Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Review: "The book of secrets" by Melissa McShane

Book 1 in series The last oracle
Main character: Helena

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) this is the first book in a new paranormal series by Melissa McShane :) I am definitely a fan of her writing style and she did not disappoint with this new story :) but don't be fooled by this innocently looking cover... the actualy story is much darker than I expected... don't get me wrong, I loved it, but I figured it would be wise to warn you a little bit ;) so let's jump into some more details about the actual plot and our heroine :)

Helena is in her early twenties, and we meet her during her job interview in a peculiar little book shop... what she doesn't know is that said book shop is a big deal within the paranormal community and sort of in the neutral middle of a magical conflict... not to mention the oracle... yeah... :) she gets the job, but unfortunately for her, her boss is murdered during that first day... she sort of inherits the shop with all its magical abilities and has to deal with a lot of consequences following that one event... I am sitting here right now and thinking really hard what more to tell you... I don't want to say too much, cause I really liked how we learned more and more details about the magic and paranormal aspects of this story right alongside Helena, so I think I will leave you with those few vague details... what I will say is that I am definitely intrigued and can't wait to know more about the world :) now when it comes to Helena... she definitely embraces all the craziness that's happening around her with lots of courage and intelligence... :) I really liked her as the heoine of the story :) even though she's very young she acts more mature than I expected her to :) especially with everything that happens ;)

Overall I gave this story 4,5 stars :) I really liked it and am looking forward to continue on with the series, but there were things that I did not completely enjoy... one of those things was actually a person... Viv, Helena's best friend... I wasn't a fan of her, she kind of annoyed me, and I thought that her behaviour most of the times was quite immature... but who knows, maybe she'll grow on me once I see some more character development ;) fortunately the book is full of very interesting and complex secondary characters that again, I am very curious to know more about in future installments ;) like I mentioned before there is no info dumping, which means there's not like one chapter where we get the whole explanation and rules and such, so there's no way to actually remember everything... instead, we slowly learn with Helena about everything :) since this is the first book in a series, there's need for world building :) and this story does a very good job with it :) like always, Melissa's writing style is very entertaining... she keps creating these so very different from one another books, with characters that I fall in love with... once again, she made me laugh and gasp in surprise more than once... like I said before, this is a much darker story than I expected, so be prepared for some scary parts ;) personally, I loved them :) she definitely kept me at the edge of my seat, and I'm hoping we will get the sequel very soon... cause I need to know what happens now! :) so if you are looking for a unique bok that will keep you guessing, definitely give this one a try :)



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