harper have been friends for a very long time, since he is the best friend of her brother (Spencer – from book #1). He’s a creator of the television program called Mister O, and yes it’s about a man whose superpower is giving women orgasms ;) So when Harper feels like she needs guidance for male-female relations she comes to him for help. Of course the more time they spend together, the more he wants her all to himself…

Well Hung (book #3)

Here we have another classic, an office romance :) Wyatt (Nick’s twin brother from book #2) has a construction business, and that being said he definitely know how to use tools. He has only one rule – don’t mix business with pleasure. Enter his new assistant, since like half a year, Natalie (sister of Charlotte from book #1). He really tries to stay true to his rule, but then they have to travel out of town. And sometimes what happened in Vegas, doesn’t really stay in Vegas…

Full Package (book #4)

When Chase comes back from spending a year in doctors without borders program he needs a place to stay, besides a couch in his brother's apartment. And since his friend, Wyatt (from book #3) knows his sister – Josie, is looking for a rommate, it’s a perfect solution, right? It’s a wonderful story from friendship to love :) I think if I really had to choose my favourite in this series it would be this one (don’t really know why), but shhhh... don’t tell this to the other books ;)

Joy Ride (book #5)

It’s a story about Max (Chase’s older brother from book #4) and Henley. They used to work together, actually he was like a mentor to her and now she’s his biggest rival. It's easy to say that they have a past, and they’re definitely not friends right now… So a classic hate to love kind of thing, with fancy cars in the background :)

Hard Wood (book #6)

Patrick always felt something to Mia (sister of Chase and Max from books #4 and #5). But since he traveled between two coasts, he doesn’t feel like he can do something about it. But he’s definitely ready to settle down, and Mia is it for him. Now he just have to convince her and overcome some obstacles, like her rule not to date her brothers friends… 

If that doesn’t convice you to pick at least one ot them (I recommend reading them in order, but no pressure) than I don’t know what will ;) maybe the fact that I read them in little over a week, maybe two at the most, and I regret only one thing: I should have savored them more, and I just inhaled them all :) Oh and did I mention that all books are written from the perspective of guys? Brilliant! :) Also a little bonus info, A is actually listening to the audiobook of the first one at the moment, and says she loves it, so you can read the books or listen to them, your choice… But definitely give this series a try, it’s gonna be worth it :)


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