Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekly wrap up #6 ;) january 29th - february 4th

Hello my lovely people... :) I don't know how your last week went by, but mine was... ugh... yeah... I was sick... and I still am, so don't expect a lot from me this week as well... I had a doctor's appointment today and the verdict is in: I'm gonna be at home to fully recover for the rest of the week... anyway, moving on from this depressing thoughts... I read a lot this past week :) mainly because when I feel awful I don't want to do anything else... at the beginning of the week I had one book that I started, and although I planned to finish it, it didn't happen... will talk about that one at the end, because I'm gonna start with all the books I read entirely during the week, and then talk some more about all the ones I am still in the middle of ;) so let's just jump right in ;)

"Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda" by Becky Albertalli
from page 1 to page 303; finished

I loved this book :) there are no words good enough to describe all the warm and fuzzy feelings this cute story gave me :) I had so much fun while I was reading it... I think that now, especially with the movie coming out very soon, everyone and their mother know what this book is about, so I'm not gonna get into details ;) all I'm gonna say is that definitely don't be discouraged by the fact that it's about juniors in high school... I am older and still enjoyed it ;) will have a full review soon-ish so you'll get more thoughts about it, but long story short: 5 stars :)

"The abyss surrounds us" by Emily Skrutskie
from page 1 to page 273; finished

I flew through this first book in a duology, but can you really blame me? :) I mean, come on... sea monsters, pirates and girls falling for each other? I didn't need to hear anything else before going in :) and this story blew my away... I did not expect things to go in the direction they went... but it was soooo good :) I am already in the middle of the conclusion, so we'll see how it will all end :)

"I've got you under my skin" by Mary Higgins Clark
from page 1 to page 332; finished

This was another one of my mystery / detective stories that I want to read more this year :) another recommendation from my lovely sister J :) so thank you for that :) in this one we had not one but two mysteries to solve: the murder of main heroine's husband and a still unsolved murder from twenty years ago... I don't want to get into too many details, but I definitely loved the story... it kept me on the edge of my seat, cause I had no idea who will be revealed as the guilty one... in both cases... the more I read, the more details I got of everyone's past... the less I knew who actually did it ;) a great read :)

"From Lukov with love" by Mariana Zapata
from 1% to 100% -> 493 pages

Sooo... ;) originally I didn't plan to read this book... it went live at the very beginning of february and I knew it will be about figure skaters... and since it's Mariana's newest novel and she's the Queen of Slow Burn I had to get it... even though I read only one of her other books, I own them all, that's how much I adore her writing style... but less than a day after I got it, I just felt the need to at least give it a try and see what I'm gonna think about it... and then I basically could not put it down and read it in two days... :) I loved it and hopefully my review will show all those feelings... once I feel good enough to actually write it :)

"Adulthood is a myth" by Sarah Andersen
from page 1 to page 109; finished

This collection of comics was absolutely hilarious :) I flew through this one in record time, but it's no surprise since it's not only short but, well... it's full of comics ;) definitely recommending this one if you are in need of a good laugh but don't have much time ;)

"Brooklynaire" by Sarina Bowen
from 1% to 50% -> 173 pages

This is one of the many... many books I started this past week... my reading was just all over the place... this one is actually an eARC that I'm gonna finish very soon, cause I have to post my review on the release day next week ;) I'm reading this one way slower than I anticipated, especially if you take into consideration fact that it's one of my most highly anticipated books of the next few months... I'm not sure if it's my mood, or the story, or one of the main characters... maybe the second half will be beter and I will be able to determine what's the issue for me :)

"Bogowie muszą być szaleni" by Aneta Jadowska
from page 1 to page 61

This is the sequel in that polish urban fantasy series bout a witch detective that I don't want to tell you too much about since it's not available in translation and the majority of you will never have the chance to read it... :) but I got the next three installments from the library and I'm slowly making my way through book #2 :) liking it a lot so far :)

"The battle of the labyrinth" by Rick Riordan
from page 1 to page 122

I am finally at the book in this series that I haven't read years ago :) I am reading it a bit slower than I anticipated, but it's a recuring theme in my reading lately... :) either way, I am planning to finish this one, and then the very last book in the series very soon :) loving the humor, adventures and all the surprising turns of events :)

"The edge of the abyss" by Emily Skrutskie
from page 1 to page 83

I thought I would get through the second book of this duology right after I finished the first one, but my mood changed... plus, so many things happened that I needed time to process everything... but now I am making my way through this one and I am very curious to see how it will all end... I predict that it will be one of the books that I will finish sooner rather than later... ;)

"Grave mercy" by Robin LaFevers
from page 1 to page 105

Since my reading mood was all over the place last week, I decided to pick up this fantasy story about a girl who is trained to be the Handmaiden of Death, a very skilled assassin :) it's the frst one in a series where each installment focuses on a different heroine, and so far I am loving it :) looking forward to continue on with the story very soon :)

"Love hacked" by Penny Reid
from 45% to 74% -> 95 pages

This is the book... that apparently I can't finish :) but it's only cause it's a re-read for me and in an audiobook version, so I need to be in a specific mood to listen to it :) I usually do it on my way to and from work, but since I've been sick recently, I'm staying home... but I have only a bit more than three hours left, so I am determined to finish this one this week :) but since it's a re-read for me, if you want to know more about my thoughts and feelings, you can already read my full review here -> READ ME <- :)

Total page count of the week: 

Remember last week when I said that reading 1700+ pages was a lot...? yeah... sooo... I read even more :) I've had a bit of a weird week... yeah... as you can see, my reading was all over the place... :) I started stories, then put them down and started other ones... some of them I finished in one sitting some of them are still on my nightstand waiting for me to pick them back up... :) expect a similar amount of pages read during my next wrap up, since I'm at home and sick... and only want to read :)



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