Monday, February 26, 2018

Review: "The girl without magic" by Megan O'Russell

Book 1 in series Chronicles of Maggie Trent
Main character: Maggie

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of this book :) this is the first installment in a new fantasy-ish series :) it was the very first book written by this author that I read, and I really enjoyed her writing style :) I definitely will pick up one of her other novels in the future, as well as the next installments in this series :) but don't worry, even though this is the first story, it doesn't end on a cliffhanger, so feel free to pick it up to give it a try :) so let me tell you a little bit more about the main character and the plot of this book, and then I will tell you all about what my thoughts are :)

We are thrown straight into the events and all the action at the beginning of the book :) we meet Maggie, our heroine, on the very first page, when we discover right alongside of her, where exactly she is... because she is a witch who fell into darkness in the middle of a battle... we don't get to know much, even over the course of the whole book, about Maggie's past or the world she came from... instead we focus on learning about the Siren's Realm, because that's the place where Maggie is now... it's different, with its own rules, that we discover with her... but it isn't until almost half way through the book where the real adventure begins... because our heroine decides to venture into another world through the stitches connecting all the worlds with the Siren's Realm... it's all explained much better in the actual book, so forgive me for not going into too many details about everything :) Maggie is very young, but not as naive as I was afraid she would be :) she's clever and brave and I am very curious to see what's gonna happen to her in the next installments of this series :)

Overall I gave this book 4 stars :) I very much enjoyed the writing style, it was entertaining and the whole story was a fast read for me :) since this is the first book in a series, it needs world building... especially when it's the first book in a fantasy-ish setting, with magic and all sorts of differences from the world we live in :) and even though I didn't get as much answers as I wanted to, I think this first installment did a really good job of introducing us to Maggie, as well as some secondary characters I hope to know more about in the future :) I have to honestly say that I was a bit surprised when we took an unexpected turn in the middle of the book, and left the Siren's Realm to visit with our heroine and someone else a different world :) and even though we've been there for a short time, I got really close to the people from that world... I can't really say anything else about it, cause I am already very close to breaking my no spoilers rule, sooo... :) what I can say is that I can wholeheartedly recommend you guys to give this book a try :) it's a story that definitely picked my interest and left me with questions I need answered :) there were quite a few very intriguing teasers and little glimpses along the way and I need to know more :) will be looking forward to the sequel :)



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