Monday, February 12, 2018

Review: "Brooklynaire" by Sarina Bowen

Author: Sarina Bowen
Book 4 in series Brooklyn Bruisers
Main characters: Nate and Becca

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) this is book #4 in Sarina's Brooklyn Bruisers series, but it can be read as a standalone as well :) yes, we met the main couple in previous novels, but you get all the necessary informations to enjoy their story, so you don't have to be caught up on previous installments... the best proof? I still haven't read book #3 :) actually, speaking of that one... this story takes place sort of at the same time as book #3, because the couple from the previous one is not together at the beginning of "Brooklynaire" but they are sort of together near the end... I'm not sure if their whole story overlaps with this one, because I haven't read novel #3 but they definitely share a lot of the same time ;) ok, now that we have this whole explanation out of the way, let's concentrate on our main couple and the basic plot of the book :)

As I mentioned previously, we met both Becca and Nate in... I wanna say the first book... at least I think it was in the very first book :) it's been a while, ok? ;) but it would make sense, since Nate is this billionaire and the owner of the titular hockey team: Brooklyn Bruisers, and Becca is his assistant / office manager who now works mainly with said hockey team ;) so I'm pretty confident we met them very early on in the series... anyway... ;) already in the previous books we could see little glimpses and teasers that they would get their story at some point in the future and I was very excited about that... although ultimately the story didn't *click* for me as much as I wanted it to... but I will get to all my thoughts and opinions in a second... their relationship was one of those friends-to-lovers sort of a situation... where one part of the couple, in this case Nate, started to have more romantic feelings towards that other person... but since their situation is very complicated, with Becca working for him and all that, he doesn't make a move... all of that changes when Becca is injured and has to take a leave of absence and Nate starts to take care of her... and then during one party... well... you'll see once you read the book ;) that's all I'm gonna mention about the actual plot, because it's more than full of details for you, and now I'm gonna jump into my thoughts and feelings about this installment... :)

I adored both Nate and Becca as the secondary characters before and was very excited to see how their story will go which is why it's so weird for me to actually say that something didn't work for me with this book... I gave myself a few days after finishing the book... and by the way, reading it took me way longer than I expected... I thought I would fly through it and it was not the case... but after finishing it I gave myself time to think things through, cause maybe my specific mood was influencing my general impression of this story... I wasn't sure... but days went by, and I haven't changed my mind, so we are gonna go with 4 stars and here's why: I can't say that I was disappointed by this story... it's much more complicated than that... like I mentioned, I adored them as secondary characters but something changed when they became the main focus... I was... a bit annoyed by them and their decisions... more with Becca than with Nate, but still... I can't really get into details without spoiling some major stuff, but... it just didn't work for me... I still liked the story a lot, and I am still in love with Sarina's writing style, she's one of my favourite authors for a reason :) but this one was a bit of a miss for me... maybe if I re-read it at some point in the future I will change my mind, but for now it is what it is ;) please, don't get me wrong, I still highly recommend it for you guys :) my small dislikes come from personal preferences... just because certain things didn't work for me does not mean you might not fall in love with it :) I already read some reviews from my very trusted #BookBesties and they are in love ;) so this is definitely a story worth giving a try :)



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