Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Review: "Remember me when" by Brooke Blaine

Author: Brooke Blaine
Book 2 in series The unforgettable duet
Main characters: Ollie and Reid

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) this is the second and final installment in this duology and it definitely has to be read after you finish the first one... those two books tell a story of one couple, and since that first part ends on a mother of all cliffhangers... Brooke, I still have not forgiven you for that... *sighs dramatically* ;) writing my review will be a bit tricky :) so I will tell you a bit about the overall plot and our main characters in the next paragraph, and the third and last one will include some major spoilers about the first book, so if you are not caught up on the duology, avert your eyes from it ;) now that everything is clear, let me jump into the totally spoiler-free-safe-for-absolutely-everyone-to-read paraghraph ;)

These two books, which are somewhere between a novella and a novel when it comes to lenght, tell a story about Ollie and Reid :) Ollie is a paramedic, first responder and just such a beautiful person... I just... wanted to hug him... he's so kind and giving and warm and just... I love him soooo much :) he and his partner from ambulance are stopping for coffee and such every day in the same place... and Ollie has the biggest crush on a guy he sees there regularly... ;) Reid is a music teacher and definitely part of the main couple I liked a bit less... don't get me wrong, there was nothing awful about him... he struggled because of reasons I can't mention here, but next to Ollie... I mean... there was no contest... Ollie stole my heart... ;) theirs is a very complicated story because of, again, reasons I can't mention because I don't want to spoil you anything... :) so instead let me say this: there are ups and downs... moments that will make you laugh out loud and then blush fiercely ;) but also moments that will break your heart and make you cry... it's a complicated journey, but one with a beautiful ending, so definitely finish it :) Brooke Blaine has an amazing writing style that pulls you in from the very first chapter and you just have to keep reading... just one more chapter... just one more... and before you know it, the words *the end* appear and you inhaled the whole story ;) go read it, so we can sigh all about Ollie together ;)

Ok, now we are heading into the part where there will be HUGE SPOILERS ABOUT THE FIRST BOOK :) I don't know how better to warn you, but if you don't want to know some major SPOILERS about that first story, especially the ending, avert your eyes :) ok, I hope that now only people who are caught up, or don't mind to know a lot are still here :) that ending... that awful ending when Reid woke up after his surgery and forgot all about Ollie and their relationship... *sighs* I swear, that scene broke my heart... I kind of suspected where we were headed, but it still hurt to see it... and we don't pick up right away... oh no... it's been a few months and Reid still doesn't remember anything about Ollie... he remembers everything before the accident, but not the man who changed his life... this second installment is definitely much more bittersweet, on the one hand showing us Reid, who feels off, like something very important is missing in his life but he doesn't know what it is... and on the other there's Ollie... still in love but unable to do much about it... the whole situation is much more complex than just my explanations, but I can't get into too many details... sometimes it was hard to read, bcause I needed them to get their happy ending, and the wait seemed soooo long :) but in the end, it was all worth it... I highly recommend you guys this beautiful story... :)



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