Thursday, March 29, 2018

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) april edition

Can you guys believe that we are at the end of yet another month? time really does fly when you're busy... ;) and I've been really busy lately... fortunately, I will have a bit longer than usual weekend, so I'm hoping to rest a bit... :) in the meantime, let's talk about some great books that are going live in the upcoming month... cause I have quite a few gems to tell you all about... ;) as always, in no particular order... :)

I decided to start with "The heartreader's secret" by Kate McIntyre, book #3 in her The Faraday files series... it's this sort of a Sherlock Holmes retelling with a gender swap... :) Olivia Faraday is the detective and Chris Buckley is her assistant... the whole series has those steampunk-ish vibes with a bit of paranormal ones as well and it's absolutely amazing :) with complex and interesting characters, entertaining writing style and unique stories, this whole series is a gem you all need in your lives... :) and I am very lucky, cause the ARC is already on my Kindle ;) I will dive into it very, very soon... :)

Another book I want to talk about is "The hero within" by Bec McMaster, book #3 in her Burned lands series... that one is a dystopian-ish story with a unique paranormal vibes as well ;) she is one of my all time favourite authors, so you can imagine my joy when I was accepted in her ARC team... counting down the days when this gem lands on my Kindle ;) especially since I was waiting for this particular couple since the very first book... :)

When it comes to "Limits" by Susie Tate... well... I kind of already read it :) it's sort of a companion novel to one of Susie's other stories, but works perfectly well as a standalone... I got the ARC from her and inhaled it... this absolutely beautiful story about Millie, who suffers from anxiety and other problems really stole my heart... will have a full review up on the release day next week, so be sure to check it out, but it was amazing :)

"Chaser" by Kylie Scott is the third installment in her Dive bar series, and even though I still haven't read the previous one, I have this on my radar :) I love Kylie's hilarious writing style so the fact I know basically nothing about this particular story is not a problem for me :) I know it's a contemporary romance and I know we met the hero in the first book, but that's basically it... :) sorry, I have no additional informations to share with you at this point ;)

Last but definitely not least we have "Leah on the offbeat" by Becky Albertalli :) I pre-ordered this little gem as soon as I finished "Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda" :) even though both of them are YA stories, I loved the first one so much, that this companion-ish novel will be just as great... I'm sure of that... ;) and definitely do not be discouraged by the fact that it's about teenagers in high school... cause I am much older... well, not *that* much... like early thirties ;) and I loved "Simon..." :) so now I have very high hopes for this one as well :)



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