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J says :) #10

Let’s talk about…
Hockey players!

I think we can all agree that sports themed romances are great :) come on, you don’t have to admit it, I know you love it! I enjoy it as much as the next girl, or guy, whatever, but the point is, reading about athletes just do it for me… especially, yeah you guessed correctly, when it’s about hockey players! Don’t know why, don’t really care, I just go with it :)

I think for me it’s their spirit, competitive nature, never giving up and let’s be honest, a muscular body to die for ;) Ok, so maybe sometimes I’m shallow, but whose not? It’s not like you can look at someone and say to yourself: he’s totally got a great personality… But for me, it has to be a full package, especialy in books, because why the hell not, am I right?

Obviously I can’t be the only one to love hockey players, because there are so many stories about them out there. So let me present to you just a couple examples, if you’re in a mood for a little game on the ice :)

(book #1 in Cold Fury Hockey series, written by Sawyer Bennett)

I just had to start with this one… why, you ask? Well it’s simple really, it has it all ;) even though the whole series is about hockey players, and I enjoy reading them all, I love this story the most. Because it just clicks for me, you know that feeling? Great characters and chemistry between them, honestly kind of a jackass at the beginning but with a redemption vibe kind of story, kick-ass heroine, wonderful secondary characters and very little of unnecesary drama… what’s not to love? In one sentence, we have a hockey star Alex, who has a reputation of being an asshole, so he has to fix his image by doing some kind of community service, enter Sutton – a social worker. Their working together becomes something more, because with every layer of his bad-boy facade she uncovers the man he truly is…

The score 
(book #3 in Off-Campus series, written by Elle Kennedy)

It’s a story about Dean, he knows how to score, and I’m not only talking about what’s happening on the ice ;) let’s just say he’s a ladies man, an leave it at that. But it all changes after one night with Allie, she just got out of a relationship and one evening while watching tv show with him decides: Dean… why the hell not? :) Well not at first of course, but he can be very persuasive and like all hockey players he never gives up. But don’t think you know this story, they will definitely surprise you. Because between all the hot and steamy scenes, you’ll find sweet and funny and just awww moments. And let’s be honest we all know and love stories about total players who can change, just a little bit, for a special someone…

(book #2 in Him series, co-written by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy)

It’s the second book about Jamie and Wes, I loved the first one, but I wanted to write about this story because this is about what happened after their happily ever after :) and the answer is life… life happened. It’s not a hot or sweet story like previous one, although it has those moments for sure, it’s about how to deal with obstacles that life throws at you. But don’t worry, it has a happy ending, and I really enjoyed it :) So in a sentance, Wes is now a pro, he has a great rookie season and he’s living the dream with his boyfriend Jamie in their apartment. It would all be great if they didn’t have to keep it a secret, but that way the book would be way shorter. But seriously you should totally read it, and remember that from this series comes another one, equally good – WAGs, I will talk about it in a minute :)

(written by Brenda Rothert)

What can we get if we put together a kind of a brooding hockey player and a feisty maid at his hotel? Well something explosive, that’s for sure :) So Miranda is putting herself through college by working two jobs. In one of them she meets Jake, who complaints about every little thing in his luxury hotel room. So when she finally snaps and tell him off, he doesn’t fire her, just the opposite, he requests her as his personal housekeeper. And it’s not in a creepy way, it’s more of a sweet with a little bit of flirting and sarcastic banter between them. I can guarantee this book will get you hooked right from the beginning…

Shut out 
(book #1 in Bayard Hockey series, written by Kelly Jamieson)

It’s a story about Jacob, once a rising star in the Canadian major junior league, but because of a single disastrous night everything changes. Now he’s in a college team with three goals: play well, study hard and avoid girls. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen though because… enter Skylar. He notices her right from the start, and not just because of her Rapunzel's hair ;) anyway let’s just say that for some reasons they strike a deal – they will pretend that they’re a couple… yeah we know something about those kind of arrangements :) but it’s not all rainbows and flowers, this book has a couple of complicated topics, but it’s definitely worth the time to read it, so go ahead and do it :)

Taking a shot 
(book #3 in Play by Play series, written by Jaci Burton)

Well in this series we have different type of athletes, but you guessed correctly, my favourite book is about a hockey player… Coincidence? I think not ;) So we have Ty – a hockey stud, who’s determined to have a shot with Jenna – the owner of a local sports bar. But since she has enough sports in her life, she has one rule – don’t date athletes. See where I’m going with it? Of course this only encourages Ty to don’t give up and try harder, and we can all guess how this story will go :)

The understatement of the year 
(book #3 in The Ivy Years series, written by Sarina Bowen)

Ok, listen up people… because in this book we have not one but two hockey players… that’s right we can definitely double the hotness :) I can tell you that sometimes what happened in high school didn’t stayed there and that’s how the story with Graham and Rikker begun… again. After five years without seeing each other they end up on the same team… what can go wrong? Lots of stuff… because lets just say that only one of them is completely not afraid of who he is, the other one still struggles… but fear not, they will definitely find their way back to each other, but it won’t be easy…

Hard Hitter 
(book #2 in Brooklyn Bruisers series, written by Sarina Bowen)

Of course we have another hockey player, it’s right there in the title of this post, don’t act all surprised… so Patrick is both a team captain and an enforcer, so he literally puts the bruise in the Brooklyn Bruisers ;) but when he needs help with his injury he’s sent to Ari. She’s a massage therapist for the entire team, who at least once in every appointment, gets a marriage proposal. But when she breaks up with her long-time boyfriend she want’s to focus on her work and being single for the first time since she was 21… Yeah, good plan :) So maybe at first things get a little awkward, since he doesn’t really like to be touched, and that’s kind of her job, but after a little time things change :) Patrick knows what he wants, and that’s Ari! He will use every weapon from his arsenal, including the support from his team, I can’t say more without spoilers but just awwww :)

(book #2 in WAGs series, co-written by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy)

It’s another favourite of mine, well it’s just a second book in this series, but I loved it! If this is just a beginning, can you think how great the rest of the stories will go? Can’t wait! But back to the this story, it’s about Hailey, a businesswoman with her own company called Fetch, something like personal assistance servise. And who is one of her clients? None other than Matt Eriksson, hockey player and recently divorced father of two little girls :) it all started with a little online flirting and then change into something more entirely, and it all begun with a dog and two tickets to a game...

That’s it, that’s all I got… so if you know about different books about hockey players, let me know, because I would totally read your recommendations, so don’t be shy and share :)


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