Monday, February 19, 2018

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #92

That concert
Those movies + bonus
Time to GYST

Well hello and welcome back my awesome people :) or, you know... hello for the first time if you're completely new here :) it's time for another #RandomRamblings post from me, when I talk about all sorts of different stuff :) wthout any additional delays let's just jump into those headlines... this time in order :)

Recently me and my lovely sister J went to see a concert... but not just any concert :) Hans Zimmer tribute show :) it lasted almost two hours, during which an orchestra played live his music, with two choirs and a soloist singing to some of them... although I'm not really sure that they were necessary, since they took part in just a handful of songs... they mostly just murmured and swayed from side to side :) what I feel like I should explain maybe at the very beginning, to all of you who are not familiar with his work... or should I say correctly, you are probably familiar, but just don't know it's his work, Hans Zimmer writes soundtracks for movies ;) his work includes composing for such movies like "Gladiator" "Pirates of the Caribbean" "Inception" and soooo much more that if I would like to name even a part of them, we would be here all day :) so instead I will just add that I had an amazing time :) even though the opening mix of the songs from "Gladiator" totally made me cry, and I hadn't even saw the movie... ;) totally worth the money I spent on the ticket ;)

I saw two amazing movies recently... one as recent as this afternoon ;) both very different from one another, but I need to write about both of them :) first, me and my mom and sister saw "Black panther" on friday... *sighs happily* it was soooooo good :) the story, the characters, the music, the action... just... I have no adjectices good enough to describe how in love I am with everything :) maybe if you give me a few more weeks to calm down and cool down a bit ;) in the meantime, if somehow you are not sure if you want to go see it on the big screen... I definitely recommend you to do it :) I don't know what's happening, but recent Marvel movies are absolutely amazing... here's hoping that trajectory will hold for much longer ;) if somehow you missed it, I have a trailer for the movie below :)

That bonus I'm mentioning in the headline is connected to me seeing "Black panther" in the movie theatre... there was a whole bunch of amazing trailers before it, but I want to talk about just one of them... and by one of them, I mean the music from it :) I saw for the very first time a trailer for "Tomb raider" with a remix of a song I adore... it's haunting, epic and gave me chills... ;) so as a little bonus, here's the song for you :) and below the trailer :)


That second movie I want to talk about is "The shape of water" :) actually... I planned to write here all about it, but... I just got home after watching it and... it was so unique and like nothing I've ever seen before that I truly need a few days to think all about it before saying anything else... although... I will say that I am definitely happy I went to see it ;) I have a trailer for you below if you missed it :)

Last but not least, let's talk about GYSTing... :) which stands for Get Your Shit Together :) cause I spent my weekend doing basically just that :) GYSTing when it comes to my blog related things... I would do more, but it took me quite a while to handle all the blog-ish things, soooo... ;) since I've been doing basically nothing but reading for the last couple of weeks, I had a long list of posts / reviews to prepare... yeah... but in my defense... well... I've had a crappy few weeks... first, being almost sick and then actual sick and feeling awful, I didn't really feel like doing anything productive... and since I could actually get away with it, cause there wasn't anything time / date related I had to get done, I decided to just go for it :) but now that I'm finally feeling better, I need to get a move on things :) which means it's time to GYST :) it's a term I first heard in one of my favourite YouTubers video :) I will leave said video below ;) but I loved it immediately :) so I spent my weekend mostly GYSTing blog-ish stuff and planning the GYSTing of everything else... I haven't opened my planner for a while now and I had to tidy it up... :) yeah... so that was my weekend ;) no worries, I managed to find some time to actually unwind and relax and recharge my batteries before the week :) it's all about balance :)

Ok, that's a wrap my awesome people :) hope you enjoyed my new #RandomRamblings post :) if you want to talk more, I would love to hear from you :) be sure to contact me through my Facebook page or Goodreads account ;) talk to you some more soon :) especially with all the reviews I have from those weeks of reading... expect them very soon :)



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