Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Review: "The abyss surrounds us" by Emily Skrutskie

Book 1 in series The abyss surrounds us
Main character: Cas

This is one of the many books I got recently in my biggest book buying binge ever... at least for now ;) I first heard about this duology from a very trusted source and it came so highly recommended, that after checking out the free sample from Amazon to see if I will like the writing style, I decided to get both books at once :) originally I thought I would dive into the sequel right after finishing this first installment, but sooooo many things happened in it that I needed a moment to digest everything :) so I'm gonna jump genres and read something completely different, but make no mistakes... I'm gonna read the second one very soon :) but for now, let me tell you a bit more about this story :)

Soooo... what initially sold me on this book was: sea monsters, pirates and girls falling for each other... that's basically all I needed to know ;) but I'm assuming that you guys need some more details, so let me elaborate ;) the heroine of this book, Cas, is a Reckoner trainer... Reckoners are these giant, genetically modified sea monsters that are breed and trained to protect specific ships and guard them from pirates... she trained with one her entire life and now is on the verge of their first official mission... but something goes horribly wrong... and during said mission Cas is taken captive by Santa Elena, captain of one of the pirate ships... because Santa Elena has a plan of her own... with an unhatched pup that Cas is supposed to train to even the odds for them... the whole thing takes place in a futuristic version of our world, where certain events lead to some big changes... I don't want to get into all the details, because it's better explained in the story :) now that we have some basic informations out of the way, let me tell you all the reasons why I loved this book :)

I have to start with the writing style... it's truly fantastic, especially when you take into consideration fact that it's a debut novel... it pulls you in from the start and doesn't let go... the author paints such vivid pictures that most of the time I felt like I was within the pages of the story... living all of the adventures with the characters... not to mention that the whole novel is filled with complex people... expect the unexpected you guys, and that you will be surprised more than once by the turns of events... I definitely was ;) Cas is such an interesting main character... I loved her... absolutely adored her... she's strong and smart and doing the best she can under circumstances she found herself in... she's such a kick-ass heroine :) is there a romance in this story? well... yes and no :) now let me explain ;) there's definitely chemistry and a very unique connection between Cas and Swift, one of the pirates... Swift is one of those very complex characters... when you think you know her, there's always something more to surprise you... not to mention that actually nothing happens between them throughout the most of the book, and that's because... and I cannot express how happy I am that it was clearly said in the book on multiple occasions... that since they are not on equal footing, nothing can happen between them until that changes... because Cas is still a prisoner and Swift is one of her captors... but I'm not gonna lie, I am very curious how that relationship will change in the second book... especially after *that* ending... *sighs* on the one hand I want to dive into the sequel straight away, but on the other hand... I truly think I need a few days to gather my thoughts and think through it all... becase this book was sooo good... and I need to really appreciate all of it, so I won't speed read everything and then remember nothing in a week ;) I hope I convinced you to give this absolutely unique gem a try, because it's soooo worth it :) I am already crossing my fingers that some day it will become like a really good movie, cause I would love to see this epic story come alive on the big screen :) but for now, we just have to take what we can and read it ;) so definitely go pick it up ;)



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