Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Review: "Threat of Raine" by Heather Novak

Author: Heather Novak
Book 2 in series The Lynch brothers
Main characters: Loren and Raine

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) it was yet another fantastic 4,5 stars book from Heather :) and as with the previous one, I inhaled it in record time :) technically you can read this one as a standalone, but it's book #2 in a series and I highly recommend you to read the first one to better understand all the connections between characters and their interactions... especially since it's also super entertaining so it's not gonna be a chore ;) this second installment is not super long, just like the first, so my review won't be very long as well... I don't want to spoil you anything :) so just a few sentences about our main couple and the plot, and then I can tell you all the reasons why I adore this story :)

We met both Raine and Loren in that first story... and I fell in love with her immediately... Loren definitely made a much more complex first impression, but a more detailed explanation would include spoilers about certain events from that book... another reason to read them in order, so you don't get spoiled about some very surprising turn of events... anyway, back to the review ;) they were involved about five years ago, when they were both teenagers, but they haven't seen each other since... many reasons why, and none I can mention right now :) now he's back and the situation between them is even more complicated than before... ok, honestly that's all I can say without some major spoilers, so let me jump into a few little details about the place this story is happening in :) everything revolves around a small town that is filled with supernatural creatures... vampires, shapeshifters, fae... you name it ;) well, people are also there ;) but it's a paranormal story for a reason, so feel warned if you don't like that sort of books... I loved it :) ok, moving on to my thoughts and feelings :)

I inhaled this book really fast... and not just because it wasn't super long ;) the main reason is that I absolutely adore Heather's writing style... it's funny, entertaining and grabs you from the moment you start one of her stories... *sighs happily* give me more please ;) this story was exactly like that... with complex characters, a ton of action and surprising twists and turns, hilarious banter and a few totally swoonworthy moments as well, it's a phenomenal mix :) and that ending... that ending definitely left me wanting more... as in the next installment, cause there are things... oh, there are things at the very end about the couple from book #3 and I am soooooo curious to see what's gonna happen with them... :) I am generally so in love with this group of people, some more extraordinary than others ;) that to be honest, after that third book I'm kind of hoping she will circle back and write some more about the first couple and so on ;) but that's just me ;) a girl can dream, ok? ;) so if you are looking for a great read, but you don't have a whole lot of time, then definitely give this book, and this series in general, a try :)



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