Monday, February 5, 2018

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #91

Movie madness
Songs of the moment
That's all I got for today

Hello my awesome people... I hope your day is going better than mine, cause I'm sick... I've been sick last week, and I am still not feeling better, so this #RandomRamblings post will be shorter than I planned... mainly cause I've waited with writing it till the last minute, hoping I will feel better, but since it's not happening, we'll go with what I'm able to put together today... I used up most of my words on my newest #WeeklyWrapUp, that I posted earlier today, so feel free to check that one ;) by the way, if you missed some of them, you can find them all using this little tag -> Weekly wrap up <- :) in the meantime, before my energy levels will crush completely, let's dive into those headlines :)

Movie madness is a brand new series me and J, my totally awesome sister, decided to start together :) it's gonna be a monthly thing, and every second wednesday of the month we will publish a post together :) each one of them will revolve around... you guessed it, movies ;) movies we are excited about that comes out in the upcoming months... our favourite ones from different genres... tags... it's all very flexible :) we already know what we are gonna write about next week in our first #MovieMadness, but you're gonna have to come back next week to read all about it ;) I am really excited to start that new series, because next to books, movies are another one of my passions ;)

Like I said, this will be a super short post cause I'm not feeling very good, so to end things on a more positive note I have for you a few songs that are currently completely stuck in my head :) enjoy

Ok, that is a wrap... hope you enjoyed this little post :) I promise to have more words for you once I feel better, but don't expect any reviews this week... I need time to get better :) I will have a new *J says* post for you on thursday... I already know what the theme will be this time, and it's a good one ;) as always, if you want to contact me, be sure to do it on my Facebook page or Goodreads account ;) have a great rest of your week ;)



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